Horse Action – but not the Melbourne Cup!

A Review of The Boggy Creek Show…..

Melbourne Cup Day

When I was working, Melbourne Cup Day was an opportunity to down tools at about 3pm, enter into a few sweeps or put a bet on a horse, socialise with my work colleagues over snacks and watch a horse race.

The first Tuesday of November is Melbourne Cup Day in Australia, otherwise known as The Race That Stops a Nation. It’s a horse race held in Melbourne.

It’s somewhat embarrassing that Melbourne Cup day gets such hype, as gambling is something we should be trying to reduce, not highlight.  But it’s just the way it has always been and many people enjoy making it a fun day out at the races, dressing up, drinking, betting on horses and sometimes even watching the race.

Now that I’m no longer working, it’s just another day that creeps up on me.  I rarely go out to Melbourne Cup lunches these days, wear a hat or get dressed up. I didn’t even watch the race today! How sacrilegious!

Award Winning Boggy Creek Show

Today on Melbourne Cup day, I did do something horsey though.  It wasn’t Melbourne Cup related but it was some horsey action at a local tourist attraction, called the Boggy Creek Show.  I have been to the show before but I was surprised to hear that apparently locals only account for 20% of the audience.

I had my mother and uncle visiting and decided a few hours out at the award winning show would be a fun thing to do together.  Neither of them had ever seen the show, or even heard about it.

The fact that it was raining cats and dogs didn’t dampen our spirits but the owner and star of the show, Tim O’Brien and his wife Jo, and their animals, certainly got very wet. But the show went on regardless.

This information from the Boggy Creek Show website is their description of the award winning show:

Boggy Creek is a working farm set in the foothills of the snowy mountains with spectacular, uninterrupted views.

Being a fourth generation mountain cattleman, Tim O’Brien showcases, in his own unique style, authentic farming life both past and present.

The 2 hour award winning live performance is choreographed to music and professionally presented in an amphitheatre setting that looks right into the heart of the snowy mountains.

You’ll be amazed at the skill and antics of the highly trained animals that feature in the show. Entertainment is guaranteed for all ages.

Tim also conducts horse clinics.

Horsemanship Skills on show

Tim’s excellent horsemanship skills were well and truly displayed throughout the show.  It was amazing to see his rapport with his dogs, horses and the various other animals in the show. He gave insights of his training of horses for the annual Man from Snowy Mountains festival and his involvement in film work.

Australian Heritage on display

The Boggy Creek Show portrays the spirit of our Australian heritage and is entertaining, educational and humorous. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, as did the bus load of senior citizens who had travelled a few hours to get there. None of us let the rain dampen our spirits.

The show uniquely displays the art of cattle mustering, Australian kelpie dogs working sheep, a shearing demonstration , pack horses, whip cracking skills and amazing horsemanship.

During the interactive show, Tim invited a volunteer to get involved in his whip cracking demonstration.  My uncle bravely volunteered and held a bunch of flowers out in front of him and Tim used his skills with the whip to chop them from his hand.  He then asked him to hold them in his mouth and did the same thing!  It was a very impressive display. My uncle placed his trust in Tim’s skills and was pleased it all went well!

One of the highlights was Tim standing on the back of his horse, in the heavy rain, cracking his whip.  Another was his amazing skill of handling the horse while riding bareback without any reins.


The cost of the show was very reasonable, included billy tea or coffee for morning tea, complete with cakes and biscuits and access to both Jo and Tim O’Brien, who were happy to chat with visitors.

Bus tours and school groups are well catered for and upcoming show dates are listed on their website.

I’m a proud Tumbarumba local and love the story that Tim and Jo tell, their humour and honesty are highly entertaining.

If you’re ever in the Snowy Mountains area of Tumbarumba,  do yourself a favour and see the show! My home town is well worth a visit!

I have not been compensated for writing this review, I just love sharing local attractions and entrepreneurs who are making an effort to promote the history of our beautiful area. I also enjoyed capturing a few photos to share with you.

The rain really was heavy at times, but very welcome, as most of the area is in drought. There were no complaints I can assure you!

Feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment below. I always love hearing from you and try to answer all your comments 🙂

Deb xx


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13 Replies to “Horse Action – but not the Melbourne Cup!”

  1. I’ve heard of the Boggy Creek Show Deb. Sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to spend the Melbourne Cup. Shame about the weather but wonderful for the farmers so can’t really complain can we. Have a great week xx

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  2. Ohh I’d love to go to something like the Boggy Creek Show (what a great name!). I used to do lots of horse riding when I was younger, and really miss horses these days. The horsemanship skills look pretty intense there 🙂 #MLSTL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Carol! It’s called The Boggy Creek Show because it’s located on Boggy Creek Road 🙂 . I loved that even with all the heavy rain no-one complained or berated the heavens, they just got on with it and everyone enjoyed the show! Oz names are fun aren’t they??

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