Travel thoughts – Care, share and respect!

Every journey is a voyage of discovery

Clare Boylan
River Gums in the Frome River, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
River Gums

The adventure is over

We are home and have been for a while now.

The clothes that reeked of smoke from the campfire and physical exertion are clean again, my husband’s beard has been removed, the car has been emptied and bags lie around in anticipation of being put away…until the next adventure.

What remains are the memories, the life lessons learnt, the new friends, the thousands of photos we took, and the sense of accomplishment and achievement.

We were explorers, we did things we don’t normally do, we moved outside our comfort zone, we experienced life, we became part of a family, we lived a very simple life for a few weeks and it was all so much fun.

No mirrors, no phone reception, limited Wifi, 1000s of kilometres, a new language, walking, camping, absorbing culture, living in the moment.

Nature and culture at its best.

The simple message I took away from this adventure was – love, care, share and respect.

Values for life we could all use these days.

It doesn’t matter where you travel, what you do, what age you are – if we were all to stick by these sage words, CARE, SHARE and RESPECT, as spoken by the Adnymathanha people in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia, then the world would be a better place.

The world could use some of the serenity that exudes from my photo above – let’s all spread some love – for ourselves, our neighbours and our planet….

Travel thoughts - care, share and respect

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You can read all about our recent adventure to the Flinders Ranges here:

Until next time.

Deb 🙂

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40 Replies to “Travel thoughts – Care, share and respect!”

  1. The big and most important word that you wrote was RESPECT, respect yourself and most importantly others and their cultures. I liken travel as visiting someone else’s home, you respect their wishes and may not be able to do things as you would in your own home. Life would be so much easier if only we all saw being “different” as a good thing.

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  2. We too love travel adventures and exploring the wonders of what nature has to offer. In our experience respect is so very important. To respect nature, to respect culture, to respect communities, and to respect each other. If we focus on being respectful, than the others should also follow. Thanks for your thoughtful post 🙂

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  3. Hey! Great post, also a great message behind it. I think more people need to learn to care and respect others, and open themselves up to other cultures!

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