Have you ever photographed socks? Week 23 of 52

Welcome to my wrap-up post for Week 23 of our 52 Week Photo Project

The theme for Week 23: Socks

The theme for Week 23 was Socks which was the Mathematician’s choice – he asked me for a number and opened the dictionary to that page and picked a word, how’s that for making a selection?

Socks – here’s my photo and words for the week:

Perhaps a last minute gift for the hard to buy for five-footed child who has everything??

A last minute gift for that hard to buy for five footed child - socks!
Socks for a five footed child?

I had an idea for my socks photo – I wanted to find a sock puppet – but it didn’t work out.  Alas, the local gallery didn’t have any sock puppets but they did have this pack of 5 children’s socks in bright colours – you know I’m a sucker for anything bright and colourful! So I photographed them a number of ways but ended up choosing this shot and added a bit of interest with the overlay.

The pack of 5 socks really intrigued me! Why five?  Maybe because the washing machine eats them and you always need a spare, or maybe five footed children are on the rise….can you think of another reason for selling the socks in packs of five?  Please let me know and put me out of my misery….I just can’t stop thinking abut it!

Photos from the group

The photos from the group show a great degree of fun and I encourage you to follow the link above to check them out for yourself. Maybe leave a comment if one of the photos particularly takes your fancy.  Commenting/sharing is caring 🙂

Alison’s photo is still a WIP.

Daniel captured the socks on his new puppy – so cute!

Grant ‘s photo was of some ‘shy’ socks.

Melanie’s photo celebrated Christmas with a pair of red socks or stockings under the tree.

Sharon went back in time with a pair of white lacy, ankle socks – just gorgeous and fun to read her accompanying words!

Tim’s photo showed his upcoming holiday get up – socks and sandals!

You can read more about the story behind the project here: 52 week photography project  – but basically I have joined with 6 photographers, of varying experience, to take a photo every week for a year, one theme at a time. That’s 52 weeks of photos!

With each photo we also submit some accompanying words, which can be just as interesting as the photo itself some weeks!

Let’s sock it to them!

How would you have interpreted socks in a photo? Let me know in a comment below, it’s not as easy as you think sometimes!

Next week’s theme is Melanie’s choice: Smile!

Enjoy the week ahead.

Deb 🙂

PS. I’m running behind with my wrap-up posts, I need to pull up my socks!!

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15 Replies to “Have you ever photographed socks? Week 23 of 52”

  1. I wrote a whole post about Christmas socks during my early days of blogging, Deb. I also took some photos. The post did very well. I meant to share it again last month, but time caught up with me. It’s on the list for next Christmas.
    As for selling socks in odd numbers, I’ve been reading recently that a fashion trend for 2018 is wearing odd socks. Maybe that’s the reason? 🤔 I’m no fashion expert, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing odd socks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve photographed socks! Loved your colourful socks! I can understand 5 pairs of socks but not 5 individual ones! Ummm … maybe they are cashing in on the “washing machine sock eating monster” or perhaps the new trend for wearing non matching socks plus a spare?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? Its a mystery to me too but they made for a good photo and I didn’t miss the opportunity to capture them. Happy to hear you’ve also photographed socks – but I suppose they do go with boots quite well don’t they? Lovely to have you join the conversation Linda 🙂


  3. HI, Debbie – You pose a great questions as to why children’s socks would be sold in a package of five. I Googled it, and found Throx (http://throx.com/home.html), a company that sells three socks for the price of two. According to their ads, buying three of the same sock allows you to have a spare in case you lose one, get a hole or rip in one and helps your socks not to wear out so quickly! The above link even comes with two videos. xx Your nerdy research friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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