Smile and the world smiles with you – Week 24 of 52

Welcome to my wrap-up post for Week 24 of our 52 Week Photo Project

The theme for Week 24: Smile

The theme for Week 24 was Smile which was Melanie’s choice.  Did you know I have a smile named after me? It’s called the Debbie Smile as I am known for smiling whenever a camera is anywhere near me, just in case someone wants to take a photo.  It’s not that I’m vain (really, it’s not!) in fact it’s the opposite, (as I don’t think I’m very photogenic) and so I want to be captured smiling if someone takes a photo, rather than capturing my usual somewhat dour facial expressions.

Smile – here’s my photo and words for the week:

This view always makes me smile 🙂  In the last 6 years alone we’ve spent 4 Christmases here in Vincentia on the South Coast of NSW. It’s a beautiful place with many great family memories. 

(Credit to Ben my SIL for the great big smiley face in the sand.)

beach smiley face
beach smiley face

Our family loves going to the beach and this place holds many memories for us, so I knew my photo had to be something that made me smile.  The big smiley face on the sand was drawn by my son-in-law and it had lots of visitors smiling in return as they walked by, some even took their own photos of it. Win/win!

Have you ever noticed that smiling at people often gets a smile in return – it’s a simple trick to do that always makes me feel good 🙂

The fact that the other side of the world was having a very different white Christmas also made me smile, ours was a white Christmas, but instead of snow on the ground we had white sand!

Photos from the group

The photos from the group show a great degree of fun this week, how could you not have fun with the theme of smiles!  I encourage you to follow the link above to check them out for yourself. Maybe leave a comment if one of the photos particularly takes your fancy.  Commenting/sharing is caring 🙂

Daniel captured a beautiful baby smiling (at his puppy Ziggy)

Grant ‘s photo was of the smile on the Christmas reindeer.

Melanie’s photo celebrated Christmas with a festive jumper and a glass of Baileys.

Sharon captured her grandson Ronan’s gorgeous smile.

Tim’s photo showed his interpretation of the world smiles in flowers.

You can read more about the story behind the project here: 52 week photography project  – but basically I have joined with 6 photographers, of varying experience, to take a photo every week for a year, one theme at a time. That’s 52 weeks of photos!

With each photo we also submit some accompanying words, which can be just as interesting as the photo itself some weeks!

Smile and the world smiles with you 🙂

How would you have interpreted smiles in a photo? Let me know in a comment below, it’s not as easy as you think sometimes!

Next week’s theme is Daniel’s choice: Festivities/Holidays!

Enjoy the week ahead.

Deb 🙂

PS. I’m still running behind with my wrap-up posts. I blame it on all the smiling I’ve been doing lately 🙂

You can also find Deb’s World here: Let’s stay in touch.

Debbie in rock chick mode

Everyone has a story to tell! Deb is a young-at-heart & active 60+ blogger/retiree, after being made redundant from her 22-year career managing education programs in a men’s correctional centre (jail). She now spends her time reading, blogging, riding her ebike and travelling. Deb was awarded a Bravery Award from the Queen when she was 17 after a tragic accident – a definite life changing moment! She is married with 3 grown-up daughters & has 4 grandchildren. She never imagined being Granny Debs would bring so much joy to her life! You can read more of Deb’s story here

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18 Replies to “Smile and the world smiles with you – Week 24 of 52”

  1. You do have a gorgeous smile Deb! I was only thinking the other day as I was walking home from lunch that if you smile at someone or say hello they usually return the gesture. You just have to be one the make the first move. Love your smiley face on the beach and thanks for starting my week off happily x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Sue, you made me smile too! In a small town like where I live it’s easy to spend all day smiling at people down the street 🙂 It makes you feel good that’s for sure! Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Yes I was surprised too at the perfect circle work! The photo project is good fun and gets my creative juices working overtime each week looking for a suitable photo to meet the theme. This week is summer so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a good summer shot.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another wonderful post Deb. What’s that expression “turn that frown upside down”. It makes a world of difference doesn’t it? Have an awesome smile and keep smiling you gorgeous woman. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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