That feeling of déjà vu

It hit me as I walked down the steps and across the tarmac….

That feeling of déjà vu.

I started remembering all the times I’d arrived at this same airport, in my eyes it hasn’t changed much over the past 40 or so years. I can’t even begin to add up the number of times I’ve flown in or out of this place.

One of my earliest memories of flying was with my younger sister and brother as unaccompanied minors.  We were sent to stay with our grandparents for the school holidays which to us was like winning the lottery. In those days people dressed up to go flying, and we were no exception.  I remember rocking a particularly bright yellow, mini dress outfit – I thought I was the bee’s knees – well it was yellow!

I remember other trips, the blue hair ribbons in our ponytails, the matching outfits my mother made for my sister and I, the heat, the sunshine, the beaches, the river, the picnics, the family stories, being recognised as belonging to our family due to our looks as we walked down the street.  It was a small town where everyone knew your family and who belonged to who.  We belonged to our family and we were happy with that.

Three cuties

The time spent with our grandparents was fun; waiting on the corner of the street for Pop to come home from work each day; helping Nan cook; taking morning tea on the verandah with lots of visitors dropping in; playing under the house; watching Pop work in his workshop with his gem stones; the pain of having our hair washed and towel dried by Nan; walking by ourselves to the pool; milkshakes in the local cafe…

This town is also my place of birth.  I have been coming here, on and off, for well over 50 years and it holds many special memories. The pool, the river, the floods, the cane fields, the very special Mt Warning presiding over the town, as well as the family connections. Birthdays, celebrations, funerals, family holidays…

My parents moved back here in 2000 and so the visits continued.  My grandparents passed away, my uncle, aunts and cousins moved away, my father moved to a care facility in another town and suffers from Parkinson’s Disease – now my mother is the last one of the family left living here. Even more reason to come and visit.

So many memories flash by when I look through the photos, the book shelves, the paintings, the collections and the house itself.  I love nothing more than discovering old photos and hearing the stories that go with them.  Laughing at outdated hairdos, outfits, facial expressions and poses. Sighing at all the lost relatives who have been a part of my life.

Reminiscing and finding my parents smiling up at me from before I was even born – such a wonderful gift!

Mum and Dad

It all started with a feeling of déjà vu and quickly moved onto nostalgia, for the past, for my family and even for my younger self to some extent.

How free I was as a child, no expectations, no pressures, just fun times – looking back through rose tinted glasses do you think?

I’m up here again at the moment staying with mum, visiting dad and remembering days gone by, when things were very different. Walking off the plane the other day really started me thinking, it’s funny how random moments can have that effect on you isn’t it?

Thanks for joining me in my reflections. Life passes by so quickly these days, it’s important to not just count the days, but to make the days count.

Debbie 🙂

That feeling of déjà vu
That feeling of déjà vu 

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58 Replies to “That feeling of déjà vu”

  1. Great post Deb. I remember that towel drying from Nan like it was yesterday!! Remember playing knuckles with actual knuckles that Pop made for us (not the plastic ones from a shop) and the old black car under the house and the wringer and funny clothes line and Nan chopping wood for the stove? Ah, now I’m wandering down memory lane!

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  2. Awesome. My first flight too, with my little sister and the youngest, my brother. Loved the photo, it matches so much with the one of we three dressed nicely! Yes, random thoughts, places can have that nostalgic effect on us. Becomes hard to believe that it passed.. 🙂

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  3. Oh Deb, this was so very poignant. I remember those feelings so well as I travelled home when my mom was still living … a time when the past and the present collided. All I can suggest to you is that you savour these moments. The nostalgia is very special.

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  4. I think it’s wonderful that you have that one place you’ve been going to all your life.
    I don’t have a place like that myself.
    How lucky were you to be able to fly from such a young age too.
    It was nice reading about your memories of visiting that one town.

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  5. I often long for past times with family. Now that my parents are gone, it is so sad to have fewer family gatherings. I’m clinging to the older relatives I have left for their stories and link to the past. I hope I can create the same kind of happy times for my grandchildren that I had with my parents and grandparents.

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  6. Love that picture of you and Aunty Sharon and Uncle Waz. So cute and we all look so similar. Hope your having a good time with G&G. So nice hearing of your memories there as they are reminiscent of our childhood and actually university memories as well.

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  7. Great memories, Deb. I love looking at old photos and asking questions. We need to do it before it becomes too late. I’ve heard the saying ‘Never look back, always look forward’, but looking back can bring back so many happy memories. I do a lot.

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  8. Loved this post Deb – I always enjoy looking back at childhood photos – we were all so young and sweet! I’m actually doing a few “way back when” posts next month and have been having a blast from the past putting them together.

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    1. Thanks Leanne, it’s so much fun looking back at them and reminiscing. I like your ideas of a series of ‘way back then’ posts and look forward to reading them 😊 I can imagine the fun you’re having writing them. Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment, I always love hearing from you.


  9. Gorgeous memories Deb and what a wonderful childhood and family life you have had. My grandparents had passed away before I was born, the same for my children except my Mum who only lived until Rachel was 4. I used to dream about visiting grandparents for holidays or spending time with them. Now I am a Nan I am making up for lost time with Ethan my grandson and hopefully creating memories with him. A beautiful post and loved the photos. xx

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    1. I like to think so Jennifer, although our colouring is different there are some small similarities Thanks for pointing the likeness out, as I think my mum is beautiful and can only hope some of it will rub off on me one day 🙂

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