Share Your World – 10 April 2018

Share Your World 10 April 2018

Been anywhere recently for the first time?

Well actually here!  I haven’t participated in Cee’s Share Your World for ages but after a bevy of huge hitting posts recently I decided a nice easy, and fun post, would be good for the soul.

In relation to visiting anywhere new recently – I have enjoyed being at home for a few days in between travels and the warm autumn days have been just glorious.  We’re in the middle of planning for a HUGE trip away for 3 months and I’ll be visiting a lot of new places soon.

I did help out at the Easter Feast of Cycling recently with some friends who run the annual event, and enjoyed being in the support vehicle, helping with directions and the food stops. This is a classic old hall where we stopped for lunch and I had never been here before, despite driving past it on numerous occasions. It’s a quintessential old Aussie country hall that would have a lot of stories to tell!

Lankey's Creek Hall for lunch
Lankey’s Creek Hall

List three favourite book characters.

I love reading but I have a blank when I start thinking of characters that are my favourites.  While I’m reading a book, the characters in that book are my favourites and when I move onto another book then those characters become my favourites. Does that make sense?

In other words I’m indecisive and shallow! But I’ve chosen some characters from a variety of genres I’ve enjoyed over the years. It’s hard to stop at just 3 once you get going though!

I loved Grandma Poss and Hush in Possum Magic by Mem Fox – an Australian classic children’s book.

Anne (of Green Gables) was one of my childhood favourites, and I still say ‘Anne with an E’ when I have to spell my middle name.

Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games was a favourite too for all her pluck and action packed adventures.

What is your favorite non alcoholic drink: hot or cold?

I’m a TEA drinker – hot, weak, black with one sugar and preferably tea leaves in a teapot. I love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about women and tea bags 🙂

A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.

I'm a little teapot
I’m a little teapot

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  

  • The beautiful autumn colours and warm days.
  • The reaction to my recent post where I talked about a tragic school trip that happened 40 years ago. I really wrote it for myself but I’ve had an amazing response from readers.
  • The fact that I was nominated in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards in the Hidden Gem category made me smile – thanks to everyone who has voted for me.  Voting closes 30 April so there’s still time to have your say – if you’d like to vote click here 🙂 (and many thanks for doing so).
Voting is now open in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards
Your vote is appreciated! Click the picture to go and cast your vote 🙂

Thanks to Cee for the questions – I haven’t been here for a while so it’s good to join in again.  You can check out Cee’s post with her answers here.

Enjoy your week ahead!

Deb xx

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13 Replies to “Share Your World – 10 April 2018”

  1. Easter Feast of cycling, so do people cycle around and then eat loads to fill up on all the energy thy used up cycling? That sounds really fun!!

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  2. And thank you SO much for sharing that post about your school trip. Fingers crossed for the annual bloggers award, Debbie 🤞🏻 Oh and I’m also a tea drinker. I couldn’t get through the day without it.

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