Why Autumn and I are kindred spirits – Week 39 of 52 week photo project

 Say hello to Autumn…and me!

Welcome to this week’s wrap-up post 

The theme for Week 39/52: Self portrait #4

Autumn self portrait
Autumn self portrait

I was a bit stressed this week – I had no idea what to do for my self portrait #4 photo. I took a few shots trying to show that I was joined at the hip with Autumn and worked on this premise but without any real joy.  At the moment our trees are alive with autumn (see my Instagram spam) colour despite the temperatures being on the summery scale, in the high 20s early 30s (celcius that is!).

I stressed and stressed, asked for help from my daughters and anyone who would offer an opinion.  All this did was to get me more confused and stressed.  So I went with my original choice and wrote some accompanying words.

Autumn and I are kindred spirits, and I like to think we’re at one with the world. We share the same autumnal colour palette with the beautiful range of reds, yellows and oranges. We love the transition of the pretty dancing leaves as they flutter silently to the ground, on their way to becoming crunchy leaves just right for stepping on; the softer muted hues of nature and the crispness of the air around us. There’s also a sense of adventure on the horizon with the changes Autumn brings. If I was a season I’d definitely be Autumn.

I was also reminded that this project is all about having fun, something I’d forgotten during my moments of stress.  If I wasn’t having fun them why was I putting myself through this?

I think my photo shows that I am having fun.  The photo below was my second choice but I went with my first choice due to the colours and my face being a bit hidden, as if I was trying to hide some of myself, from myself.

Self portrait in Autumn
Self portrait in Autumn

We started this 52 week photography project with a self portrait and then every so often we have another go at showing ourselves. In only two of the 4 self portraits, so far, have I actually shown my face.  I believe there are more ways to do a self portrait than just take a selfie.  I have tried to challenge myself throughout the process and hope I have grown a little in my skills.

Here are my earlier self portraits from Weeks 1, 13 and 26.  Any thoughts or feedback to offer?

Week 26 #3

Week 13 #2

Week 1 #1

Photos from the group

The photos from the others in the group were fantastic and fun and fabulous!!! 

Here’s a summary (in my words) – you really need to click the link to read their words as well as see their photos for yourself!  We always appreciate hearing your thoughts 🙂

Daniel’s shot was a fun ‘awkward’ moment – he’s so funny!!

Grant’s photo was a great selfie in the bathroom mirror – he’s done a great job and I laughed out loud when I saw it!

Melanie’s photo was her latest accessory – her black puppy on her feet.

Sharon got a great shot of herself by using an app on which allowed her to use the timer setting on her camera via her phone.  It’s a fabulous shot.

Tim’s photo showed him playing with the light settings in the studio.  It’s a great self portrait!

You can read more about the story behind the project here: 52 week photography project  but basically I have joined with 5 photographers, of varying experience, to take a photo every week for a year, one theme at a time. That’s 52 weeks of photos!

 Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree

Emily Brontë

With each photo we also submit some accompanying words, which can be just as interesting as the photo itself some weeks! This can include the subject, the setup, the story behind it and even the process we have used to get our photo for the week. It’s certainly extending my creative thought processes!

How did you like our interpretations this week? Let me know as I always appreciate hearing from you.

Next week’s theme is: Photographer’s Choice

Enjoy your week ahead.

Deb 🙂

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26 Replies to “Why Autumn and I are kindred spirits – Week 39 of 52 week photo project”

  1. I loved your writing about Autumn and you as kindred spirits. I love Autumn and would love to live where the leaves turn golden, brown, red. I’ve visited North America during Autumn and the colours are glorious. Nature can be so uplifting x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post and lovely pic. It’s just about Spring here in the UK so lovely to see some Autumn colour. I love the idea of this project and had a look at some of the previus self portraits. Your first one with the stripe effect is great. Excellent way to get to know fellow bloggers/ photographers. Look forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great photo! I think if I were a season I’d probably be autumn too. The sunny days of autumn are my preferred. My favourite type of clothing is knitwear. I love being cosy. I love the colours autumn brings!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the colors and how you feel like they fit you. I would agree with you, they seem to be in harmony with your coloring! Also, I had the thoughts: I wonder when she did this picture, because it must be awhile ago… but then I realized–it IS autumn where you are! And though it’s snowing literal buckets where I am right now, supposedly Spring is on the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Angela, yes it’s autumn here at the moment and it’s been so hot compared to normal April temps, whereas everywhere else seems to be getting extra snow and cold weather. It seems the seasons are a bit confused! I hope Spring arrives soon for you 🙂


  5. Awesome post and photo, Deb. I am a huge fan of autumn as well (although I am glad that it is still five months away….I would hate to miss summer!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Donna,and I’m glad for your sake that you have spring and summer to enjoy before you get back to autumn. I love summer too and am looking forward to enjoying an English summer this year by spending most of our winter overseas 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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