The hills are alive….on Wordless Wednesday

A stormy sky and beautiful afternoon light

I was driving into town and saw the sunlight caressing the tops of the hills in front of me and just had to pull over and take a few snaps with my phone. The tower on top of Tumbarumba Hill was shining brightly against the stormy sky and the light was just glorious.

It’s harder than you think to go Wordless, and it’s been proven time and time again, I just can’t do it! But I am trying hard to let the photos do the talking in my Wordless Wednesday posts…and obviously failing 🙂

Feel free to join in by posting a photo using the hashtag #WordlessWednesday – it’s quite a fun and easy post each week!

And this week I got to share the views from around my lovely little town with you.

All my Wordless Wednesday posts can be found by clicking this link

Enjoy your Wednesday – what have you got planned?

Deb x

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16 Replies to “The hills are alive….on Wordless Wednesday”

  1. There is no way you can do wordless, which is a good thing; after all, you are a blogger. Don’t see the sense of a wordless blog post when most of us have a blog to write words into a few sentences.

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  2. It was hard for me to just post a pic! Maybe I need to write a few lines to explain what the image is. Because folks thought it was Chick-fil-a by candlelight when it was really my dia de los muertos altar!!

    Lovely photo, my friend. The terrain of those rolling hills reminds me of our topography here in El Paso.

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