HOW do YOU blog?

This one is for all the bloggers out there

I’ve been blogging for many years now and still consider myself to be learning, even after more than 1200 posts and half a million words.

Yet I consider my blog to still be very much a work in progress – as am I, as an evolving blogger!

I don’t like offering advice and I never tell anyone how they should do things. I’m not that type of blogger, although I probably could have something useful to offer.

I’ve written a few posts about blogging but not in a particularly helpful way 🙂

I’ve whinged, moaned, shared my confusion and been sarcastically caustic at times! But I’ve also been grateful!


I’m always left wondering how others do it. How do they find the time, the motivation, the topics, the commitment, the organisation, the connections, the interaction, the thoughts……

So tell me, how do YOU do blogging?

Whenever I meet bloggers in person, I really want to know HOW they do things. Not so much the WHY they blog, but the mechanics of it. Of course, we always get onto the ‘why’ as well, which is a very interesting discussion in its own right!

Things like these interest me:

  • Do you plan out every post in advance?
  • Do you schedule posts weeks/months ahead of time?
  • Can you write a spontaneous post at the drop of a hat? Do you?
  • Are you super organised?
  • Do you keep track of what works and what doesn’t – via stats or other feedback?
  • Are you constantly changing things around on your blog?

Just this week I read a tweet from a blogger who said they’ve written and scheduled posts up until May next year!! I feel excited if I’m lucky enough to be a week ahead, but that’s the beauty of blogging, in that everyone is doing it differently – but I’ll admit that I’m still awestruck at those who are soo organised in advance 😲

Take this short poll – please!

I am keen to know some of these answers via my short poll below. I appreciate your honesty and thoughts. You can tick as many of the options below that apply to you.

If you’d rather just leave me a message in the comment section at the bottom of this post, then that’s just as good too! I may even write a follow up post to share what I discover 🙂

Me and blogging

Thinking back to when I first started blogging, I had a full-time job, a family still at home and many other commitments – and yet I probably blogged more back then than I do now that I’m retired.

I know some of you newer followers may find that hard to believe, but it’s true. What I know has happened over the years, is that I’m now more consistent and more organised than I was before. I’m also very social with reading and sharing other blogs – which can be just as time consuming as writing a post!!

I’m not sure if that makes me a better blogger but I know I don’t feel too overwhelmed these days. I set the pace and some weeks I’m away so I don’t blog much or I have posts ready to be scheduled ahead of time which reduces the pressure.

I blog for me, when all is said and done, so theoretically, I’m the only one I have to keep happy 🙂

I have a basic plan for each week with a few recurring posts and linkups – Sunday Stills, #Lifethisweek, Wordless Wednesday, Midlife Share the Love linkup, a Friday compilation post, a monthly wrap-up post, themed posts like #AgeingWellinAugust – thankfully not all of these require posts to be written but they do involve reading and sharing to some extent.

I take my sharing, commenting and engaging responsibilities seriously. I also ensure I take regular blogging breaks, which I think all bloggers need to do from time to time. This is something which Hugh talks about in this post.

No right or wrong way to blog

There is no one right way to blog in my humble opinion. Everyone has their own style, their own reasons and their own voice – and it’s that which makes a blogger feel good, when it all comes together and works. It’s also what keeps others returning to your blog, your voice and personality shine through.

But how do YOU judge that it works?

I love engagement on my posts, but at times it’s hard to get people to comment or interact, especially non-bloggers! If you have any answers or suggestions on how to improve that one, please let me know. I answer all comments on my blog and try to leave thoughtful and relevant comments on blogs I read. I think that’s the least I can do.

We all have stories to tell and usually our blogs are the way we share our thoughts – for whatever reason.

I discovered that I’m a writer!

I found a whole heap of old diaries recently, from when I was a teenager and then a new young mother – OMG I wrote everything down back in the day, so why am I so surprised now that I’m a blogger – it seems I’ve always been a writer!!

It hit me, just like that – I’ve always been a writer, and that made me so very happy!

How about you? Any thoughts to add?

