Week 48: One object only

Greetings from our current location – Denmark!

For most of the year, I’ve been writing my own weekly recap of our 52 week photo project, but as I’m away travelling at the moment, I’m using the re-blog button to share the original post instead.

I can’t believe our 52 weeks project is nearly done!

Here’s the week 48 post, with the theme of One Object only. This was harder than it sounds and I had a few questions to clarify what constituted one object.

I think you’ll agree by looking at the photos, and reading our accompanying words, we all got into the spirit and found an interesting object to share.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think! Read on for more.

Deb 🙂

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I’ve always liked the tropical laid back vibes that the palm tree symbolises and now this ring serves as a constant reminder to slow down, chill out, because somewhere on a secluded white sandy beach under a perfect blue sky the palm trees are dancing slowly in the coconut scented breeze.


It’s quite fitting to share this Celtic Cross from our time travelling in Iceland. The Saga centre told the history of Iceland which included their Celtic roots. A fascinating country and highly recommended.


Only one object of this type survived.

What is it?

No one really knows but it is believed to be a … .


I heart waffles and I especially heart waffles when eating them in Iceland.


Pear… or pair? Given that the theme is one object, it should probably be just pear.


Its beauty doesn’t diminish; it just changes…

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