You Never Forget Your First Time: My First Time on a Zip Wire | Must Hike Must Eat

The first time you do something new is a momentous, memorable, exciting, awesome and often scary feeling.

You never forget it!

And it was all of those things (and more) – momentous, memorable, scary, exciting, awesome!  It was the day I decided to tackle the longest Zip Wire in the UK at The Eden Project in Cornwall.

For this 57 year old scared of heights thrill seeker (that sounds like I’m a bit confused doesn’t it?) – it was a moment I’ll never forget.

I'm flying
I’m flying

Shannon, over at Must Hike Must Eat, has a new series where readers can share their first time at doing something. It’s fun reading what others have done for the first time and getting their perspective.

I am thrilled to be her guest blogger today with my story about the day my adventurous spirit won over my scared of heights inner voice, as I took on my first zip wire, flying superman style over the top of the Eden Project.

It’s funny because I’m known in some circles as WonderWoman Debz and when I was flying through the air on a fast trajectory, I actually felt pretty ruddy awesome for the first time in a long while.

Taking in the view on the zip wire
Taking in the view on the zip wire

Please pop over to Must Hike Must Eat for the full story by clicking the link below and leave your thoughts.  Thanks to Shannon for having me as her guest!

I’ve closed the comments on this post so if you’d like to share your thoughts, go over to Shannon’s blog here, we’d both love to know what you think:

You Never Forget Your First Time: My First Time on a Zip Wire | Must Hike Must Eat

Have you ever done this or would you do it? It just goes to show you’re never too old to have a first time adventure, even when you’re scared of heights!

All these months later, and I’m still so proud of myself.

And I know my dad would be proud of me too 🙂


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