Wordless Wednesday: Happy Flowers

Wordless Wednesday

yellow flowers

April 17 2019

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It’s harder than you think to go Wordless, but I try to do just that each Wednesday, by sharing a photo that (hopefully) tells a story. Feel free to join in.

Debbie xx

It's time for Wordless Wednesday - a post without words, allowing the photo to tell the story
It’s time for Wordless Wednesday

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11 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Happy Flowers”

    1. Thanks Michelle, they were part of a photography session I had with my sister and brother in law, and I’d forgotten about this one until I found it and thought it was a nice happy pic 🙂


    1. Oh thanks Donna, you always make me feel so good! This photo was part of a session with my sister and I was just practising some techniques. My brother in law was helping with various backdrops and this one worked out really well I thought, so I was happy!


  1. A beautiful capture, Debbie. I couldn’t find your sharing buttons on this post. I had a similar problem with one of my posts the other day and had to contact WordPress for help. I don’t know what they did, but they got them back on the post for me.

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    1. Thanks Hugh for the comment on my photo and for telling me about the missing share buttons. I’ve found this to be an ongoing issue with posts and I usually rectify it by going into the classic editor and turning them on there. I try and check before publishing but must have missed this one!

      Liked by 1 person

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