Tumbarumba becomes a winter wonderland – Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

August 14, 2019

This week it’s thanks to my husband, the Mathematician, for taking these shots of the snowfall in our garden and paddocks, as I was off gallivanting in Sydney – which is only about 500 kilometres away, and where it wasn’t snowing at all!

Our area was hit by a severe cold snap last weekend. Many people are surprised that Australia has snow at all, but although it’s not that common, we usually have at least one snowfall each year. Within a few kilometres of our place, the snow was much deeper and hung around for much longer. I drove home on Sunday afternoon through a beautiful snowy landscape, but couldn’t stop to take any shots!

It’s harder than you think to go Wordless, and I try to let the photos do the talking most Wednesdays in my Wordless Wednesday posts. Although this week, I’ve actually used more words than normal!

Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below 🙂 Did you know we get snow here?

Feel free to join in by posting a photo using the hashtag #WordlessWednesday – it’s quite a fun and easy post each week!

Have a great day 🙂

Debbie xx

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It's time for Wordless Wednesday - a post without words, allowing the photo to tell the story
It’s time for Wordless Wednesday

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28 Replies to “Tumbarumba becomes a winter wonderland – Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Hi Deb, I had not really thought about you getting snow until I began reading your posts. Very pretty in the photos. I can still wait for pretty around here. It will be here soon enough. British Columbia can also have very diverse weather patterns all on the same day throughout the province. Fun to see and learn about new areas. Thank you for sharing:)

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    1. Thanks Erica, compared to some places it’s not much snow but for us Aussies it’s been quite a cold snap!! It’s WaleYs very pretty but dangerous too as we’re not used to driving in snowy conditions. Yes you’ll have the cold back before you know it!!

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  2. Wow Deb! Snow!!! It must have been freezing where you are! We’re having a very mild winter in WA – lots of blue skies and cold mornings with a few rainy days here and there to keep the farmers happy. Loved all the snowy pics – and it would have been a bit of excitement for you all I’m sure 🙂

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    1. Yes Leanne, snow around the sunroom!! Did you see it in the photos? I thought of you as I sat out there the other day. We’ve had quite a cold winter but the daffodils are starting to flower so I know spring isn’t too far away and the days are getting longer. 😊


  3. I heard about this on our news, Debbie. I can only imagine what those people who have never experienced snow were like when they woke up to this. It’s very pretty, and I only wish we had more snow during our winter. I’ve only ever experienced one white Christmas, so it goes to show how rare snow can be in December in my part of the world.

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    1. Yes it was delightful seeing all the images popping up. I had enough fun driving home through it on Sunday afternoon but thankfully the road was much clearer than it had been the day before. Thanks Chris. ❄️

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    1. Hi Jonno, isn’t it a great name and it’s a fab place to live to by the way! It doesn’t snow too often or stay around very long usually so when it does we all make the most of it! So many photos on social media…..thanks for visiting the snow with us.

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