Friday’s 3 questions and some more F words

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for three questions and some F words

My F words for this week are fabulous, feisty females – why?

Because Dottie has come home after 98 days in NICU, in Southmead Hospital in Bristol and then in Musgrove Park in Taunton, where she was born back in mid August. She weighed 845 grams at birth (1lb 13ozs) and is now a hefty 3.2 kgs (7lb) 🙂

You have to agree that’s pretty fabulous!!!

Dottie leaving hospital
Dottie leaving hospital

I think my daughter is pretty fabulous and Dottie is a feisty little fighter – hence my F words for this week!

What made me happy this week?

A lot of things made me happy but the main one was having Melanie, Craig and Dottie all together in their own home as a family unit. For many weeks they have been separated but now they’re all home with Ozzy dog and Bruce the rabbit 🙂

As we waited to welcome them home from hospital I reminisced on the day we brought Melanie home from hospital many years ago. I shared this story on Facebook.

Isn’t it funny how your mind remembers some things as clearly as if they happened just yesterday?

As we waited for Melanie and Craig to bring Dottie home after 14 weeks in NICU, I thought back to the day Grant and I brought Melanie home from hospital all those years ago. I can see it all so clearly – my father was videoing and directing our hospital exit, he even made me go back and walk out the doors again! He filmed us putting her in the car for the first time (no pressure) and driving away, then he raced home to get us on tape as we entered the house as a new family unit. During mum and dad’s stay he filmed me bathing a screaming baby and various other milestones. I miss my dad and am sad he didn’t get to meet his great-granddaughters, but I have these lovely memories. And I really must find those old tapes!

But yesterday it was my daughter’s baby coming home and I was there to welcome them all back to their home as a family and I didn’t video a thing! I just let those memories wash over me (trying to hold back the tears) and remembered the feelings from those early days as a new mother coming home to a whole new life. I wondered how Melanie and Craig must feel after all they’ve been through over the past few months and I felt so much love for them all.

Congratulations Melanie and Craig, you have had a tough few months and have come through it so well. Your love and care of Dottie, and each other, shines through. 

Finally I got to have cuddles with Dottie

I also had my first cuddle with Dottie this week, I’ve waited 14 long weeks to be able to cuddle her and it was such a lovely feeling to have her snuggle with me.

Murmurations – a new word!

Apart from Dottie news, I had a great time learning about Starling Murmurations. Our hostess at The Sett, our cottage in Somerset, told us about this amazing phenomenon which happens in our new neighbourhood. We knew about starlings flying in formation and have something similar at home in Australia, but when I researched them I was absolutely blown away. This short video was shot very near to where we’re staying and I thought I’d share it with you.

I loved learning a new word and seeing these starlings do their thing! Have you seen this before?

What made me sad this week?

Unfortunately Papa G, aka the Mathematician, has had a cough so still can’t get too close to Dottie, let alone hold her 😦

Today would have been my parent’s 61st wedding anniversary but mum is remembering those years together on her own for the second year. I wrote this post a few years ago –Treasure, Beauty, Love and it celebrates them very well.

What made a difference this week?

A few things made a difference this week:

Can I be very shallow here and say a blow dryer made a big difference to me this week? Will you think any less of me for saying that? I have been away from home for nearly 2 weeks now and have really missed having a blow dryer to use after I wash my hair. My daughter has since found hers and lent it to me, so I felt amazing today when I washed my hair and was able to dry it properly!! I’m not sure anyone else noticed the difference but I know I did!

I bought a pair of wellington boots (on sale) as it’s been very wet and muddy over here – they’ve made a huge difference to our walks around the countryside. Not sure how I’m going to get them home though!

An ad about premature babies touched a heart string too, I know they’re selling nappies but it is just a beautiful story and well worth watching, especially after our daughter’s recent experiences. I also liked the way the charity, Bliss, mentioned the advert on their Facebook page and gave warnings that it may upset some families. I can see why!

OK it’s your turn now – what would your answers be?

I always enjoy reading your responses to these questions so please leave me a comment and tell me how your week has been.

I’m enjoying this weekly reflection as it makes me stop and think – what about you, do you do something similar?

What would your F word be?

All the best to you for the week ahead.

Deb xx

November 2019

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33 Replies to “Friday’s 3 questions and some more F words”

  1. What a beautiful and happy week you have had, Deb. It is wonderful to have Dottie home and doing so well. Enjoy your time with her and your Melanie and Craig. I’m sure that is the best Christmas present you could ever have. I hear you re the hair dryer and you aren’t shallow at all. My happiness this week has been moving forward with my course, spending time with Elliot and Ethan and watching Ethan in his School Christmas Concert last night. There were happy tears from Nan as I watched him and the other children, still so innocent and full of wonder. I also had a tear as I read through his portfolio of work from his first full year at school. He has grown so much in many ways and I’m so proud of him. Keep enjoying your cuddles. xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love that word “murmurations”…and the video. My answer to all 3 questions?
    What made me happy: knowing I have only a week left in the day job before we go away
    What made me sad: knowing that there’s still a week left in the day job before we go away
    What made a difference: knowing that there’s only a week left in the day job before we go away

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Three Fs? Our daughter is called Fiona and she brought her two little boys for a long weekend of Fun. Of course it rained so we took them to the garden centre to see all the Christmasy stuff and two bored real reindeer. But what they liked best were the Fish! There is an aqua place next door and it was as good as a paid visit to an big aquarium.

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  4. Absolutely wonderful news with Dottie coming home. I’m so happy for all of you Deb, what a special time. My week’s been a happy one, making new memories with my family and my sister. Enjoy it all. Life’s so precious. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m so happy that your precious granddaughter is home – you must all be so relieved! What an emotional time you have had – that first cuddle must have been so precious. I’m busy knitting tiny cardigans and hats for the NICU that our grandson was in earlier this year, it seems a nice way to say ‘thank you’ for all the care he had during those first days.
    Having Dottie home really is the best Christmas present you could ask for!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Deb, we are so relieved and it’s been emotional for everyone. I love that you’re knitting tiny things for NICU, I admire your generosity and creativity! Yes we are so excited to have Dottie home with us for Christmas and I’m enjoying lots of cuddles.Thanks for your support x


  6. Great news all round Deb and I’m so happy for you all (except for poor Grant and his cough – but this too shall pass). Loved the Pampers ad and those darling little babies – looking just like Dottie did before she became normal sized!
    Enjoy your time together and it’ll be Christmas before you know it. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  7. When I saw on Facebook that Dottie came home I was so overjoyed for all of you. It is incredibly fabulous how well she has done. Wonderful that you could be there both shortly after her birth and now again to welcome the family home. Precious memories.

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