People watching….in a non creepy way!

People watching – a short story

A vignette or two

Sitting in the gazebo.

Quietly sipping tea.

Watching people and being watched in return.

Who are these people and what’s their story?

Take that guy over there. The thickset swarthy looking one.

He looks kind of familiar.

Smiling, engaging, confident – he seems very comfortable in his surroundings, like he’s some big shot TV presenter visiting this one horse town and hasn’t been recognised by anyone yet.


Miguel, the Crazy Bull chef, with Laura at Nest Cinema Cafe in Tumbarumba
Miguel Maestre,  the Crazy Bull chef, with Laura at Nest Cinema Cafe in Tumbarumba

Unlike the couple over there who are trying to hold it together as their baby screams blue murder.  Little do we know they’ve just received bad news.

The large group of cyclists in the other gazebo are discussing the problems of the world.  They look like they are locals who do this regularly.  They meet every Saturday after going for a ride around town first.

The young mothers who meet up for a coffee and a chat seem to love the easy atmosphere and the welcome they receive from the understanding owner, Laura, who seems to be in a similar situation as them with young children of her own.

The young family out for breakfast are having a great time, the two little girls are dressed up as princesses and are thrilled to be having milkshakes and yummy pancakes, in such a grown up environment.  The little baby boy just wants his mother to breastfeed him!

This little cafe is a hub of such goings on every day, it’s an oasis of calm and a perfect example of country style done just right. Gifts, books, coffee, food, movies, music….it all happens here!

Nest Cinema Cafe Tumbarumba
Nest Cinema Cafe Tumbarumba

People Watching or StickyBeaking?

People watching is a fun activity and I love making up stories about the various people I see.  Do you do that too?

People watching can be described as the action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place.
In Australia we have a term for someone who likes to know what’s going on with others – this is called being a stickybeak! This is more often someone who is prying into someone else’s business, rather than just people watching.

Are you a Flaneur?

Another term to describe someone who observes society is the French word Flaneur.  Have you heard of this word before?  I hadn’t before a good friend mentioned it to me, I love it now!

Flâneur  means “stroller”, “lounger”, “saunterer”, or “loafer”. Flânerie is the act of strolling, with all of its accompanying associations. The flâneur was a literary type from 19th-century France, essential to any picture of the streets of Paris. The word carried a set of rich associations: the man of leisure, the idler, the urban explorer, the connoisseur of the street. The flâneur has become an important symbol for scholars, artists and writers.  Source.

It’s been fun to share some examples of people watching – in a non creepy way!
If you’re ever in Tumbarumba be sure to pop into Nest Cinema Cafe and tell them Debbie sent you!


Thanks to Lorna at Gin and Lemonade for another great writing prompt. 

This week is #4 and in Lorna’s words: Write about someone you see while people-watching. You could make it up, but it might be more fun if you didn’t.

The prompt for week #3 resulted in one of my all time favourite posts –  Far away from home as she knew it  

Week #1 was the first writing and photo challenge, A sepia toned fall memory and I wrote a short creative piece –  A New World Order as Autumn takes over

Please let me know what you think of my response to this prompt.  I always enjoy hearing from you and appreciate you joining the conversation.

Deb xx

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27 Replies to “People watching….in a non creepy way!”

  1. I’m not much of a people watcher – I tend to be totally engaged in chatting up a storm with whoever I’m out with – and if (perish the thought) I’m by myself, then I’m immersed in a book and wouldn’t notice a TV presenter walking by unless he landed in my lap 🙂

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  2. What a fun post Deb! I’m usually too engrossed to be a sticky beak. But I love the word flaneur. It sounds so much more sophisticated than sticky beak. Maybe I could take it up after all. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is great Debbie! I believe I’m a Flaneur 😂 I do like to people watch while sitting in a cafe or such like. I also like to imagine what’s going on in their lives, sometimes making up stories. Good response to the prompt! I must take part sometime 😊

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