Finding Joy in difficult times – Read my guest post at Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

Guess who’s guesting over at Sue’s blog today?

Today it’s me as a guest over at Sue’s Sizzling Towards 60 and Beyond, as part of her Ageing Well, Living Well series. Thanks for having me Sue!

Debbie and Sue catching up
Debbie and Sue catching up

I always enjoy being a guest and this was no different, except I wrote this post a few weeks ago before the COVID-19 pandemic was rampant across the world, and the fact that my words are so timely today is really quite serendipitous.

What did I write about?

In my post I shared my thoughts on a range of issues but mainly the need for balance in our lives and finding joy.

I talked about love and the tributes to a friend’s mother at her recent funeral; sadness at how people are mean in sharing their thoughts in comments on social media and about how ‘haters gonna hate’.

I also shared my concerns about becoming a grumpy old lady but have managed to find, and embrace, a new acronym of JOY – Just Older Youth!

Here’s a short snippet:

I know I’ve been upset lately at injustices, discussions on the changing climate, local government issues but I don’t want to become a grumpy old lady, so I have to balance this out with some fun stuff. 

That’s where my quirkiness comes in. My love of jumping in puddles, jumping for joy, telling funny stories but laughing before I get to the punch line, blogging for fun and sharing inspirational quotes, wearing lots of orange, being excitable and enthusiastic!

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There’s a lot more too, so please click on the link to Sue’s blog and leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Finding Joy during times of negativity and sadness

Please take care during the days ahead. Be kind and try to stay balanced, I know only too well that it is hard going but…

Choose Joy
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Deb xx

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