Friday Fiction – a virus taking over the world??

Welcome to Friday Fiction #1

I am going to try to do a Friday post (most weeks) on what I’ve been reading or what has taken my fancy and what I’d like to read.

This was on my list 12 things to do before turning 60 – to write more book reviews and share them on my blog. I’m an avid reader and have set a goal for my 2020 Reading Challenge, you’re very welcome to follow along on my progress. Also please leave any suggestions you may have!

Over the years I have enjoyed reading a wide range of fiction, and took a shine to YA novels, way past the time I was a young adult!

So this week, with the outbreak of Coronavirus, I just happened to pick to read Seventeen by Suzanne Lowe, which is a series based on the premise that a virus has swept the world taking out most adults. How timely was that??

It must have kept me interested because I finished it within a day and then the next day devoured the sequel Rage. And lately that’s a bit unusual for me.

For some reason, maybe stress, I haven’t managed to sit and read much. It took me ages to finish Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments, which was also a bit of a disturbing read, given the world today!


This is the blurb from Goodreads:

Book one in the YA Seventeen Series set in the Australian outback.

Can you imagine a world where everything you grew up with is gone? No adults, no internet, no rules. Could you survive?

When the KV17 virus kills everyone above the age of seventeen, life becomes a battle of survival for the children left behind. Seeking to escape the escalating violence in the city two sisters, Lexi and Hadley flee to the Australian outback. Finding sanctuary in the small town of Jasper’s Bay, they soon realise it is far from safe, as a gang of lawless teenagers terrorise the town.

Caught in a bitter feud leading to betrayal, deceit and murder, the girls must quickly uncover who their enemies are, and who they can trust.
In a world drastically changed from everything they once knew; can the sisters learn to adapt before it is too late?

Winner of the New Apple YA horror/Sci-Fi award.

Australian spelling and slang used. Contains mild violence. 

Seventeen (The Seventeen Series)

A virus taking over the world? Sounds familiar!

I read this book straight after The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, and as the Coronavirus is sweeping the world and bushfires have decimated much of Australia! Not the best timing.

I enjoyed the YA novel for what it is, a story about a virus that takes out the adults in the world leaving young teenagers to manage as best they can. The story being set in Australia is current and pretty true to form, the violence, worry and lack of order that such a change would bring is believable and the way kids would have to step up in order to survive. I will read the next in the series to find out what happens to the kids.

My review on Goodreads and Amazon


Book 2 is called Rage and follows the group on their quest to survive, with the added issue of the virus mutating once teenagers get to age 17. It was equally as engrossing.

Book two in the exciting YA Seventeen Series set in the Australian outback.

“Revenge. It was all he could think about.
His body ached for it, burned for it like a relentless fire waiting to be quenched. It was all he wanted.”

With the KV17 virus now in its mutated form and the older children infected, they face an uncertain future. As they attempt to find a cure, an old enemy unexpectedly returns, creating tension and turmoil throughout Jasper’s Bay. When hostilities increase, Lexi must face her fears and suppress the rage building inside her.

Will the virus take hold or can she maintain control? How can you defeat an enemy when it is part of who you are?


Another great read

This was a good sequel to Seventeen and was well paced and action packed. I enjoyed following the group of characters and watching their new lives unfold.

I did find a few basic editing issues a tad offputting but managed to read on!!

Looking forward to the final book in this series.

My review on Goodreads and Amazon


I liked the timeliness of these books, which was purely coincidental, but made them more real in some way. I know a virus is a common theme in many of these type of apocalyptic stories but this hit very close to home at the moment.

Being set in Australia was also a positive for me and the characters were well drawn. It was a bit of escapism for me and a break from reality in some ways – but it also is a case of truth being stranger than fiction!

Yes these books are aimed at young adults but that doesn’t preclude ‘real’ adults from reading them or even those adults who consider themselves as young at heart!

If you enjoy YA or Sci-fi books then these might be of interest to you. Apparently there will be a final book in the serires but I’m not sure when this will come out. I can’t remember how I found about this series, whether it was recommended by someone or not, but I do know I got them both for free with Kindle Unlimited. The least I can do is write a review and share!

So what are you currently reading?

Leave me a quick comment with what you’re reading at the moment.

I’ve now moved onto a much deeper read, one that’s not fiction, It’s OK that you’re not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand, by Megan Devine. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for joining me in my first Friday Fiction and I look forward to reading with you again soon.

Deb xx

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39 Replies to “Friday Fiction – a virus taking over the world??”

  1. Hi Deb, I love a good British Crime book so currently I’m hooked on the DCI Ryan series by L.J. Ross. It is a bit spooky that you picked up a book about a virus sweeping the world as the Coronavirus takes hold. Thanks for the book review although I’m not sure this series is my genre. They must have been good though for you to finish so quickly. Enjoy your weekend xx

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  2. Hello Deb, saw your reviews on Goodreads and thought ‘oh that’s a bit close to home at the moment’😊
    A little challenge I have this year is to read books with ‘one word titles’ – I’ve just started Bliss (Peter Carey) a humourous novel about a man’s reaction to his brushes with death. First chapter in and I’m hooked!

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  3. Hooray for Friday Fiction!! I love knowing what you have been reading so far. I greatly look forward to reading more in this series. Books that I read this past January include: Boys in the Boat, A Gentleman in Moscow, The Huntress, Catch and Kill and Lives of the Saints. Up next for me are: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek and The Comedians.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s really interesting. More of an academic text but I’m finding it fascinating. And I discovered the author works at the same uni as I do. Hopefully I’ll run into him somewhere along the line.

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  4. They sound a bit too close to the truth currently don’t they? Scary times in many parts of the world. Not really in the middle of any books at the moment as been spending a lot of time with travel guides this past week. Got a couple in the backpack ready to go on our long train journey tomorrow though.

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  5. Thanks Deb. I’m going to enjoy hearing about what you are reading and I’m sure adding some books to my list. Right now I’m reading U is for Undertow, a private investigator series, which I have enjoyed in between more serious books. The main characters are likable, human and quirky, and the mysteries intriguing. Happy reading! Enjoy your weekend!

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  6. Deb these books sound interesting. I used to read YA when my daughter was a teenager (very long ago) and enjoyed them. I should revisit. I’m reading Erebus: The Story of a Ship by Michael Palin just now. I will look forward to this series on Fridays

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  7. At this moment in time I’m reading the Lonely Planet guide to Great Britain – planning a trip to Scotland next year. I’m also about to start Karen Swan’s Summer at Tiffany’s.

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  8. Well done on your reading and review goals. I’m not a fan of science fiction type books I’m afraid…. though weirdly watch a lot of it on TV.

    And yes…. fiction is becoming closer to reality. Or vice versa!

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  9. Hi Deb – I always love a bit of YA fantasy fiction (or dystopian fiction – like these). I’ve churned through many, many YA novels and have a few on my ‘favourites’ list to order from the online library when I finish my current 4 part adult fantasy series – I do love a good book.

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  10. Have a couple of fiction books here right now and trying to read a chapter when I can. Not into YA. BUT I have listened to and have the physical copy of Its OK Not To Be OK and Megan Devine has re-written the books and info about grief in my opinion. Her words just blew me away with her real approach. And I know some who have found her ideas very helpful as they grieve…which of course in its own way, is for a lifetime. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week is 7/51 T: Telling Self-Care Stories #1. 17.2.2020. Hope to see you there AND the next 10 prompts are on the home page now! Denyse.

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