Wordless Wednesday: Getting reacquainted

Wordless Wednesday

May 9 2018

Out for a walk in the gorge
First day

Debbie xx

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12 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Getting reacquainted”

    1. ❤️ thanks Suz, it seems weird being here after all this time and planning it all for so long. We’ve met Ozzy the black lab and Bruce the bunny and walked around the village we once called home.
      Actually you’ll be surprised – he’s got really small feet considering his height 😂

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      1. Oh that’s lovely, and you are right regarding the weird feeling after thinking about it for so long. I love the village life, so busy here near Guildford. We leave today heading up north, with a few days in the Peak District. Ozzy, love that name!! Black Labs have such a lovely nature. Lucky him for having small feet such a hassle trying to get shoes!!

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        1. Enjoy your trip north. It’s been 26 years since we lived here but we always love coming ‘home’ especially with Melanie living here now.
          Yes Ozzy’s nature is lovely, playful and friendly. He’s got used to us being here really quickly too. Melanie thought he’d be far more excitable, he’s only a puppy still at 6 months. He’s going to be huge!!

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