How does Friday feel to you?

Friday feels……

I posted this photo to Instagram and Facebook earlier in the week and thought I’d share it on my blog too, just because it’s Friday….

How are you feeling today?

A walk in Umbagong District Park in Canberra
A walk in Umbagong District Park

A walk in the park reminds me that life is never just a straight line but full of curves and interesting sights along the way.

Life isn’t all black and white either, it’s sometimes multi-coloured, sometimes there are shadows and sometimes it takes us by surprise with its complexities.

Friday feels….just because!

Do you have any thoughts to add? Feel free to leave a comment. I always love hearing from you 🙂

Deb xx

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17 Replies to “How does Friday feel to you?”

    1. Thanks Donna! I know exactly what you mean about Fridays no longer having the same meaning as they once did. Enjoy the quieter days as school is in and tourists numbers have decreased. We’re heading into spring so everything is slowly coming alive, which I love!!!


  1. I didn’t manage to get my groceries through the week, so yesterday (Friday), I was aware I was going to have to tackle the weekend crowds in the supermarket. One of the delights of being retired – groceries can be purchased during the quieter week days. We still have our Finger Food Friday’s – a remnant from our working days. Yesterday it was a pork sausage in toasted Turkish bread with coleslaw.

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      1. Finger food Friday is now my favourite day for entertaining guests. It’s stress free – no table setting, no fancy dishes, very casual. It’s usually something associated with takeaway – but homemade. Fish and chips, pizza, burgers, tacos, or sometimes just a fruit and cheese board, or an antpasto board. Sangria with it the summer, and mulled wine around an outside fire pit in the winter.

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  2. It’s strange, but I still get that Friday feeling even though I retired in 2012. The whole weekend awaits, yet every day for me is now like a weekend.
    I became a great Uncle on Thursday this week, so yesterday (Friday) was spent cuddling the new arrival.
    I was born on a Friday, so maybe that’s why it’s my favourite day of the week.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Debbie.

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  3. Lovely. For me working freelance from home Fridays feel like any other day UNTIL the boys get home and then it feels like the weekend (especially if we go away somewhere). Hope you’re well. Has Bub arrived? xx

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    1. Thanks Miriam, it’s a different vibe now on a Friday when you’re not working anymore, but it’s still Friday if you know what I mean.
      Bub arrived safely yesterday and all are going well. She’s the cutest little baby girl and we’re all in love with her already. Xx

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