Snowballs in Spring in Australia? Wordless Wednesday

Snowballs in the garden in Spring

Snowballs in Spring
Snowballs in Spring
Snowball tree – Viburnum opulus

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24 Replies to “Snowballs in Spring in Australia? Wordless Wednesday”

  1. One of my favourite shrubs 🙂 We have had seriously weird weather in the last week or so. A heatwave and viewing trees that have yet to blossom. I think you lot over the ditch sent us that burst of warmth and had us thinking we were in for a very early summer 🙂

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      1. That is so funny after all my cheeky comments to you on previous posts. Then you do a wordless one and I absolutely don’t notice it. I blame it on those beautiful blooms. Blooming heck 🙂

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