Week 43: Golden Hour (Daniel’s choice)

Week 43 – Golden Hour photos

I usually offer my own recap of our 52 week photo project but this week I decided to re-blog the original post instead. The Golden Hour photos are too good not to share in their entirety.

This week’s theme was Daniel’s Choice and a great choice it was too 🙂

I hope you enjoy everyone’s take on Golden Hour, I’m seriously impressed with them and always I’d love to hear what you think.

Deb 🙂

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We discovered this spot recently by chance and thankfully there was a nice sunset this afternoon to capture some golden light.


Golden light spills from the sky to add its glow to the golden vines.


The best view I could find at the right time of day with the required conditions. A nice mix of colours (including gold) and textures.


Let’s fly under the golden sky.


Driving home from work one afternoon this particular stretch of road caught my eye. It isn’t my usual commute, so I was thrilled to see the golden light stealing through the trees.


It’s hard to find wide horizons that let through that lovely golden light when you’re stuck at work in the middle of the city, but luckily I know a place just down by the Yarra…

Next week…

Our week 44 theme is: Corners (Deb’s choice)…

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