Very different views captured in these strange times

Changing views

Australia in Lockdown

This beautiful video was shown on TV last night and is an eerily beautiful snapshot of major cities in Australia at the moment. It’s very poignant and I’m sure you’ll find it stunning, along with the soundtrack.

London in Lockdown

I saw this video on Tally Ho’s facebook page this week featuring scenes of London in lockdown from the view of a Penny Farthing bikerider. A few years ago I did a cycling tour of London with Tally Ho! (not on a penny farthing) and absolutely loved the experience, so the next time we were over there I took my husband along. This footage takes me back to sights I might not see for quite some time.

My view of lockdown

And then there’s my view of the vineyard next door, from the verandah, which hasn’t changed much at all!

View from the Vineyard
View of the vineyard from the verandah – Alphabet of Isolation photo challenge

Challenges aplenty

When I say challenges, I don’t mean the day to day challenge of managing life in isolation, I mean:

  • A-Z of Isolation photo challenge – fun with family members from all over the country joining in, with shots allowed from within the house and garden, nothing further afield, for each letter of the alphabet. W is for WonderWoman on Wordless Wednesday
  • A seven day healthy eating challenge run by a blogging friend with tips, daily assignments and videos to watch
  • A daily writing challenge getting ready for The Story A Day in May
  • My 2020 Reading Challenge with GoodReads
  • How to commemorate ANZAC Day without a ceremony to attend for the first time – we live out of town so standing at the end of the driveway won’t have the same impact as it would in more suburban areas. But I’m sure we’ll do it anyway. Strange times indeed.

I’m definitely keeping busier than normal with daily zoom exercise classes with family across the country; riding the new rail trail as often as I can on my new bike; staying in touch with my daughters and grandchildren scattered across Aus and UK; Yoga sessions with Adrienne on YouTube; enjoying the autumn sunshine in my garden sunroom – just to mention a few of my favourite things to do in isolation!

How are you spending your time, are you feeling challenged too?

I hope you enjoyed these short videos, they are well worth sharing, if only to look back on in years to come to remember how quiet everything was at this time.

Let me know what’s happening with you, I always love hearing from you.

Take care and stay well.

Deb xx

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33 Replies to “Very different views captured in these strange times”

  1. Hi Deb thank you for joining me in Eat Healthy for Life Challenge and I love the idea of your AtoZ challenge with your family. London and Sydney do look different but I’m happy the pollution levels have dropped and nature seems to be coming back in force. So many groups of butterflies everywhere up here on the Gold Coast. Have a lovely weekend xx

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  2. Those videos are powerful and heartbreakingly beautiful. What strange and unique times we’re living in. Sounds like those challenges are keeping you happily busy Deb. Take care my friend and have a good weekend. xx

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  3. I must say that watching these videos gives me such a creepy feeling, Deb. It’s like watching the end of civilization. It reminds me of the scene in War of the Worlds where H.G. Wells describes his return to London after the invasion and how deserted and quite it all is.

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  4. It’s eerie seeing the places we know so empty. It’s something I’m sure many of us never expected to experience within our lifetime. It’s definitely something that has brought out the best or worst in people. Mostly the best around me, so many people offering help and support. It’s my birthday tomorrow, and it’s lovely receiving cards in the post (not that I’ve opened any yet!) but thoughtfulness was dwindling before this. Maybe it will make us appreciate little things more.

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  5. I once drove through London around 4am (don’t ask!) and even at that hour it was much busier than in this video. It’s weird! Whoever chose Mad World as the music for the first video knew what they were doing. Stay safe and well.

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  6. The Mary Celeste came to mind while watching those video’s Debbie.

    I was wondering how the man on the penny-farthing was taking the film as he rode the bike. Looks like he was holding on to some kind of wire with one hand.

    Eerie videos, but beautiful as well.

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  7. The video at the beginning of your post is so haunting. Almost as if all of the humans have vanished from earth or Australia. I was moved by what looked like a library, and the amusement park, and the beach. Who would ever have thought? Our cases in my town are increasing everyday. Yesterday up 70+. Our culture encourages family get togethers so Easter parties and picnics are probably to blame for this spike. And Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are coming up. Wearing my mask, washing my hands and generally staying home. Stay well. Enjoy your challenges. Interested in knowing more about the story challenge in May.

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    1. Hi Leslie, it is very haunting isn’t it? I’ve been watching your facebook posts and thinking about you. Take care and continue taking precautions. Hoping this improve soon for you and your area.


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