Three questions on a Fabulous Friday

It’s Friday – fabulous, fantastic, fun, friendly! Any other F words you can think of?

I’ve started listening to a great new podcast called Too Peas in a Podcast where Mandy and Kate talk honestly and openly about their lives with their children, twins and disabilities.

It’s been an eye-opener for me in lots of ways. It has also been something I can relate to, with my newest experience of being a grandmother of a baby still in NICU after she was born at 25 weeks gestation, nine weeks ago, without an end in sight yet. I walk along in the bush, listening to the podcast, laughing, learning, crying and nodding along.

They finish some episodes by answering these three questions, and I really like the simplicity. So thanks to Mandy and Kate for giving me this idea.

Please leave me a comment with what made you happy, sad or something that made a difference to you this week, I’m always happy to hear from you.

What made me happy this week?

Lots of things made me happy this week. In no particular order-

The warm spring sunshine and flowers – I’m getting as much vitamin D as I can before we head to England for a few months to see my eldest daughter and her little family.

Also we hosted a visiting band for the evening after watching their performance at our favourite local cafe. It was really fun.

My youngest daughter enjoyed a yoga session for pregnant mums-to-be and I’ve started writing a post about her and baby Gundoo 🙂

I’ll be spending the weekend with my middle daughter and her family and we’re all walking for a good cause on Sunday.

I’m looking forward to my my mother coming to visit next week too.

What made me sad this week?

Learning that the recent rain which has greened up our garden nicely, didn’t get to where it is desperately needed. So many areas are in drought already and it’s still only springtime.

Watching the news – I really should just turn it off!

What made a difference this week?

I watched an episode of the Australian children’s cartoon Bluey which was all about Early Babies and it was so well executed I just had to share it. In just 7 minutes it explored and explained the way some babies are born early and what you have to do – mainly wash your hands and be the bravest you’ve ever been. It summed it up perfectly. All of the Bluey shows are fun and well worth watching by adults and children alike.

On a similar topic, our family is taking part in the 10th annual Walk for Prems fundraising walk this year and we’re hoping to make a difference to families who have a premature or sick baby. This was our story on the front page of the local newspaper!

Dottie on front page of local paper
Dottie and mum on front page of local paper

We have to be the bravest we’ve ever been!


OK it’s your turn – what would your answers be?

Have a fabulous weekend.

Deb xx

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42 Replies to “Three questions on a Fabulous Friday”

  1. Hmmm, those are tougher questions than they originally appear. You have set the bar high with your insightful reflections. Here are mine:
    1. Made me happy – One week ago today, I went for an incredible 2+hour hike with two amazing bloggers. We began and ended our time together at my favourite bakery. I humbly ask, how could that not make someone happy?!
    2. Made me sad – Canada has just completed it’s Federal Election. The non-stop putdowns of candidates (by fellow candidates) made me absolutely crazy. Seriously, if Middle Schooler acted this way, the school counsellors would be involved for sure!
    3. Made a difference – I attended a one-day course of Life After Death. It was incredibly thought-provoking. In fact, I am still running concepts through my mind.
    Thank you for these great questions, your awesome modelling and for letting me download my week! 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you found them hard too Donna, because I especially found #2 the hardest to answer. I’m also thrilled to have your responses! 1. I loved reading about your meetup/walk withErica and Deb 🙂 2. I know exactly what you mean about the put-downs and I nearly answered this with a similar thought about people commenting on facebook! 3. Wow that does sound like a thought-provoking course. Thanks again and all the best for the weekend ahead. 🙂

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  2. Here you go, Debbie. I couldn’t resist answering your questions.

    1. What made me happy this week? I discovered three pension plans I had from the 1980s which I had completely forgotten about. Back then, I was young, and pension plans were not something me and my friends didn’t think about. The plans don’t mature until I am 60, but I’m trying to remember what it was that made me open the pension plans in the first place. For me, the 1980s were all about, fun, fun and fun. So why was I planning so far ahead?

    2. What made me sad this week? The poor customer service I received from an online shop I have used for many years. They could not have cared any less about the problems they caused with my order and made me jump through lots of hoops to get it sorted out. What’s happened to excellent customer service? Is it now a thing of the past? That made me sad.

    3. What made a difference this week? At the end of July 2019, I changed the way I blogged. This week was the first time I realised that the improvements it has made are not only working but are continuing to work. It’s proof that the changes I made are definitely making a difference.

    Thanks for asking the questions. They were excellent ones to ask.

    Have a great weekend.

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    1. Fabulous to have your responses to my questions thanks Hugh! 1. I’m so pleased for you with your newly found pension plans – what foresight you had back then in amongst the having fun parts! 2. Yes customer service generally seems to be on the decline unfortunately, and they’ve gone and lost a great customer in you! 3. The changes you made to your blogging have obviously been the right ones for you, I’m so happy to hear they’re making a difference to you. All the best for a happy weekend Hugh and thanks again for joining in 🙂

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  3. Always thinking of you Deb, little Dottie and her parents. Good luck with the walk!
    I’m happy to be safely home after being away three weeks. We had a marvellous cycling trip in Jordan and then spent several days in Barcelona ducking riots. Travel is not all rainbows and cupcakes to be sure.

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    1. It’s been so interesting following along on your travels Sue. I never would have thought Jordan would be so amazing. I read your post about the protests in Spain, just wow!! Thanks the walk went well and I’m proud of our teams fundraising efforts.

