An Echidna comes to visit – Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – where the photos tell the story

echidna visit
A visiting echidna on the front verandah
echidna visit
An echidna looking for ants for dinner
echidna visit
Echidnas like visiting
echidna ball
The echidna rolls into a ball if he senses danger nearby – it’s a protective movement

Enjoy your day!

Deb xx

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24 Replies to “An Echidna comes to visit – Wordless Wednesday”

  1. We don’t get echidnas in WA Deb (except at the zoo) and same with koalas and platypi – we just have to settle for kangaroos (and quokkas when we go to Rottnest). Yours appears to be a cute little soul (as long as you don’t try to pick him up!)

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  2. I recently read that echidnas have the largest brain for their body size of any animal and that they are a super intelligent animal, (Sandtalk was where I read it) but what an awesome little animal, they are and fantastic photos.

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