Photographer’s Choice: Turning 18 – Week 40 of 52 week photo project

 Happy 18th Birthday to my niece

Welcome to this week’s wrap-up post 

The theme for Week 40/52: Photographer’s Choice

Turning 18 what's in sight?
Turning 18 what’s in sight?

This week was all about choosing a photo that I liked – it’s not called Photographer’s Choice for nothing!! I decided to use this fun photo of my youngest niece at her 18th birthday on the weekend.  She had decided to have a small party with a few close friends and family, at a Winery.  We had a great wine tasting followed by a delicious lunch and a cake made by her best friend.

The Mathematician had asked the girls to sit in the boat for a photo but I went one further and asked them to pose as if I was the paparazzi. They hammed it up and I decided this photo would be my choice for the week.  It was more a personal thing than a technical process. These are my words to go with the photo, I think they sum up the whole the future is ahead of you message of turning 18!

Looking to the future. When you turn 18 the whole world is in your sights. 

Photos from the group

The photos from the others in the group were really awesome this week!!! 

Here’s a summary (in my words) – you really need to click the link to read their words as well as see their photos for yourself!  We always appreciate hearing your thoughts 🙂

Daniel’s shot was a lovely sunset view through a fence – very clever how he captured it.

Grant’s photo was a great capture of his father driving his tractor.

Melanie’s photo was a place that reminds her of home, and I have to admit I had to look twice to see that it wasn’t a photo from home!

Sharon got a great shot of Tim on top of a rock with the sun’s rays streaming through.

Tim’s photo was an elegantly beautiful letting go!

You can read more about the story behind the project here: 52 week photography project  – but basically I have joined with 5 photographers, of varying experience, to take a photo every week for a year, one theme at a time. That’s 52 weeks of photos!

 Turning 18 is a big deal!

With each photo we also submit some accompanying words, which can be just as interesting as the photo itself some weeks! This can include the subject, the setup, the story behind it and even the process we have used to get our photo for the week. It’s certainly extending my creative thought processes!

How did you like our interpretations this week? Let me know as I always appreciate hearing from you.

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

Next week’s theme is: Autumn/Spring

Enjoy your week ahead.

Deb 🙂

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9 Replies to “Photographer’s Choice: Turning 18 – Week 40 of 52 week photo project”

  1. I took a look at the other photos – they’re great. Particularly loved the forest scene, the boys and their toys, and the hand dropping the rose. Great shots. Your niece in the boat reminded me of the painting of, ‘The Lady of Shallot’. I’m sure you’ve seen it – the lady dressed in medieval red, sleeves flowing, hair streaming and sitting up the front of the boat. I’m sure your niece could pose for a replica….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s fantastic to hear you took a look at some of the other pictures Chris. They are all so good each week.
      I agree the Lady of Shallot painting is a bit similar 😊 and my niece would be perfect for a replica!

      Liked by 1 person

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