Week 50: Photographer’s Choice #5

Photographer’s Choice

Photographer’s Choice was the theme for week 50 of our 52 week photo project. This can be a difficult theme as there are no guidelines – we’re left to our own devices and choosing just one photo is difficult. Well it is for me anyway!

I’ve enjoyed sharing our weekly posts throughout this challenge as it shows the creativity we all have inside us. None of us are experts but we all enjoy the art of photography and we are all unique in what we see and how we interpret the weekly themes.

This week we have Ziggy the dog as a super model, a hotair balloon looking spectacular, Hans Christian Anderson in deep thought, a brilliant experiment with baby powder and a book, a gorgeous cosy looking inside shot and a windmill from me.

I chose the windmill because it’s one of my favourite photos from our recent cycle tour.

That’s what Photographer’s Choice is all about 😊

As always, I’d love to hear what you think!

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52 Weeks Photography Group


Here is Ziggy looking stately in her Sunday best.


Windmills are synonymous with the Netherlands and this just happens to be one of my favourite photos from our cycling tour. The reflection in the canal just tops it off!


‘At rejse er at leve.’
H C Anderson (1805-1875)

Taken at Rådhuset, København.


Total eclipse of the balloon.


I’ve wanted to try this shot for ages. I saw a video by the fabulously creative and very enthusiastic Gavin Hoey, a UK based photographer, and since then have wanted to give it a go. Weeks ago we were in a second hand shop and I found the book I wanted to use, I bought some baby powder (gosh I love that smell), and then the other night it was time. I’m very happy with how it turned out!


It’s cold out. Looks pretty cosy in there though…

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