Puzzling through life – 10 things that puzzle me!

Life is a jigsaw puzzle

with most of the pieces missing!

Photo of a puzzle by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash
Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Puzzles can be fun but they can also be very  frustrating.

Here are ten things that puzzle me

#1 Why has it taken so long to have a female Doctor Who?

#2 Why are politicians the world over so out of touch with us – the real people?

#3 Since when has the Sydney Opera House been a huge billboard?

#4 Why aren’t we building bunkers for when the apocalypse comes? I like the ones in the excellent Danish series on Netflix called The Rain – they’re my choice if anyone wants to start a new business!!

#5 Why haven’t I faded away to a shadow after cutting out sugar in my diet over the last 6 weeks?

#6 How come a new baby consumes so much time when all they do is sleep, feed and poop – who knew that watching a baby sleep and stretch and coo could take up so much time?

#7 Why was I so worried about retirement when it’s been such a delightful journey?

#8 Why are sportspeople claimed as heroes and paid a huge fortune for doing nothing that’s actually heroic? And those of us who have an actual real Bravery Award from the Queen……

#9 Why did curiosity kill the cat?

#10 Why am I fine with flying when I’m so scared of heights?

These are just a few of the things that puzzle me – at this moment in time anyway!

Tell me what puzzles you? I’m very interested in your life conundrums and if you have any answers to my puzzles, please let me know 😊

Thanks to Lorna at Gin and Lemonade for another great writing prompt. 

This week is #5 and Lorna has set the prompt as: Puzzle 

Week #4 – People watching and celeb spotting

Week #3 resulted in one of my all time favourite posts –  Far away from home as she knew it  

Week #1 was the first writing and photo challenge, A sepia toned fall memory and I wrote a short creative piece –  A New World Order as Autumn takes over

Please let me know what you think of my response to this prompt.  I always enjoy hearing from you and appreciate you joining the conversation.

Deb xx


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59 Replies to “Puzzling through life – 10 things that puzzle me!”

    1. I hear you! Writing is something that is a puzzle for me too Cherie. Sometimes it just rolls off the tongue and other times it is like passing a kidney stone. Just keep taking notes of what’s going on and hopefully the words will start flowing. If not you can write posts about not blogging like you did the other day which was a great read by the way. Your life is just made for blogging 😊

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  1. Hi, Debbie – Each of your puzzles, puzzle me too! Taking a stab at #10, I am afraid of heights only when my footing is precarious and I actually could fall (so I’m okay on top of the CN tower, but my fears heighten on a steep mountain path). I’m also good with airplanes. Controlling the plane is not my responsibility (and that’s a VERY good thing).I also choose my carriers wisely and avoid ones with poorer reputations. I have flown hundreds of time before without incident. Rightly or wrongly this all adds to my comfort level on planes.Great post!

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    1. Thanks Donna, I’m glad to hear you can relate to my puzzles!! It was fun making this list and I could have added heaps more in. I agree with your thoughts on heights vs flying and I’m the same when hiking on precarious paths. It is all about control to some extent. Thanks for joining in with me 😊😊


  2. Why was there only one member of staff at the post office today during the busiest time, (lunchtime), but when nobody is waiting to be served, there are 2 or 3?! And when I lived in London – why does stepping off a tourist bus make people forget their road safety skills? People used to stand in the middle of some of the busiest roads, even after the lights had changed, just so they could get a good pic!

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    1. Good points Kirsty!! I’m sure some of the staffing levels issues are done just to annoy customers but it shouldn’t be so!! The whole taking photos in dangerous situations is getting a bit out of control. I agree with you!! Thanks so much for sharing your puzzles 😊


    1. I also puzzle about the heaviness of planes but try not to when I’m actually flying!! I still don’t know how phones or wifi work but I’m glad they do!! Thanks for your comment 😊


    1. Yes Janis, I was being flippant with my comment but I have definitely noticed changes. Clothes fit better already, I’m more aware of what I’m eating, I’m feeling healthier and happier so that’s a great result already!!

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  3. If you ever find the answers to #2 and #8, please share. I’d love to know. I’m puzzled at how my dog, who loves green beans, knows we’re having them before I even open the can. I’m puzzled how a child can’t hear what you say to them when you’re sitting right next to them, but here’s the rustle of a candy wrapper from the other room? And finally when you’re suffering from a bout of insomnia, why do you always finally fall asleep minutes before the alarm rings? Hmmm…. #MLSTL

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  4. Here’s my thoughts on a few: #1 still not sure about the female Dr Who – giving it another episode before I make up my mind (didn’t like the old guy either) #2 Politicians are like all filthy rich people – they have no idea how normal people live #5 for the same reason it hasn’t worked for me – or the 16/8 intermittant fasting – or doing two walks a day – midlife metabolism sucks!! I’ll leave it there but your questions gave me a smile for my day!
    MLSTL – and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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    1. Glad to hear my post gave you a smile at least Leanne. I didn’t like the last doctor at first but he grew on me over time. Not too keen on the whole midlife metabolism thing but I’m starting to see some progress in my quitting of sugar, it’s just so slow though….thanks for sharing.


  5. Puzzles indeed. I’m the opposite to you re heights – don’t mind them but often swear out loud and cry a bit when flying. The thing that confounds me most at the moment is how ineffective I can be with time the more I have of it.

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  6. I particularly relate to items 6 and 7 🙂
    I suppose a puzzling question I ponder is … why when we have time we don’t have money – and when we have the money we don’t have time?

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  7. Ok. The answer to number 1 is that we needed to wait until Jodie Whittaker was ready to take over the role because she is the perfect Dr. Who. And number 3, even I saw on the news last night in the US. Guess people were really upset and loved how they ruined the advertising with flashlights. The Empire State Building does it best by changing their lights on the building based on what they are recognizing. There is even a calendar you can view to see what the lights will be and why.

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    1. I agree Jodie is just perfect in the role!! I wondered if our Opera House bees would make it overseas, and now I know it did!! It was great to see how the issue galvanised so many people from all walks of life. Thanks for your visit, as always it’s much appreciated 😊


  8. My puzzle – why did it take so long to be comfortable with myself? I am so much digging life and who I am now that I wish I had discovered it all earlier!

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  9. LOL to #5, but #2 and #8 just made me sigh. Why do I always pick the slowest checkout line at the grocery store? Or hit every red light the times I’m running late? And why when there is a really great night sky event (partial eclipse, meteor shower), we always have clouds? Life is full of connundrums!

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  10. Life is a puzzle isn’t it? Sometimes feels like you can’t even find the pieces let alone make them fit! Love Jodie W as Dr Who though, she’s going to be huge. Don’t mind flying but always puzzled by how some people struggle so much to find their seats! Not so hard really.

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    1. I agree with you!! Finding the pieces is the hard part at times. I love Jodie as Doctor Who as well, she’s fabulous in the role!! I’m amazed at how much some people take on board as carry on luggage ✈️ thanks for joining the conversation.

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