Are these 5 of the best retirement locations in Australia? Some of my words as a guest over on Retiring Not Shy’s blog.

An invitation to share my thoughts on why I live where I live

I was thrilled to accept an invitation to write a few words for a post on Jan’s blog, Retiring Not Shy, about why Tumbarumba is a great place to live, especially in retirement. Thanks Jan and Rowan for asking me to join other bloggers, extolling the virtues of their chosen retirement locations.

A touch of autumn in Tumbarumba
A touch of autumn in Tumbarumba

I was one of 5 bloggers included and our locations extend from one side of Australia to the other.

We are all passionate about our hometowns, and it reinforces to me, how vibrant, positive and helpful the midlife blogging community can be.

You can read more of my retirement story here: Retirement and Redundancy and Surprisingly there is life after retirement

Here’s a brief excerpt of my words from Jan’s post:

Tumbarumba, NSW by Debbie Harris

Some people would say Tumbarumba is in the middle of nowhere and question why anyone would want to go there in their retirement years, but you could pick many worse places to live!

It has a community spirit second to none, a pump track, swimming pool, sports ovals, a multitude of sports, parks, playgrounds, childcare centre and will have the first Rail Trail in NSW on public land, opening on 3 April 2020.

Recent bushfires have destroyed a lot of the amazing forests, bushlands and vineyards but they will come back in time. We have Australia’s highest mountain Mt Kosciuszko in our neighbourhood and amazing views of snow-capped mountain ranges on our doorstep.

I’m in great company in this post, with four blogging buddies – Jo from Bunbury WA, Chris from Canberra in the ACT, Sue from the QLD Gold Coast, and Kathy from Kingscliff in Northern NSW.

Tumbarumba is in the southern part of NSW and has been badly affected by the recent bushfires. We are on the road to recovery and are a resilient lot!

Tumbarumba Creekscape
Tumbarumba Creekscape

Please pop over to Jan’s blog and have a read of the full post:

Are these 5 of the best retirement locations?

Jan also asks some great questions Do you plan to ‘stay put’ in retirement or make a change? What factors influence your decision? and I’d be very interested to read your thoughts.

Leave a comment on why you love living where you live.

Thanks again Jan and Rowan for including the delightful Tumbarumba in your post.

Deb 🙂

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6 Replies to “Are these 5 of the best retirement locations in Australia? Some of my words as a guest over on Retiring Not Shy’s blog.”

  1. I love NSW and know for a fact that you have mild winters and great fruits. Not to mention great beaches and King Georges/Whitings and Breams to fish for food. Great wines, easy access to stores. Yes, I would have loved to migrate and retire there but unfortunately Australia has tagged a big price tag to allow entry – something to the tune of SGD10 million in investments.

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