Come and join with us as we celebrate!

Welcome to my wrap-up post for Week 22 of our 52 Week Photo Project.  

The theme for Week 22 was Celebrate which was actually my choice – it seems we will all get to choose a topic throughout the year-long project! 

I chose celebrate due to it being December and my birthday month – it seems there’s a lot to celebrate at this time of the year!

Celebrating with a Jump was my photo for this week:

How do you celebrate the 5th anniversary of your return, and arrival, to Australia? By jumping for joy of course, at Mannus Lake, complete with buzzing flies, bright sunshine and family.

Celebrating five years in Australia

My daughter and her husband were home for my birthday weekend and it just so happened that 5 years ago to the day, they’d arrived back in town.  My daughter had been away working in England for a few years and while there she met a lovely young man.

They decided in 2012 to make the big move to Australia and they haven’t looked back since. It was a huge decision to make as family is important to both of them and now they’ve got family on both sides of the world. In November 2015 they were married here and had many family and friends travel from UK for their wedding.

I remember the day I collected them from the train station, it was stinking hot and they definitely weren’t used to it!  On my birthday a few days later, I stopped and took a photo of us at 12.12pm – it was something I’d been planning to do to mark the special occasion. I had a photo of us at 12.12 on 12/12/12.  It’s not every year I can record that amazing event!

I had taken them for a bit of a drive for lunch – which they pointed had they been in England would have taken them from Birmingham to Edinburgh or Birmingham to Bruges – it was just the sort of thing we do here! Over the next few months they stayed with us and worked in casual jobs in town before moving on when they found full-time jobs. They now live a three hour drive away, which isn’t too bad considering our eldest daughter lives in England and our youngest daughter lives a 16 hour drive away.

So I thought it was fitting to mark their 5 year anniversary with a jump for joy!  They were very good about it and we only needed a few practice jumps to get this one!

The photos from the group show a great variety of talent, as per usual, and I encourage you to follow the link above to check them out for yourself. Maybe leave a comment if one of the photos particularly takes your fancy.  Commenting/sharing is caring 🙂

Alison’s photo celebrated the fact that the Australian Government finally passed legislation allowing same sex marriage.

Daniel captured celebratory drinks on a Sunday afternoon down by the river, complete with lovely soft light.

Grant found a very appropriate bottle of bubbly in the garage fridge, which fitted in well with Alison’s photo.

Melanie’s photo celebrated the fact that due to bad weather, her team’s soccer game was called off.

Sharon celebrated her sister’s birthday (me!!)  with a cute little cake, with promises of more cake to come when we meet up this weekend.

Tim’s photo showed a happy little boy playing with a new toy at an early family Christmas gathering.

You can read more about the story behind the project here: 52 week photography project  – but basically I have joined with 6 photographers, of varying experience, to take a photo every week for a year, one theme at a time. That’s 52 weeks of photos!

With each photo we also submit some accompanying words, which works well for me because as anyone who has seen my pathetic attempt at Wordless Wednesdays knows,  I just can’t do the wordless bit very well.  I am trying hard to improve at being Wordless but it’s hard for me!

Come celebrate with us!

How would you have interpreted celebrate in a photo? Let me know in a comment below, it’s not as easy as you think sometimes!

Next week’s theme is Grant’s chocie: Socks – how on earth are we to do that one????  Check out my post next week to find out!

Enjoy the week ahead as it gets closer to the holidays for everyone!

Deb 🙂

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13 Replies to “Come and join with us as we celebrate!”

  1. ‘Celebrate’ is a perfect theme choice…especially for this time of year. I love your photo to go with it. I have greatly enjoyed following this photo challenge. Thank you for sharing it!

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  2. Your photo does show ‘joy’ that is for sure Deb and isn’t that what celebrating make us feel – joyous! Such a lovely photo and I can feel how happy you are that they made the decision to move back to Australia. Have a very merry Christmas and a fabulous 2018 my friend. It has been lovely getting to know you and the next plan is a face-to-face meeting. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

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