It’s not unusual to see a grown up middle-aged woman playing in the park – is it?

It’s not unusual….🎶

It’s time for #SundayStills where the theme is unusual – with Hugh as the host this week.

Am I unusual?

Recently on our road trip up north, I took the opportunity to take a moment to PLAY. In every park we stopped at, I played on the equipment.

There was the climbing frame leading to the slippery dip – I must admit I thought it was all a bit steep and scary when climbing up, but I managed to slide down and land my dismount with perfect grace. I raised my hands triumphantly and took a bow, not thinking anyone was watching.

Soon afterwards a man, who I think worked in the nearby Visitor Information Centre, came over and asked if he could sit at the end of our picnic table, which was in the warm sunshine. We were packing up our lunch by then, so of course said yes. He commented that he had watched my graceful slide and excellent dismount and had appreciated my obvious enjoyment in playing 🙂

Luckily my husband managed to capture a few shots of me having fun! It would have been unusual if he hadn’t had his camera at the ready!!

I’ll also admit to enjoyed a swing, as it’s always quite a therapeutic activity especially after sitting in the car for hours.

And I became a sunflower!

Debbie as a sunflower
Debbie as a sunflower

Then at another park I couldn’t wait to ride on the flying fox. I did check that there weren’t any real kids waiting for a turn – it would have been unusual for me to jump the queue! Again thankfully my husband, the Mathematician, had the camera at the ready!

On a bike ride the next day, we took a few selfies and enjoyed the warmer temperatures, although the breeze was a tad cool at times. I don’t suppose it’s all that unusual for us to take selfies, the Mathematician’s long arms come in handy so we don’t need a selfie stick!

I know I’m not ready to settle for the ordinary, are you?

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Jim Rohn

I’d love to know what you think of my interpretation of this week’s theme and let me know if you think it’s unusual for a grown-up to play in the park.

I always enjoy seeing what others come up with for these weekly prompts 🙂

Have a great week ahead and try to stop and play sometimes. I believe it is what helps keep us going.

Deb 🙂

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63 Replies to “It’s not unusual to see a grown up middle-aged woman playing in the park – is it?”

  1. You looked like you were having great fun, Debbie. And why not? I’d have been joining you on all that equipment. After all, playing and fun are an essential staple of human life regardless of age. You can never have too much of it.

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  2. I have just been to a new park locally and had a blast! I’m still dizzy from the roundabout and riding the horse.

    I often get strange looks but I really don’t care. I want my children to remember that we all had fun and I didn’t take them to the park so I could sit on my phone for an hour x

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    1. l agree Claire, setting good examples for the kids and showing the fun element is so important. I see so many sitting on their phone when I’m sure their kids would love their parents to get involved. good on you!!

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  3. Good for you! I love that you play…in the park or anywhere! We grownups can be so stuffy. It’s funny, though. I never enjoyed playing in playgrounds. (I was traumatized by some Big Kid throwing sand in my eyes from the sandbox once). Maybe I need to get back in there and conquer those fears!

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  4. I just love your leisure ethic, Debbie, a woman after my own heart! Who can resist playing in the park? My grandpa used to take my brother and I to a neighborhood park when we were quite young. He was a big man and could really get the carousel going. All the kids would come running to take a fast ride on it. He also brought waxed paper to wax the then metal slides and made them so slippery. I think he enjoyed it all as much as we did!

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  5. LOL – that’s awesome and fun! That’s the only zip line I’d try…I like how close the ground is!! Thank you for sharing a bit of whimsy I can relate to. Thank you too for stopping by my blog to say hi, much appreciated!

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  6. If you’re unusual, then so am I! After working with a group on our church grounds recently, I was waiting for Hubs to pack things up and took a few moments to jump on the swingset in the back. Thoroughly enjoyable!

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  7. I am definitely one of those “unusual” adults who will swing, zip, slide any chance I get. Your post reminded me of when we visited the house of my husband’s cousin last summer. They had one of those big trampolines in their back yard and I joyfully jumped with the cousin’s two teenage daughters. I don’t have the same stamina I used to, but I couldn’t resist the urge to play!

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  8. What a breath of fresh air! And yes it’s unusual, but in a good way! Life is good and you are taking a big bite out of it and I love it! How fun that your husband is enjoying it right along with you!
    Keep being unusual!

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  9. We don’t do enough of this. I once jumped into a foam pit at a children’s party because I didn’t want to miss my chance and a dad at the party came rushing over because he thought I’d fallen in. Ha! #MLSTL

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  10. I love a swing – we have one at our local playground that I have a turn on when the grandgirls are visiting. Also love your mirror sunnies – I have a pair and always feel “cool” when I’m wearing them xx
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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  11. Hi Debbie,
    Looks like you are finding the joy in life…and thank goodness for the Mathematician’s selfie-stick arms! LOL
    Have a great week! #MLSTL

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  12. I love to find a good swing at a park. The only problem is many parks are now converting their swings into “age-appropriate” funless plastic things that only hold small children. So I celebrate when I find a real swing set!

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  13. We recently bought a house that came with a kids climbing jungle gym. Just yesterday I tried out the swing- tentatively at first to make sure it would hold me. It was fun! As a child I loved the feeling of being free and flying in the air and I found out I still do!

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  14. I love you Deb! There I’ve said and written it! I love your attitude to life, to having fun and just making life an adventure. You always make me smile and it was so lovely to spend time with you again IRL. Here’s to the next catchup. Thanks for bringing joy to #MLSTL and enjoy the rest of your holiday xx

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    1. That’s so sweet of you Sue, the feeling is entirely mutual!! I enjoy sharing my special quirky adventures and always seem able to make myself laugh so I’m happy to hear you enjoy my blog. I loved catching up with you again too, it’s so special meeting our blogging friends. You are one inspirational lady, that’s for sure!!! xx


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