How to transform from ugly to amazing

It doesn’t take much to transform an ugly wharf shed into something amazing. It just takes a bit of paint, some creativity and maybe be some talent too.

Take this shed on the wharf at Ahuriri in Napier,  it’s one of many in the area transformed into bright and fabulous artworks – on doors, walls – anywhere with enough space. It tells a great story.

Inspired by this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme of transform, I thought I’d share this wonderful piece of art. If you’d like to see more photos of other interpretations click the link.

As we’ve wandered around New Zealand’s North Island over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed many artworks and sculptures in public places. It’s been a delight to see them as they show a pride in the country and it’s artistic people.

An ugly shed transformed into an amazing work of art. Just one of many. 

I did some research on the artist Carly Ealey and found this was one was of three murals she painted in 2016 in Ahuriri along the quay in Napier New Zealand

Sea Walls | New Zealand
Pangeaseed’s Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans

On March 11-20, 2016, 30 renowned contemporary artists from across the world beautified Napier, New Zealand’s streetscape, and highlight marine environmental issues relevant to the local community and beyond.

About this mural in her words:

Dangerous Balance
A portrait of a woman in gradient colors of cool to warm symbolize the warming climate. An upside down jellyfish floats along her backside demonstrating a dangerous balance.

Freehand aerosol on historic wood shed door
On side of Mexi Mama 58 W Quay, Ahuriri, Napier 4110

I really enjoyed finding these murals scattered around the quay – it was an area that had also been transformed from an industrial fishing, wharf area into a trendy place with pubs and eateries scattered around overlooking the beautiful waterfront.

Transformation is change in motion and we all need to transform from time to time.

It’s been great to share this with you 😊

Deb xx

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14 Replies to “How to transform from ugly to amazing”

  1. I would love to see these sheds. this one in particular looks astounding. As if one has walked into an art gallery. I adore when creative minds can transform an area that may have been seen as an eyesore to one that attracts people. We have such an area inn Calgary that has had an astonishing makeover called East Village. I used to ride my bike there only in the brightest and busiest of times. Now it is a destinations for tourists and locals alike.

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