Have you any thoughts on your blogging evolution, or what works for you? I know there are millions of bloggers offering tips, courses, ebooks and each day alone thousands, if not millions, of posts are added to the internet, so how do you manage it all?

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the results of my poll – feel free to share with other bloggers and I’ll definitely write a follow up post later on.

Thanks again for your input.

Deb xx

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84 Replies to “HOW do YOU blog?”

  1. I love these posts where we can talk “shop”! You have a plethora of comments on this post! 🙌

    For me, I enjoy spurts of spontaneity within my loose structure. Because my focus is mostly book reviews, it’s fairly easy to know what I’m doing next. My loose schedule consists of TTT or an ARC review on Tuesdays, throwback Thursday, and a book review for Friday. I will fit in occasional discussion posts on mondays or Wednesday’s….but only if I feel inspired. At the end of the month I schedule a wrap up post. I do look at stats and use them to inform decisions….I found that posting at least 3 times a week (versus only 1 day a week in the beginning) significantly brought more views and followers.

    I blog for the joy of it and for the connections and conversations. I have yet to take a blogging break….if I’m feeling stressed I cut back to 2 posts for the week instead of 3 or 4. I can envision myself taking a complete break though! For me, sticking with a routine contributes to success..if I don’t have a routine, it’s a slippery slope!

    Great post!

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    1. I agree Carol, and I always enjoy hearing how others do this blogging thing. No one way is right or wrong but we can all learn from each other. Routine has become more important for me too, as the days can just disappear and I don’t know where they’ve gone! Thanks for joining in with your great comment.

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  2. I used to blog about 2 years ago but stopped. I’m a spontaneous blogger writing anything that came into my mind. But I soon found out that it was impossible when holding a full time job. I don’t travel nor socialize often and there was practically nothing interesting to blog. It became a chore instead of having fun.
    I was browsing through WordPress to help me learn to create a website and I stumbled on a blogger who writes about her fight with depression. I realized her blog is all about that subject and it has invited thousands of followers. So, I plucked up the courage to start blogging 2 weeks ago with a Theme : My Life Story From 1959. But in between my stories, I will continue to write anything that interest me! Thank U for sharing this post and I hope to share some good views of my new found theme in blogging! 😉

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    1. Good on you for getting going again and what a great concept! All the best to you and thanks for sharing your story here. We all have a story to tell and if it makes you happy then just go for it is my advice 😊thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment too.


  3. Wow well I’m pretty new to this but these posts are so helpful. Really resonates with what I’m finding so hugely encouraging. So far I’m really enjoying it – it feels like having a whole new baby in the house with all the joy and frustrations that brings. And a whole new community of people to share information with. I seem to want to write everyday – but I’m a newbie so dare say that will change.

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    1. Thanks for your response Debbie, and I love the analogy of a new baby in the house! That’s exactly what it’s like 🙂 Good luck with your blogging and just post what and when you feel like it, it’s your piece of the internet!


  4. Oh to be an organised blogger, with a plan, and a good dose of spontaneity. I’m none of the above. I’ve been blogging irregularly for nearly 3 years. I cannot believe this. Blogging and I have a love / hate relationship. I often threaten to sack blogging from my life. But I don’t! The truth be known I get incredibly frustrated with all I need to learn. Yet the twist is I love that I am learning things I never dreamed I would. And I get a high when I master something I had been finding difficult. I enjoy the creativity of blogging. And there is never time to be bored. I also enjoy the interaction with others from around the world. For me, blogging is ONE of my hobbies and interests in retirement.

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    1. Yes I agree with all that Estelle and I appreciate your honesty. Sometimes it is a love/hate relationship and like you, I get a real rush when I’ve achieved something I didn’t think I could do! I also class blogging as just one of my interests now that I’m retired. You are doing great things and I wish you well as you continue blogging – it’s hard to give it up, trust me, I know!


  5. I’ve blogged for a little over 3 years now and was inspired to blog as a way to connect with other women my age (50s) as I am no longer able to work due to fibromyalgia.

    I also felt that a blog might help me with being creative. As a child, I began creating short stories after receiving a typewriter for Christmas, pecking the words out letter by letter, key by key. I didn’t learn to type properly until I was in high school but that didn’t stop me from creating my stories and getting them typed out on paper as a child.

