Sunday Stills: A window to the past?

Sunday Stills – Window

This week the prompt for Terri’s Sunday Stills Photo Challenge, is Window.

One of my fave bloggers Hugh, from Hugh’s Views and News, is hosting this week as Terri is off on an adventure.

And I’m a bit late to the party! Oops!

The view is quintessential Australian
The view is quintessential Australian

It’s another HOT day here in Tumbarumba, so the Mathematician and I decided on an early morning bike ride, like well before 7.30am!  We rode about 20km all up and enjoyed the cooler morning temperatures – the forecast was for another day well over 30 degrees C.

We’ve been involved in the formation and construction of the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail project for years and I’m happy to say it’s starting to happen – albeit very slowly!

Set wide the window, let me drink the day. Edith Wharton

Today on our ride around town, we checked out the progress on the old Crew Barracks which had been donated to the Historical Society and placed near where the rail trail will go. The building dates back to about the 1920s and was originally painted this colour.  Many working bees have been held lately with both the inside and outside getting a coat of paint, as well as fixing up the roof and redoing the windows. After it has been cleaned up and repainted it will house a collection of photos and stories relating to the Tumbarumba Railway – keeping the history alive!

The old Tumbarumba Station Crew Barracks was moved back to near the rail corridor after doing service as a farm shed for many years.  I love that the horse had to wander through to have a look around too.

The crew barracks returning some history to the old railway line
The crew barracks and the horse

It was these windows that caught my attention – or maybe it was the view through the windows.  The quintessential Australian blue sky with gum trees and dry grassy paddocks on a hot summer’s day spoke to me, so I decided to use these windows for the weekly Sunday Stills challenge. (I also love the word quintessential!)

I like to think that the view probably hasn’t changed much at all in the passing years 🙂

View through the window
View through the window

This is the other shot I wanted to share with you – it’s more a window showing you a part of our beautiful little town on a glorious summer morning.

Tumbarumba Creekscape
Tumbarumba Creekscape

Enjoy your week and stay cool, or warm, depending on your hemisphere!

Feel free to leave a comment below. I always like hearing from you!

Deb x

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Me at the window

42 Replies to “Sunday Stills: A window to the past?”

  1. I could wish my way through your window and find a Narnia of sorts. A converted barn to house writing retreats and rest for virtual friends from around the globe. Share imaginations and brake bread; warm my bones from the bitterness of a British Winter. We’d share your friends and pretty town. *sigh* …

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  2. Glad to see you are posting for SS while I am “gone!” Lovely windows, Debbie! That reflection in the window shows the promise of a lovely Australian day! I see such warmth in those shots and we in the northern hemisphere are counting the days to warm spring weather!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your photos are beautiful and I agree, that view probably hasn’t changed very much over the years. Thank you for sending some warmth through cyberspace to warm those of us in the UK on a chilly Winter morning!

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  4. Love the reflection in the window in the first photo, Debbie. It almost looks as if the panes of glass are painted. What I like too, is the blue trim around the edge of the glass in each of the panes. The colour of the dry grass reminds me of the heatwave we had last summer in the UK. At least the spring bulbs are now shooting through the cold earth.
    Thanks so much for participating in this week’s Sunday Stills, and for also voting me as one of your favourite bloggers. That’s a lovely compliment.

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    1. Thanks so much Hugh. Yes the windows were a work in progress so the blue tape added a different dimension to my photos. The grass is indeed as dry, or drier, than the UK summer heatwave we experienced while we were there last year. Of course you’re a favourite!

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  5. I love the photos Deb…especially the one with the horse moving in for a closer look! The landscape looks very peaceful; it’s as I imagined Australian countryside might look.

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  6. I loved the window reflection Deb – very pretty. I also laughed to see your Bitmoji self waving through the window. You’re lucky I can’t post pictures here or I’d be waving back with the one I created (after being inspired to waste too much time on it by someone who will remain anonymous!)
    Thanks for linking up with MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for noticing my waving Bitmoji Leanne! I wonder who that bad influence would be? It’s such a fun time waster.
      I did try to post one in a comment but it wouldn’t let me 😉 thanks for sharing for #mlstl


  7. Tumbarumba – what a gorgeous name. It smacks of something straight out of a children’s story book. It looks a gorgeous spot too. I liked your photo of the window on Instagram this morning – it was really eye catching. I’m glad I’ve seen it again for the second time today. I think it deserves a story to be written about it. Very evocative and lovely. Take care x Shared on SM #MLSTL

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  8. Hi Deb, gosh you live in a beautiful place and isn’t it wonderful that the community is preserving the heritage. I can imagine standing at that window in a bygone era and as you say the view would probably have been the same. I love your photography and thank you for sharing a piece of where you live with us at #MLSTL. Have a great week! xx

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  9. I love your photos, and it was interesting to read about the progress in restoring that old building. We restored 3 houses in the States, before becoming perpetual travelers. I admire you and your husband for getting up for an early morning bike ride. Biking looks like it would be really fun, especially through such a lovely town.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely to hear from you Christina. I admire you for restoring 3houses! That’s a huge effort. We enjoy our cycling and earlier is better when the days get so hot! Thanks for your comments.


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