Worth a Word Wednesday: Unfurling

 Wordless Wednesday – has been renamed ‘Worth a Word’ Wednesday simply because I couldn’t stick to the rules of NO WORDS 🙂

Unfurling into spring
Unfurling into spring

Every year I think I take a similar photo to this one.  I try to capture the magnolia flowers unfurling- I love Spring and I love our magnolia tree. It’s huge now and quite old but it flowers beautifully every single year, it never has a bad year. The weather on the other hand, sometimes has different ideas!

I always worry when I see the buds starting to open as it usually coincides with a spring storm or late snow or some other weather phenomenon, which means they get damaged and don’t get to show off their magnificence for very long.

Sometimes we go away travelling at this time of the year and my one regret is that I miss the magnolia flowering. We live a few hundred metres from a road and yet you can see the flowers from the road when it’s in full flowering mode. People often comment on how beautiful it is, and they’re right!

Today I’m off to stay with my mother up north for a week, so I decided to get this shot to remind me how it looked when I left and I can compare how it is when I return home, (and yes, we’re expecting rain/snow/wind over the next few days!!).

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!!

Feel free to join in with Worth A Word Wednesday, post a photo and use as many words as you like!

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Debbie 🙂

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28 Replies to “Worth a Word Wednesday: Unfurling”

  1. I truly think the magnolia tree is one of the most beautiful.
    When I was a kid, I would collect the petals falling from the tree and use them as bookmarks, because the purfume would last so long even after they fell.
    I’m so envious you have one of these trees 🙂

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