    My answers are:

    Yes, I plan out every post from the title, text, and images.

    No, I don’t schedule ahead of time unless it’s something like a seasonal post. For example maybe a Christmas post that I was inspired to write in the spring, then yes, I’ll write it and schedule it. My posts that aren’t scheduled way in advance just come to me. I write and post when I can due to my illness. If I’m not able to sit at the desktop computer or use my laptop in bed then I record my thoughts onto my iPhone. I then copy and paste those thoughts into a post.

    No, I can’t write at the drop of a hat.

    Yes, I am super organized. I have to be or either the fibromyalgia brain fog would take over.

    I do sort of keep track of what works/what doesn’t. I look at my Google Analytics about once a month and appreciate/reply to the feedback/comments from my readers.

    I only change things when needed to make my site work better and for it to be a pleasing experience for my readers.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comprehensive reply Dee, I love that you know what you are doing and stick to a schedule fo sorts that suits you. It is obviously working as your blog is always interesting and reflects your style really well.

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  6. I liked the poll and was surprised that most people on the poll don’t plan out too much. I have a rough schedule of ideas but nothing rigid. Seanwes has advice that you should have a 6-8 week content buffer. I’d like to get there, but so far all I’ve managed is a 1-2 week advanced blog writing. I’m with you — always so much to learn. But I love “meeting” other bloggers like you, sharing your experience, lessons and insights with the rest of us. Thank you! –Paige Bainbridge (

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    1. Thanks for your response Paige, it’s great to have your thoughts. I rarely, if ever have content planned weeks in advance but it doesn’t worry me! You’re right there is so much to learn 🙂 . The poll has been very enlightening!


  7. Hi Deb, I’m pretty organized and use a schedule of my own creation to track all of my posts and stats. I am usually planned out for several weeks, but not months and months! One thing about blogging is that we are all unique, in our voice, our perspective, our goals, and our presentation. That’s what fascinates me about this ‘world’!

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  8. I currently maintain three, no, four blogs (one is hubby’s, he writes and I add photos and publish).

    One is our personal blog and rarely is anything scheduled unless I am doing the April A to Z challenge. It chronicles what we are doing as well as silly dog pics of our two Goldendoodles. Hubby’s is where he is journalling the build of his hobby barn. I just proof, clean up, add photos, and publish.

    One is a flash fiction photo prompt blog I took over – posts are done ahead and scheduled for midnight every Sunday. I do those a month in advance – no real writing is involved, just adding the photo/credit and the linky.

    One is my author site. I have scheduled posts every Friday for flash fiction. I also try to write ahead flash fiction stories for both my Friday prompt and the Sunday photo prompt. Other than that, I try to write at least weekly but not scheduled. When a topic hits me, I write it and schedule it where it works in the week ahead.



    1. Wow I am in awe of your efforts Donna, I have enough to do with one blog and you have 4!! I enjoyed reading about how each of them works and I think it always sounds like far more effort when it’s written out like that. Once we get into a routine things just happen and don’t take as much effort as they once did, well that’s what I find anyway. Thanks again for your input!

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  9. Hi Deb,
    I am spontaneous in that I don’t always plan my posts very far in advance, but also loosely scheduled as I try to get something posted a couple of times a week and spend a bit most mornings either writing or making/replying to comments from other bloggers I follow.
    I’ve not yet hit 100 posts, so I am really a newbie, but am finding it rewarding and a great creative outlet. Learning lots from folks like you!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your blogging plan Nancy, it seems many of us follow a similar routine. I still thoroughly enjoy the blogging community and creative outlet too. Keep on blogging 🙂


  10. Hi Deb – A great topic to share and learn how other bloggers blog. My short answers:
    Do you plan out every post in advance? No.

    Do you schedule posts weeks/months ahead of time? No.

    Can you write a spontaneous post at the drop of a hat? Do you? Yes and yes.

