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Word of the day - Nubivagant
Word of the day

How a blog post originates (in my world anyway):

The clouds in the sky last night captured my attention. I took a few photos from the verandah and went looking for suitable quotes to use with my picture.

My searching uncovered the word Nubivagant which tickled my fancy. So I checked it actually was a real word, and created this graphic in Canva, using my cloud photo as the background.

I think it was the meaning of the word as much as the new word that piqued my interest.

Nubivagant: Wandering in the clouds; moving through the air


I shared the graphic on my Facebook page and decided to upload it to my blog as well.  Sometimes I do it the other way around – sharing my blog post onto my Facebook page after publishing it.   I have found Facebook posts that are links (such as a blog post) don’t often get as much traction as a straight photo post, so it’s always good to mix it up.  But I’m not one to worry about the stats too much!  I just like sharing and being creative.

I then decide if it’s worth making a Pinterest graphic for the post, often it’s not worth it in my opinion, and decide where to share it.

Words and Photos

I like words and photos so this type of post appeals to me.  I don’t tend to think too much about what will get attention from others as I’m not driven by stats, but rather by creativity, as stated above.

Blogging Schedule?

In regards to a blogging schedule, do you have one?  I like to post when I have something to say but I don’t have a set schedule as such.

In some of the things I’ve read about blogging it is suggested that you set a schedule so your readers know what to expect and when – but over the years I’ve decided I’m not that sort of blogger. I don’t offer blogging advice very often but I wrote this post a while ago, due to all the confusing advice I was reading and it proved to be very popular – I admit to being confused.  Apparently I wasn’t alone in my confusion.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment below. I always love hearing from you and try to answer all your comments 🙂

Deb xx


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27 Replies to “Nubivagant – Word of the Day”

  1. I love this new word! I don’t have a set schedule, although Sundays seem to be working for me. My style is more like Clive’s statement: “random thoughts become random posts at random times.” I don’t blog to build followers or stats. I just love to write and if anyone comments, that is just the icing on the cake! xo

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  2. Fun word, Debbie! Nice image too! Your image with all the pink combined with the word reminds me of “nougat”, LOL! I, too, wrote a blog advice post talking about how images can be a great source of inspiration for a blog post. I included that tidbit in my humble e-book 🙂 Of course with Sunday Stills, I have a schedule, which work for me! Once in a while, like today, I’ll post something seasonal. Before WPC ended Fridays were my best blogging day!

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    1. I remember reading your ebook! I appreciated you sharing your thoughts. The word is quite a fun one and I must admit I hadn’t thought of nougat until you mentioned it 🙂 . I enjoy being without a schedule at the moment. Sunday Stills are a fun way to wrap up the weekend for me.

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  3. I love the brilliant and creative way you connect this beautiful photo with the word “Nubivagant”. You also really spoke to me with this new post. I’m a new blogger and have been struggling with the whole process of how to go about it. You made me realize that it’s ok to have your own style, and not worry about chasing the numbers. Thanks, Deb.

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    1. Thank you Christina! I’m so glad you related to my post and that it gave you some direction. It is more than OK to have your own style. I must admit it’s taken me many years to be comfortable in my own style and blog on my terms rather than thinking I have to do it according to others. Keep on going!! I really appreciated your comment as I still struggle at times 🙂


  4. Never heard it before but I like the word. A blogging schedule – what’s that? Seriously though, no I don’t have one. With my illness I post when I’m able.

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  5. Never ever heard of that word Deb but it’s a corker. Just hope I can remember it for the future but I’ll probably forget. Wonderful to think that there is a word for wandering through the clouds. How poetic.

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