Travel Tuesday: What I don’t miss about travelling

The worst things about being on the go…..

What do you dislike most about travelling?

The constant waiting around?

Living out of a suitcase?

Being away from home?

Eating out all the time?


Long haul flights?

Infrequency of travel opportunities

Tourists everywhere?

Being exhausted?

Getting sick while overseas?


In my case it’s none of the above

I love travelling and all that goes with it but the one thing I don’t miss about travelling is becoming almost obsessive compulsive about losing these three things.  It makes me become a different version of myself.

  1. My passport
  2. My purse
  3. My phone

By the end of our most recent trip, our 3 month OdysseyI had a routine that included patting my bag every few minutes, so I knew where my passport, my purse and my phone were at any given moment. I’m a savvy traveller and have been for many years, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now.

I have to have a system so that I know where everything is and I always return them to their rightful position, but often it’s not enough to set my mind at ease.  That’s when I become paranoid and go searching through my bag to ensure all is where it’s supposed to be!

There was an awful time when I thought I had lost my phone and I nearly had a breakdown on the spot. Everything was on my phone – bookings, tickets, photos, contacts, calendar, plans – and I couldn’t imagine losing it all.  Of course if I was thinking rationally I would realise that there was a backup somewhere and the information could be retrieved, but at the time I was very worried (just ask the Mathematician about my reaction).

Photo by Leah Kelley on

Once I’m home it doesn’t matter

Once I’m home it simply loses its importance. I honestly couldn’t tell you where my passport is at the moment, I have a vague idea it’s in my bedroom amongst the detritus of my unpacking, and you know what, that doesn’t worry me at all.  I have my purse and my phone on my person but I no longer have that unconditional fear of losing everything.

And it feels so good!

When you travel your passport is your lifeline and it is the one thing I fear losing the most. I honestly get almost paranoid about it. Maybe it’s an age thing or has it been drummed into me so much that I can’t imagine losing my ID.  Now that I’m home I’m looking back and reflecting on how travel affects me and this is what came to mind first and foremost. What about you?

Am I the only one who feels like this or do others get thingy about losing their passport and identification too? I’d love to hear what you think and what you don’t miss about travelling.

Feel free to leave a comment below. I always love hearing from you and try to answer all your comments 🙂

Deb xx

Travel dislikes, the fear of losing things

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47 Replies to “Travel Tuesday: What I don’t miss about travelling”

  1. I am exactly the same when it comes to my passport! Half the time I have no idea where it is and then frantically looking before a trip and it doesn’t leave my side when travelling!

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  2. For personal travel, I dislike the going back home part, lol! Leaving vacation, and heading back to the “real world” can be a real drag. Travel for business… I would imagine any of those things you listed off as dislikes. I don’t have to travel for business tho.

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  3. When traveling, I keep my passport on me in an anti-theft cross-body bag—because I have to know where it is and that it’s safe at all times. And I can reach out and touch my passport while sitting at my desk right now.

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  4. Yes, I can totally relate to that feeling of holding onto your passport tightly. I’ll never forget years ago my leather bag was slit though thankfully nothing was stolen. Glad you and your ‘three things’ made it home safe and sound. xx

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  5. Nothing wrong in being a little paranoid if it’s about such important things as your passport. We also have exact places in our bags for everything so it’s 100% obvious if anything has been lost or left behind.

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  6. I’m a little bit anxious anyway. So, even when not traveling, I’m always checking to be sure I have my purse. I don’t know how men do it. I tell my husband all the time he (and my sons) need a purse–so they can stop leaving all their stuff behind. Yes, my fear of losing my important items is a big reason I don’t travel much.

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    1. It only impacts me when I’m travelling so I’m lucky that way I guess! I feel for you and understand the anxiety. My husband actually got a small cool looking ‘man bag’ this last trip for the very reason you mention! Thanks for dropping by 😊


  7. Having NCW lost my passport, phone and credit cards while travelling I am beyond obsessive. I’m not keen on being sick while on the road. Everything else is manageable. Oh and the good news is that I got everything back through the kindness of strangers within hours. 🙂

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    1. That’s great to hear you got it all back Sue, what a scary situation to be in. I have many stories of the kindness of strangers while travelling too. I agree everything else is manageable 😊 thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  8. Paul takes care of our passports and travel docs when travelling, so I can relax on that account. My angst was amongst those you listed, and one you’re lucky enough not to let bother you – those long haul flights, I dread them. I have to get Valium from the Doctor to manage to get through one, and on a double flight to the UK once took four on each leg. Together with my pills to control my restless legs, which are ten times worse on a flight than at any other time, I feel like a real drug addict by the time I reach my destination.

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    1. Oh deat, I feel for you!! Long haul flights are a necessary evil and although hard at the time I try to keep the end in sight to get through it. I don’t know how you do it but well done on persevering.


  9. No matter how much we may all want to “live off the grid” without a care in the world, we need our identification for virtually everything, and the world lives online and plugged in, so having a phone is more vital than ever…I guess for me is I try to keep one eye on the realities of my travel, and one wandering eye always seeking fun…yes, I end up cross-eyed much of the time, but that means it’s all going well!

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  10. I was the same when I was travelling. I would say my biggest fear was losing my passport, as like you said it’s your ID and the one item that can get you home! I’m quite OCD anyway, but travelling was a whole other level. Great post, thanks for sharing, Sadie x

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    1. Great to hear from you Sadie. I somehow don’t think we’re alone in our fear of losing our passport when we’re travelling!! Travelling is fun but also full of things we don’t always think about or expect to encounter. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed reading my post and could relate to it, so thank you for your feedback 😊

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  11. We don’t travel enough to have dislikes of traveling but I am nervous of my personal belongings such as passport, phone, purse being taken! I spent some time in Europe and my friend had her entire bag taken off a bus when we were loading. We had to leave our destination early to get to the embassy so she could fly back to our house!

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    1. That’s not good to hear! There are lots of stories where ID has been stolen so you’re wise to be nervous of personal belongings. I think it is a very normal and sensible approach. Thanks for your comment and happy travels.


  12. I’m a little paranoid about making sure I don’t leave my purse or work bag on the daily lol The main thing that I dislike about traveling are the living situations. I like using AirBnB because they’re affordable, but it’s not my bed or my bathroom. As a self-diagnosed germaphobe, those two areas must be clean…and sometimes they are not when I travel, which sucks 😕

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