    Are you super organised? No. LOL. I continue to surprise myself that I’ve been able to show up on time where I’m supposed to be 🙂

    Do you keep track of what works and what doesn’t – via stats or other feedback? I think the blog stats are superficial and not that useful. I love feedback and do respond to them.

    Are you constantly changing things around on your blog? Not constantly but I do initiate change. The most recent is to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

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    1. Thanks for your responses to my questions Natalie. It sounds like we have a similar way of blogging. I have been impressed with your change from Blogger to WordPress, it’s always hard to make these changes isn’t it?


  11. I’ve blogged for a long time and my approach has evolved over time. Early on I scheduled everything weeks ahead, wrote everything ahead, too. At this point I try not to overthink anything about my blog. I show up at least once a week, more if time and muse permit. I don’t plan the topics of my posts ahead of time instead I say *yes* to whatever interests me in the moment and go with it. I’m less stressed when I blog this way, trusting the process, keeping it spontaneous. For me, right now, it works.

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    1. I like the way you blog Ally, as I like the feeling of being spontaneous too but it can be hard to actually do that well. isn’t it interesting to see how we have changed over time in the way we blog? Keeping the stress levels down is the most importnat thing and enjoying what we do. You have it mastered!

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  12. Well, judging by the number of comments, this really resonated Deb. I’ve been blogging for nearly 5 years (where has the time gone??) and written about 850 posts. I write 2 a week now instead of 3 a week like I used to. I also didn’t do the AtoZ this year because posting every day is too much! I write whenever the mood takes me, but that being said, I’m about a month ahead of myself – I don’t like the stress of “having” to write a post and I’m an orderly soul who likes to know that I have my ducks in a row – posts written, images chosen etc.

    I’ve pulled back a lot from link parties and FB groups too – I just can’t be bothered trying to comment on blogs that I don’t feel a connection with – and I don’t want to be a dreaded link dropper. I’m okay with where I’m at as far as readers and commentors – non-bloggers are very leery when it comes to leaving a comment (I used to be so I get it) and I see blogging as a wonderful hobby – not my life calling – and that helps keep things in perspective.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comments Leanne, I always appreciate hearing your thoughts. I love your blog and your posts always seem so fresh and spontaneous but now I learn you like to have your ducks in a row! I agree with the link parties and groups, it can be intertesting at times but I’m not always in the mood to read and comment on things that don’t interest me either. I love getting comments on my posts and I’m with you, blogging is a wonderful hobby to have!


  13. I enjoyed reading how you do it Deb. I’m very much in awe of the organised plannersZ I’ve tried it but it just doesn’t seem to work for me at this time in my life. Against all my intentions I tend to be very spontaneous

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  14. Deb this is a fascinating topic for me. When I began blogging it really was a travel journal and a way to let family and friends travel along with us. I knew less than nothing about blogging and started a free WordPress. Com site. I didn’t have any social media presence.

    That has gradually evolved to a self hosted site where we do work with Tourism boards and companies part of the time. We also continue to write for fun and do keep an eye on the stats to see what has been popular.

    We post once a week on the blog, once a week on Instagram but more frequently in stories, and use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I now spend a fair amount of time on SEO.
    I’m lucky if I have a few weeks planned in advance and admire those who can plan out months ahead.

    Most of all keeping the fun in blogging is paramount. I think having a clear sense of what your goals are helps you decide if you are doing it right for you.

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    1. I am in awe of your blog Sue, I just love what you do and how you do it! In some ways you are my guru and love following along with your travels. Thanks so much for your thoughts on this issue, you are very talented and down to earth which I admire. I agree keeping it fun is the main thing but sometimes we forget to do this!


  15. How funny, I just got notified that I’ve been registered with for 6 years. And I spontaneously decided to ‘celebrate’ by posting something once a day for 6 days in a row…except for the ‘3 days-3 quotes’ challenge, I’ve never committed to something like this before.
    Anyway, it was birthed out of my own need to break out of the box of my blog routine even if it’s not much of a routine! HA!

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  16. I stay home and walk dogs so my time is a little more fluid than people who work outside the home. Mornings when kids leave for school I’m on the computer till I walk my first dog. Afternoons are more about shopping, cooking, planning routes to sports venues, organizing kids and homework, housework etc. So 2-3 hours per days I type or read, but not always on the blog.

