Friday Funday at Floriade

Floriade Fun

We nearly missed Floriade this year but managed to get there by the skin of our teeth. We’ve been loads of times over the years and it’s always fun event, where spring is celebrated with gorgeous floral displays and mass plantings – mainly of tulips in all hues and varieties.

This year Floriade ran from Saturday 14 September to Sunday 13 October. The good thing about it is that it’s free to enter!

What is Floriade?

Floriade is held in Australia’s capital Canberra and this year it is celebrating its 32nd year.

Floriade is a diverse, ever expanding program of music, cultural celebrations, food and wine, horticultural workshops, market traders, artistic displays, entertainment and recreational activities. With over one million blooms on display Floriade is the perfect place to experience the beauty of spring.


The History of Floriade

Floriade was the idea of Christiaan Slotemaker de Bruine, Landscape Architect with the Department of Capital Territory in Canberra. He commenced the design in 1986 and based it on the world famous ‘Keukenhof’ garden in The Netherlands.

Floriade started in 1988 as a one off celebration of Canberra’s 75th birthday and Australia’s Bicentenary of European settlement. Due to the success and popularity of the event, it has run every year since then with each year having a new theme and is currently the largest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 300,000 visitors each year.


Other things to do at Floriade

There’s lot to do at Floriade – music, performances, market stalls, food, drink, a ferris wheel and other rides, wandering entertainers, gnome painting, Nightfest, and many intsa-worthy photo opportunities! You can relax with a picnic on the grass while soaking up the spring sunshine and listening to live music performances.

I also learnt from Chris, at Booming On, about Floriade photography workshops – which sound really interesting and worthwhile. You can read her post here: Photographing Floriade: finding Focus in the Floral Frenzy

I’m quite happy with my photos this year but would also enjoy attending a special workshop one day. I always enjoy seeing new ideas and getting garden inspired.

This year it was extra fun as we spent the day with my daughter Sarah and granddaughter Emilia. It was busy today due to school holidays but the crowds were manageable.

If you’ve never been to Floriade, I recommend a visit if you get the chance.

A special shoutout to the Rotary Club of Canberra East who host the paint a gnome (and this year paint an owl) as a fabulous event for children and those who are young at heart. It’s a great fundraiser!

Happy flower Friday to you wherever you are in the world. Are you a fan of flower shows like this?

Deb x

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35 Replies to “Friday Funday at Floriade”

  1. Gorgeous photos Deb – I’d love to go to Floriade one day – it’s about the only thing that Canberra has that makes me want to visit (I’m not much of a political or military aficionado I’m afraid). So lovely that you could visit with two of your favourite girls xx

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    1. Yes it was a great weekend looking after them as they were (and still are) unwell. I’m glad we managed to get out into the sunshine for a visit to Floriade, it’s always well worth a look. Thanks 🙂


  2. Hi Debbie, this is a wonderful writeup about Floriade. I haven’t heard of this before. Thanks a lot for this. Some day when I am in Australia in spring I will definitely make it to this. Surely this doesn’t look like something that can be missed.

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  3. I remember going to the very first one – I’d moved to Canberra just in time for the 75th anniversary in March of that year. I would say it’s been about 7 years since I last went though. Your pics are fabulous & those workshops Chris was talking about would be great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really, that must have been a special event and a great memory to have. We’ve been to quite a few over the years and I always enjoy the displays. I’d love to go to the photo workshops to see what they do and how they suggest you capture the blooms. They can be quite tricky!!

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  4. So glad you made it to this flower show before it closed. Can’t imagine how your photos could be much better but I imagine the photography class would be fun to take. Flowers are hard to grow in the desert southwest of El Paso, Texas so we don’t have flower shows here that I know of. We do have a rose garden but I think the roses are only at their prime for a very short window of time. Tulips are rarities we only see in bouquets here. Just beautiful, Deb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so lovely Leslie! I can’t imagine not having a variety of flowers around, but understand the desert isn’t really the right climate! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad I was able to share my flower pics with you 🙂


  5. LOVED seeing your pics. I went to Floriade with my husband one year and then took my Dad another time. I just loved getting up close for some shots as well as the massed ones. Whilst I wasn’t into the commercial part of it at all, the sheer beauty and colour were a joy! I printed some of my pics to on A4 and they hung on our walls back then. I did dad an album too. Thank you for joining in Life This Week. Next week, the optional prompt is 42/51 Self-Care Stories #6. 21/10/19. Hope to see you there. Denyse.

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