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  4. Happy: the leaves on some of trees finally turned color, a lovely golden shade that casts a glow everywhere
    Sad: watching Mark Zuckerberg bluff his way through another Senate investigation
    Made a Difference: listening to Tea. Toast. Trivia. podcast by Clanmother in which she discussed complaining, how to do it the best way

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  5. I love this Deb, really got me thinking. Here’s just one thing in each category. Happy: I had lunch with my youngest daughter and her daughter. We had such a nice visit and she told me that her fiance, who lives in Greece and is trying to get a Visa to come to the U.S., has scheduled his Embassy interview–the next big step. Sad: Hearing about the fires in California. Difference: Reminding myself that I make my own choices–and only my own. I am not responsible for how others feel or behave. Thanks for getting me thinking. Enjoy your week!

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  6. Lots made me smile, but I’ll say blue skies and Spring native flora. What made me sad? Let’s just say I shouldn’t watch the news. What made a difference? The ankle brace thingie I’m wearing when I’m walking around the house barefoot.

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  7. Great reading your three questions Deb – I’m not sure how I’d answer them for the week that was….I don’t feel particularly sad about anything, and I feel content and happy with most things – so life is just nice and cruisy atm. It probably won’t stay that way but I’m enjoying it while it does. Also enjoyed seeing the glasshouse from the inside – how I hope to see it in person one day!

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  8. Watching our little puppy be just a puppy made me smile a lot this week, hearing some sad news about our close friend turned my smile upside down but being able to help and cook the family some sweet treats and a dinner, made a bit of a difference. Well, it made me feel better and I hope it helped them too. Those questions seem so simple at first glance but they really make you think, don’t they? I’ve lost track of time so hope your walk went/goes well!

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    1. I know Sammie, they seem so simple but in fact are much harder to answer. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who found that! The walk went well last weekend and we’re now into the last two weeks before we head to England. Lots to do.


  9. Lovely to see this very special article, Deb – but sad to see that picture of precious little Dottie. Born so tiny that it’s quite mind-boggling, but she has come so far. Meeting you this week was a definite highlight for me. Toni x

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  10. Your questions forced me to have an interesting reflection of the past week so thank you for that.
    What made me happy: Spending wonderful time with the family
    What made me sad: Brexit (and the general state of the UK government)
    What made a difference: Setting some new fitness goals

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    1. Thanks for your responses, it’s great to have you join in. I can imagine Brexit is making you sad. We are due to arrive in England next month and wonder how the populace will be feeling by then. Lovely family time it always make a me happy too. Fitness goals will always make a difference to your life so good luck!


  11. Here you go, Deb:
    1) Made me happy: Autumn foliage, sunshiny days, arts and concerts this past week.
    2) Made me sad: See homeless people and read news articles about homelessness.
    3) Made a difference: I re-read The Old Man and the Sea, a short and powerful novella and learned what I hope would improve my writing.
    Hope your family walk went well and Dottie continues to grow healthy. #lifethisweek

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  12. Hi Deb, I listen to a variety of podcasts and some end up better than others. I always appreciate a different perspective on life. I don’t really have the words, Deb, on you and your family challenges. Every case is different, yet some of the pervasive fears are the same. We have had some children challenges and we are uncertain about the future. The future is always uncertain for everyone. What has made a difference for me? A kind word means a great deal. A hug, priceless. Do not look too far ahead. (I could write on and on. We are also keeping things quite private) And yes, be the bravest we’ve ever been!

    I read some of the comments and I agree how the questions may be simple and the answers more complex.

    A multitude of thoughts come to mind, so I will stick with what made me happy most of all. Life, love and joy through the unfiltered senses of our grandchildren. They are the wisest souls I know.

    Great post, Deb, as always. Thank you for sharing the photos.🙂

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  13. Do you have plans to return to Great Britain any time in the near future for more cuddling with that darling baby girl? I know it is so hard to be everywhere for everyone. My daughter who lives across the state of Texas from me gets the short end of the stick when it comes to my attention and I hate it. I only see her about twice a year. I miss her so much.
    What made me happy? My 3 year old granddaughter’s huge hug because she had missed me.
    What made me sad? Seeing my husband searching desperately for a job.
    What made a difference? A prayer my friend spoke over me and having breakfast with her.

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    1. Hi Leslie, yes we’re going in under 2 weeks time so I have lots to do and shouldn’t be ‘wasting time on blogging’. But I am. I love your huge hugs and wish you many more. Good luck with the job hunting, it’s hard I know. Sending hugs xx


  14. Thinking of you and your family Deb and what you’re going through. The pics are lovely. In reponse to your questions:
    1. Getting a job in Sydney and the new challenge that awaits made me happy
    2. My physical health and lack of motivation to exercise made me sad
    3. My friends continue to make a difference with their ability to listen and support

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  15. A great post says me and everyone who has commented. I like the simplicity of the questions …it’s the answering that makes them complex.

    I think of you and the family so far away with every day hopefully bringing Dotty to wellness and ‘full-term’ ready to go home. But like waiting for anything, there is no way to speed up time.

    With daughters and a grandchild (one to come) from each of the 3 you do have love in abundance and much to be grateful for, but also a lot to think about. Sending all the positive vibes I can…

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is 44/51 Colours I Love 4/11/19 and I hope to see you link up then too. Denyse.

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    1. Thank you Denyse, you are always so thoughtful and caring, I love getting your comments. There is a lot to think about and the distance is difficult but I am very grateful for all I have. I actually found the questions quite difficult to answer so you’re right simple but yet complex! I’ll be back next week with my fave colour 😊 take care x


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