    When the mood hits I type out my thoughts into my phone and leave it as future inspiration. Bullet points mostly, or snippets. I also type out stuff when I’m sitting at practice (but not so much at games)…

    Do you plan out every post in advance?

    Do you schedule posts weeks/months ahead of time?

    Can you write a spontaneous post at the drop of a hat? Do you?

    Are you super organised?

    Do you keep track of what works and what doesn’t – via stats or other feedback?

    Are you constantly changing things around on your blog?

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    1. This is absolutely brilliant Claudette! I love your answers and seeing how you do things. Having lots of drafts on the go, as thoughts and rambles seems to be a common theme here. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. 🙂

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  17. I blog more when I’m busy in the day job – I need the creativity to balance the corporate. I also blog more when I’m supposed to be writing…I bake more then too!

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  18. Hi, Deb – I agree that this is a very interesting post — you had me right at the title!
    When I started blogging, I followed a basic schedule (typically posting once every six days – so that I hit all of the days of the week). At that time, I checked my stats fairly regularly. Over time, I have transitioned to being much more laid back in my approach to blogging and labour much less over my writing and posting only when I have something to say that has inspired me. I enjoyed your questions. Here are my (short) answers.

    Do you plan out every post in advance? No.

    Do you schedule posts weeks/months ahead of time? No.

    Can you write a spontaneous post at the drop of a hat? Do you? Yes. Yes.

    Are you super organised?
    I used to think so. In retirement I have been much more laid back (at least for me).

    Do you keep track of what works and what doesn’t – via stats or other feedback?
    Not officially – but I love and respond to feedback.

    Are you constantly changing things around on your blog?
    Like you, I find that our blogs are dynamic and naturally evolve over time.

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    1. Thanks very much for your thoughts on blogging Donna, and for your honest responses to my questions. Your thoughts align very closely to mine – surprise surprise! It’s been an interesting exercise and I’m enjoying reading everyone’s thoughts as we’re all different!


  19. I am not one concerned about stats. I must admit due to working a full-time job [with extended and long hours daily – anything between 10-12 hours per day, 5 days a week], trying to maintain a presence on my facebook groups and other SM as well, stats are not part of what I do. As others already mentioned, maybe I should take more interest in that, but time does not permit it.

    I do have lots of draft posts (especially recipes, as I receive them from my FB group to share on the blog), thus I will never be stuck without something to post, but I still have lots of work to do on each of them prior to being ready for publication, and again time is my biggest enemy at present.

    I am becoming more and more a blogger that wishes and endeavor to promote others through my blog and sharing their stories via #senisal, interviews, and monthly columns.

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    1. Hi Esme, thanks for your responses to my questions. I am amazed at all you manage to fit in, especially as you are working as well as blogging. Your blog and your commitment to showcasing others is a real credit to you. You are awesome with what you do for others. Lots of drafts is a good way to be, just refining them when you’re ready to post. Thanks again 🙂

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  20. Great post! Glad to see others that feel the same way as me. I have been blogging on and off for a few years. I also work full time and volunteer. There never seems to be enough time to do it all. I wish i could be the blogger that plans out months ahead. I can barely plan a month in advance LOL. I dont sell anything so i don’t make any money. It’s a tough spot to be in because I would like to recoup some of the expenses i incur. I took your poll, and i am with the majority!

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    1. Isn’t it good to read the comments of other bloggers? I like this sort of interaction and we can all learn from each other. Time certainly is a huge issue and selling things can be fraught so it’s an area I haven’t gone into either. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


  21. Interesting post. I blog to curate my travels as a solo traveler and hope it also it also inspires other women to travel solo. Because curation has a my main focus I don’t worry about having my blog monetized, or about statistics etc. I gained most of my followers via the now defunct Community Pool and from a few FB groups. All the best to you.

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    1. It was great to read your thoughts Glenda, thanks for sharing. I’m not into monetizing either. I miss the days of WP challenges, community pool and short courses, I found many of my followers there in the day! All the best to you too and thanks again.

