The Serenity of a Sunset

Travelling can be stressful at times and this was one of those days.

But watching this sunset over the estuary at Maketu, on New Zealand’s North Island, all the stress of the day disappeared.

Sunset at Maketu, New Zealand
Sunset at Maketu, New Zealand

After a long deep breath, all was right with our world.

Sunset at Maketu, New Zealand
Sunset at Maketu, New Zealand

Now, that’s what I call serene!

How to find some serenity and calm in your day?

On my Apple watch I have a free app that pops up regularly, called Breathe – funnily enough it’s all about breathing.

Once it’s activated it says in a message on the watch face – Be still and bring your attention to your breath, now inhale and exhale.

You can use the Breathe app to help relax and focus on your breathing. The Breathe app then guides you through a series of deep breaths, and it reminds you to take time to breathe every day. You can open the app at any time, but it will automatically prompt you to begin a focused breathing session every five hours.

You breathe in when it expands and breathe out when it contracts. … Fortunately, the watch also gives you a series of gentle haptic taps on the wrist to let you know when to breathe in. It’s quite compelling and very easy to use.

Some people get sick of it but every now and again I enjoy the opportunity to stop and just take some deep breaths. Apparently there are lots of similar apps available out there but this is the only one I have used.

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath and leave me a comment below 🙂

Wishing you some calmness and quiet time among the busy fun filled days ahead.

Deb xx

Deep breaths

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35 Replies to “The Serenity of a Sunset”

  1. Being amongst trees – tall ones – in the bush makes me feel serene and calm.

    Tim and I spent a few days at Springbook in the Gold Coast hinterland a few years ago, and the feeling of peace that flooded over me as we walked along the track to the ‘Best of All Lookout’ was amazing. It felt like all the stress that was in my body just washed away. Fabulous! I can highly recommend it.

    Great sunset photos Deb – the colours are gorgeous!

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    1. Thanks for answering my question Sharon, I’m always pleased to hear your thoughts. I can just imagine the feeling of serenity amongst the tall trees! I felt something similar while watching this sunset, especially after a stressful day! I appreciate your comments on my photos too 🙂


  2. I love sunsets (I see more of them than sunrises!) I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to sunsets over the ocean because they are the best! Loved your pics 🙂

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  3. I agree that deep breaths, sunrises and sunsets can be very calming. Also warm baths, yoga, hot herbal tea, fireplaces, candles, soft music…….

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  4. Those sunset pictures are gorgeous Deb!! Wow! I think I want an Apple Watch now too. It’s a very good thing to be reminded to ‘breathe’. Thanks so much for linking up with #ZTT xo

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  5. I love capturing a sunset too. I find it so intriguing just how fast that sun disappears as I shoot, shoot, shoot with the camera. On my only OS holiday I found it so novel that the sun set over the ocean at Waikiki. Being an Eastern Coast of Australia girl, I have only ever seen sun rise over the ocean!

    Denyse x

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    1. Thanks Denyse, I find it intriguing to watch the sunset too and love being in different places and watching it disappear from different directions. That’s a claim to fame , only seeing the sun rise over the ocean!!


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