The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are Back! Nominations are now OPEN.

The 2019 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are fast approaching

It’s time to start thinking about nominating your favourite bloggers for this year’s Bloggers Bash Awards.

Nominations will be open from February 1 – which means nominations are now OPEN!

And here’s the link to how you can nominate your favourite blog with all the details and rules –

Nominations are now open


There are lots of changes for this year’s awards with new categories added and the process in which the nominations will be made has also been altered.

All the relevant information is listed in the latest posts from the committee – click the links below to read more about the awards:

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are Back!

Nominations are now OPEN.

What are the Awards?

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards
Annual Bloggers Bash Awards

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are open to bloggers from all over the world, and are nominated and voted for by the blogging community and general public.

Last year I was honoured to be awarded Third Runner Up in the Hidden Gem category and I attended the awards, all the way from Australia!  *Please note the categories have changed this year and there isn’t a Hidden Gem category anymore!

This year nominations will be made via email, as per the latest post on the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards page. Nominations will close at the end of March and then voting will commence.  Make sure you read all the rules and instructions first!

Good luck everyone!

Deb 🙂

PS. This post was updated on 1 February 2019 to add the link to the nomination criteria.


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12 Replies to “The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are Back! Nominations are now OPEN.”

  1. I’m afraid you won’t be winning a Hidden Gem award this year – the category is no longer there! I’ve never really taken much interest in these awards but am following several bloggers who have posted on them so they’re now on my radar, and I hope to cast a few votes when the time comes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No you’re right Clive, I saw the Hidden Gem isn’t listed anymore, which makes kit all the more special that I actually did so well last year 🙂 . Anyway I’m now more of a gem out in the open, rather than being hidden away 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I remember you winning the Hidden Gem – much deserved. I wonder why they’ve taken it off this year? Will watch with interest and nominate my fave bloggers as soon as I see the email 🙂 #MLSTL

    Liked by 1 person

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