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  22. Deb, I just passed my 4 year blogging anniversary (yes, a post about that is coming!). I have found that one time a week posting seems to work for me. I cannot imagine the time it would take to do more. (And am amazed when others do multiple day postings.) I’ve stuck with blogging because of the interaction, learning from and being inspired by folks all over the world. And I like to write. I recently found a set of old journals – high school – so apparently I was writing even then also.

    I tend to write in inspirational bursts, so tend to have 1-4 blog posts in draft form most of the time. I draft, re-write, get it proofed (hubby does that!), and then possible refine before posting. Definitely not a spontaneous blogger. It was also interesting to see by your poll how many people plan stuff. And I’m a planner! Just not with my blog it seems!

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    1. Hi Pat, lovely to have your thoughts and I agree, I don’t know how people do multiple posts in a day! I also recently found lots of old diaries and notebooks and realised that I too have always been a writer. Aren’t they great to read back over!
      I am always amazed at finding out how others blog so I appreciate you sharing how you do it all.

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  23. Very interesting post .. I am trying (failed again over the past few days due to cold/flu) to get regular in posting so occasionally will have a few lined up .. three has been the max. I am a very slow writer/researcher so it takes ages to write a post. I check, check, check and check again and its still has typos etc lol…… I procrastinate too much lol. Interesting results to the quiz though probably in line with what I would have guessed

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    1. Thanks Albert, it’s so good to have such a wide range of bloggers answering my questions. I appreciate how you say you check, check and check again. I’m sometimes the opposite but lately I’ve taken more time and not rushed things. I’m looking forward to writing a post summing it all up in a few week’s time. Hope you are feeling better now too.

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  24. I have found blogging has helped me with my writing as I am more focused. I’m not that concerned about the stats (maybe I should be) I enjoy blogging and exploring. I post once a week and try to be a week ahead. It just has become something I do and enjoy. And I think something that can be enough.

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  25. I’ve been blogging for five and a half years and am still learning lots about it, Debbie. For me, the learning is as much the fun part, as the writing and reading of blog post, plus, of course, the interaction with readers.

    As you know, I do share lots of blogging tips and advice that has worked for me. I’ve learned much of it from other bloggers, but not everything works for me.

    Likewise, I know that not everything that works for me will work for other bloggers. However, sharing advice with each other is something I think is very important, especially when changes that impact lots of us take place (such as the Gutenberg editor).

    You’re right that there is no right way or wrong way to blog, but I believe we each individually have a right way and wrong way to blog. For example, for me, a wrong way to blog is not to respond to any comments left on posts or click the ‘like’ button without having read and enjoyed the post first. A right way to blog is to leave meaningful and genuine comments that add value to a post rather than a comment that is empty and leaves no value at all.

    I’ve never scheduled any posts. Why? Because I write a post when I get an idea. It may stay in the draft folder for several days, weeks, months, or even years, but I also like to be at my computer when a post goes live so that I can ensure there is nothing wrong with it (such as broken links, etc.)

    I currently have three draft posts, so have something to publish for the next three weeks. However, I won’t publish anything for the sake of publishing. If I don’t have any ideas, then I won’t publish a post. Quality of posts will always win over the number of posts.

    I do check stats, but they are no longer essential to me. A post may have hundreds of likes or hits, but how many people actually read the whole post when they landed on the page? For me, the stats can give false information as to how popular a post or blog is. It’s only the comments that will show you that a post has been read. And, even then, those comments have to show that the post was read. A comment such as ‘great post’ does not prove that a post has been read by the person who has left the comment.

    What I have found out over the five and a half years I have blogged is that finding the perfect blogging balance can shift. I’m currently in a difference blogging routine to what I was before I went on my last blogging break. I’ll be discussing more in an upcoming post.

    As for getting more readers to leave comments, I believe that if you write and publish something that interests, somebody, then it does make the likelihood of a comment being left even greater. I’m no longer somebody who leaves a comment just for the sake of leaving a comment. If the subject of a post does interest me, then I am more likely to read it and leave a comment. I think that goes for many of us on here, although I do still get the sense that some bloggers feel they have to leave a comment regardless of whether they’ve found the subject interesting or not.

