A sentence a day for October: A month of Wedding fun!

 October – in a Sentence a Day

Earlier in the year I joined some wonderful bloggers for the Sentence a Day writing challenge, (you can find links here to my posts for June, July , August  and September) and now it seems to be time for October’s post – where does the time go?  It also seems like I’m hooked on the Sentence a Day posts each month now!

October was a very special month for my family and weddings were the order of the month as you’ll see below.

So without further ado here we go with a sentence a day for OCTOBER:

  1. Sunday: My sister and her husband left after a lovely long weekend visit.
  2. Monday: A Public Holiday and a chance to take a deep breath and get packed for our trip away. Getting excited about the wedding now!
  3. Tuesday: Drove 6 hours to Sydney, parked the car and stayed at airport hotel in preparation of early morning flight to Fiji. looking below
  4. Wednesday: Up at 3am for early flight to Fiji, all went well and we landed in paradise.  Met up with our eldest daughter and her fiance who’d arrived the day before from UK and had a great time settling into the relaxed holiday lifestyle. BULA!
  5. Thursday: Snorkelling, kayaking, swimming and hanging out with our daughter before meeting up with our second daughter and husband who flew in from Canberra in the afternoon.
  6. Friday: More snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding and swimming before the rest of the wedding party and guests arrived. Happy Hour with yummy cocktails was FUN and noisy!
  7. Saturday: Hen’s Party manicure and pedicure session for the girls, while boys played golf, followed by more time at the pool.
  8. Sunday: The Wedding of the Year – our youngest daughter was married in Fiji today 🙂 🙂
  9. Monday: A fun day spent at a Wildlife/Adventure park near the resort with animals, a fabulous water slide and zip wire ride. Farewell dinner that night as we leave tomorrow.
  10. Tuesday: Sad to say goodbye to our daughters as our holiday in paradise comes to an end.

    Mother and daughter having fun at sunset among the palm trees in Fiji
    Mother and daughter fun at sunset
  11. Wednesday: Drive home via parents in law to share wedding stories and photos.
  12. Thursday: Unpacking, washing and feeling miserable after such a good time.
  13. Friday: Out for a walk and first week as a crew member on Blogger’s Pit Stop linkup.
  14. Saturday: 25km bike ride with the Social Saturday group, then a catch up chat with friends at our favourite coffee shop.
  15. Sunday: I hurt my back yesterday so couldn’t do very much except sit and write my most viewed (ever) post Thoughts on a Destination Wedding by the Mother of the Bride.
  16. Monday: My back was feeling better so I went for a walk to test it out, cooked up a storm and hosted our monthly ladies book club at my house that evening.
  17. Tuesday: A 6km walk in the forest while  listening to an audio book, followed by lunch with friends who are getting married this weekend, to discuss MC duties for my husband.
  18. Wednesday: My husband’s new ride-on lawn mower arrived after the old one had broken down recently, life in the garden will be much easier for him now.
  19. Thursday: A cool, wet day that was just made for cleaning up and watching a movie in the afternoon.
  20. Friday: Went to Wagga Wagga for a few items and enjoyed looking at all the spring fashions in the shops (may have even bought a few things!).
  21. Saturday: Attended another wedding, this time it was some young friends in town and my husband was honoured to be the MC for the evening.  Great fun and a stunning bride.
  22. Sunday: Recovery brunch with wedding guests from yesterday and a rest day with a little walk thrown in to maintain fitness levels!
  23. Monday: Update blog and work on a new feature interviewing interesting people.
  24. Tuesday: Hair appointment, cleanup house, pack my bags – here we go again!  The launch of a new feature on my blog – People of Interest.
  25. Wednesday: I managed a quick walk before we drove to Wagga Wagga to catch the plane to Brisbane for our daughter’s Wedding Party this weekend.

    In my happy place in Fiji
    Happy Debbie
  26. Thursday: Thankfully my father has responded well to his hospitalisation, after a fall and an infection, and should be able to return to his care facility today.  We have been so worried!
  27. Friday: Party organisation, collected our other daughter and husband from airport, shopping, pedicure and dinner with family that night.
  28. Saturday: My brother and I collected my sister from the airport then drove down the coast to visit our father to check his progress,  followed by lunch with mum and then the Big Wedding Party in Brisbane that night. A HUGE day!
  29. Sunday: Rest day spent with family.
  30. Monday: Depart Brisbane for home, farewells are always sad.
  31. Tuesday: Unpack and repack for three week trip to New Zealand’s North Island tomorrow!

So that was my month – in a sentence a day!  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s been a huge month but as usual it’s great fun reading back and seeing how much I managed to fit in.

The year continues to race by!  Wishing you all a fantastic month ahead and thanks for stopping by to read my blog.

See you next month!

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Deb 🙂

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What happened in October? A sentence a day writing challenge.
What happened in October?

26 Replies to “A sentence a day for October: A month of Wedding fun!”

  1. Oh my goodness, a destination wedding in Fiji . . . how fabulous!!! Congratulations, and oh how I can so relate to #12 – the letdown after a wonderful, warm, loving family get together! So lovely that you had the big party still to look forward too, though.

    Congrats again on a fabulous month!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A month of love and joy with all of those weddings and romantic locatons Love the sound of Wagga Wagga when I whisper read it! Out of curiosity, I had to visit on Google Earth. Fun to see the houses and the pretty little community it is.

    Enjoyed reading Sharon’s interview on your People of Interest post. She mentioned Thelma the Unicorn, a children’s book. Coincidentally, my sister was telling me about the same book a week ago. Plan to buy it for my grands.

    Imagine you are making loads of plans for your trip to New Zealand. Will look forward to reading sentences written from there. Enjoy safe travels and a wonderful time making lots of good memories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Leslie, it was such a good month so I’m glad you got that message in my post!
      Love that you googled Wagga!! We live in a small town 110km away which is really pretty and very cruise place to live!
      We’re enjoying our tune in NZ and have been busy. Thanks for your lovely comment, hope all is going well with you.


  3. What a fantastic trip and wedding! Your daughter looks so happy! How could you not getting married in Fiji! A very full month, can’t wait to hear about your trip! Thanks for continuing to participate in Sentence a Day with us!

    Liked by 1 person

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