    Your post has certainly got me talking. I could add lots more, but I think much of what I’ve already said will give you (and those that read my comment) the ideas of where I am coming from on the subject(s) you raised in the post.

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    1. I am so impressed with your responses Hugh, you are one of my favourite bloggers due to your openness, supportive nature and continual encouragement in all your posts. I think we can all learn a lot from you and I know I have over the years!

      I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your comment but I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and am only now able to get back into blogging and replying to comments. That’s one thing that is very important to me, if someone leaves me a comment then I will always respond. The use of stats is interesting and we all see them differently. I am nowhere near as obsessed with them as I was in the beginning but I still look at them periodically.

      The comments on this post have all been brilliant and I’m so pleased to have got people talking and sharing their thoughts with us all. Thanks again for your continued support 🙂


  26. Hi Deb. An interesting set of questions here. I voted in your poll and I doubt that you’ll be surprised which option I went for. I’ve been blogging on and off for the best part of seven years and have never thought of myself as organised. I can only recall ever scheduling a post once but can’t remember why – I must have had a reason, though! As you say, we should do what feels right for us, without feeling the pressure of being committed to posting to a particular schedule. That may work for some but for me it is a prelude to a drop in quality – yes, believe it or not, I do have standards! I do keep an eye on the number of likes and comments my posts receive, but I’m not sure that I use these to determine what I write – if I want to say something, I do, and if I don’t I keep quiet!

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    1. Thanks Clive, I loved learning that you do have standards! Everyone has their own way of blogging and it’s been very interesting to see how others have responded. I appreciate your responses, given your longevity in the blogging world. Just keep on doing it your way!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It comes a surprise to some! This was a very thought-provoking post and I’ve been interested to see the range and depth of responses that you received (and, like you, Hugh is one of my favourite bloggers!). We should all blog in a way that suits us, and that seems to be the consensus here. Given how real life has been for you recently I’m very impressed at your commitment to reading and responding to all of these comments! Take care 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks Clive, I too have standards and the unanswered comments were worrying me, so I went through them today and replied. I feel much better about it now! I’m really pleased with the range of responses and can see the same as you in a consensus of blogging in a way that suits us. It’s an individual thing as you say 🙂

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  27. Our blog has evolved from a way to keep in touch with old friends and family into our diary of our strange offbeat lives. We do loosely plan blog posts as we do alternate ones and part of the planning is balancing the posts between us and deciding who does what. All depends on what we are blogging on too I guess.
    We don’t get bogged down with stats and engagement too much although we love comments and interacting via the blog. We try to let blogging rule our lives as we want the blog to be about our lives.

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    1. Thanks for your response Jonno. Your blog is a joy to read and you work really well together. I liked learning a bit more about how you go about things and my advice, is don’t change anything!!


  28. Hi Deb, one of the joys of blogging for me has been connecting with other like minded writers and meeting them in person. Like we did! It’s been an amazing journey, and even five years on, I still love it though I don’t post nearly as much these days. I don’t follow any schedule, I don’t plan ahead and I pretty much just blog from the heart, whenever inspiration strikes! I love the interactions that follow and all the conversations. Every one has something unique to share and isn’t that the best thing about blogging. Opening the Reader is like opening a newspaper except all the news is good! Happy blogging my friend. I took your poll. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Miriam, sorry to be so late in replying to your comment, but I’ve had a bit on lately!! It was so good to meet you and I’ve met lots of other bloggers now which has been so much fun. Your blog is all about heart and your posts are always so honest and real. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging with us all, you have so much to offer!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Deb, no need to apologise. I can well imagine how busy you’ve been since you’ve arrived home. Hope everything is well at your end. Take care and thanks so much for your lovely words here. xx

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  29. Hi Deb, I enjoy reading advice from seasoned bloggers. August is the one year anniversary mark for me. It has definitely been a learning curve and I don’t believe the learning part will ever end. Likely part of the attraction. The reading and engaging on blogs takes more time than writing. It is a fun, inspirational, significant part of blogging. I really like how you say “a work in progress” “an evolving blogger.” I enjoy reading your fun, positive site filled with many gems. Thank you:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations Erica, you are now over the 1 year milestone, how exciting! It is a learning curve and yes it’s part of the attraction of blogging. Testing and pushing ourselves on is always a challenge but worth it in the end. I will never see myself as a fully fledged blogger, as there is always something new to learn. Thanks for your kind comments about my blog, I really appreciate your thoughts.

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  30. I used to follow more of a schedule but lately I write when I have something to say – although I try for once a week. I try to keep my posts to about 500 words, which isn’t too much, but it’s amazing how much I can noodle those words until I hit “post.” I like to keep things simple (layout, post topic, etc.) and I am attracted to other bloggers who do the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Janis, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Your blog is always a joy to read and I love the simplicity of your style. Keep going and noodle those words around until they feel right!


  31. Hi Deb, I’m coming up to 5 years of blogging in January and I suppose the way I blog is the way I’ve always worked. My personality is one that I need to be organised and this year I’ve fallen into a monthly theme which seems to be working well for me. Blogging can take over your life and I always like to be a step ahead. Of course, I’ve come to realise the world won’t end if I don’t post but who I am and my personality plays an important part. I’ll be interested in seeing the results of your poll. Anyway whichever way we blog as long as we enjoy what we are doing that is the main thing. Once the joy goes it is time to stop or take a break. 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t imagining not blogging with you in my world Sue, you are so supportive and inspirational. You are so right that we need to enjoy what we’re doing otherwise what’s the point of wasting all that effort! It’s so good to hear of your way of blogging, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all.


  32. How long have you got to listen?? I started in 2010 and ended up turning myself upside down by the following year making 3 blogs: denysewhelan, readysetteach, readysetschool.They were all registered as biz names and from 2012-2015 I had a small education consultancy and was a Uni tutor to teachers. I never made any money from my blog and totally refuse ads as they distract ME as a reader on others’ pages. Over time it became unwieldy to write for three audiences and I became frustrated that my blog was no attracting readers. I did blogging conferences x 4 and learned a lot but my little blogs went nowhere…in terms of being widely read. In 2014 I let things go…somewhat I was no longer enjoying posting. I was always a fan of Australian link ups which is why I am puzzled you never found them (as I figure, your audience was world wide). The other thing about the Aussie blogging scene 2010-2014 was it was mostly mothers who were blogging about their kids, their stay at home biz etc and I joined them as a much older blogger but was accepted readily. There were Aussie link ups every day of the week and these have all gone now. I think I wrote about this at one stage. Come 2015 I KNEW when we moved from Sydney I needed a focus for each day and came up with the notion of closing the 2 blogs and making ‘me’ denysewhelanblogs. I posted EVERY day till sometime in 2016. I joined the linkies that were still happening. Mid 2016 my friend Kirsty was considering closing her link and I KNEW the only way I really got readers was linkies so with her blessing, I began Life This Week in Sept/Oct 2016. You came on board possibly when I found Sue and maybe Leanne. Anyway, I am glad I blog and throughout having cancer it’s been an awesome tool for me to use to share to also record. Phew. That’s it. Denyse x

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh Denyse your experience shines through in all that you write! I love that we have connected and our Aussie bloggers tribe are a great source of inspiration and encouragement to me. I tried blogging everyday for a while but just couldn’t maintain it so I am in awe of anyone who can do it for so long, well done you! Thanks so much for sharing your story, the comments on this post have been absolutely amazing to read!!


  33. Thanks Deb. I make up a post as I go along generally, following two different daily word prompts. I’ve just begun permanent part time work, so blogging on those days is either terrible, short and bo-ring, or not at all. Loved reading this…we all do it differently. Like parenting really.

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  34. I have my ups and downs with blogging for sure. I keep trying to be more consistent, but sometimes the motivation just won’t come. I know that when I am blogging consistently my life is usually being lived with purpose. When I’m not, I’ve usually lost my mojo for life in general. The two seem to go together.

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