Taking Stock – thoughts on life lately

It’s time for another Taking Stock post for Denyse’s #Lifethisweek.

Taking stock thoughts
Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels.com

Taking Stock #2

The idea, for me anyway, is to read the word and answer without giving it too much thought, usually the first thing that pops into my head, because that’s how I roll!

I can’t believe so much has changed in the world, and my thinking, since my last taking stock post back in early March

Making: Scones – and they were delicious
Cooking: Lots of older recipes which I haven’t made for ages
Drinking: I tried a new local wine this week -Courabubbles Frizzante from Courabyra Wines and it’s really good
Reading: Lots of books these past few weeks!

Wanting: Nothing really, except maybe some disinfectant wipes
Looking: For things to photograph for our new numbers photo challenge

Playing: Podcasts while walking
Wishing: My daughter a happy 35th birthday today

Sarah 1985
Sarah 1985, such a cutie! Photo by AC.

Wasting: Time endlessly scrolling….
Enjoying: Riding my new electric bike on the rail trail
Waiting: For the world to recover
Liking: The outpouring of gratitude for health care workers and teachers
Wondering: Where this pandemic is all going to end
Loving: Anne with an E on Netflix – I’ve just finished them all and am sad now!

Anne with an E quote
Anne with an E quote

Hoping: To be able to see my family again soon, in person not via a screen

C is for Catch up Chat
C is for Catch up Chat with family

Marvelling: How people are reacting to this pandemic around the world
Needing: A hair cut – it’s been over 3 months since I’ve been to the hairdresser, but I’m quite happy with how it’s growing! Not too many silvery bits are coming through – bonus!

Smelling: The fire burning – it’s turned cold out there
Wearing: My coat from the UK, the first time I’ve worn it at home in Aus – I last wore it in January in England, which seems like a lifetime ago
Following: The growing numbers of coronavirus infections around the world
Noticing: Autumn colours
Knowing: How to practice social distancing and how to wash my hands
Thinking: Overthinking more like it
Feeling: A bit anxious if I’m honest
Bookmarking: Funny memes and jokes to lighten my day
Opening: My eyes every morning
Smiling: At Bluey episodes like this one, with everyone using technology to stay in touch these days, we all have to learn new skills

I enjoyed writing this light and easy post, I hope you’ve had fun reading through my answers!

What are you taking stock of this week?

Deb xx

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40 Replies to “Taking Stock – thoughts on life lately”

  1. It’s a strange world – it’s hard not to overthink it all. I’m pretty good most of the time, but as I watch everyone forgetting about SDing, I wonder if we’re about to go back into lockdown in a month. I really hope not!
    I need a haircut but for now I’ll just manage….And I love that you are getting out on an electric bike. How cool!

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    1. Yes I’m so happy with my new bike as it’s given me the impetus to ride much more than I was. Thanks for your visit and comment Lydia, I’m hoping people do the right thing in the weeks ahead but we will have to wait and see what happens.


  2. “Hoping: To be able to see my family again soon, in person not via a screen” because my family are scattered in France and the UK this is the norm for me … but what it has made me realise is that while we were making regular trips to the UK and France and the kids and grandkids were staying here for holidays to enjoy the pool and the beach … even with the relaxation of family distancing rules we still won’t be able to see them. We can’t fly. Nor can we drive.

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    1. The travel restrictions really impact when you have family all over the place don’t they? We have to get used to seeing our granddaughter in England via a screen for many months to come I’d say. Good luck to you 🙂


  3. Hi Deb I enjoyed reading your post! It is amazing what we are still doing despite the restrictions and that is a testament to our creativity and resilience. My daughter and grandson Ethan both celebrated their birthdays during April but we found ways to make their days special despite it being through virtual means. I love Bluey and enjoy watching it with Ethan and Elliot. It is such a lovely show for kids, great messages and best of all Australian made. Take care, stay healthy and let’s chat soon. #lifethisweek xx

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    1. Thanks so much Sue! I am surprised reading everyone’s monthly posts that we have done as much as we have. We haven’t let it stop us at all. Hope things are settling down a bit for you xx

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  4. Hi Deb, I enjoyed reading your post. It’s great that you’re riding your new e-bike and using technology to stay in touch with your family. I enjoy my outdoor walks, and lots of health and leisure activities at home. Have a wonderful week! #lifethisweek

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  5. I’m doing quite a bit of sconing at the moment (is that even a word? or maybe a verb?) Tbh I’m almost at saturation point re the news & it’s now leaking from my brain so I’m trying not to. Our little sunny coast bubble is really quite nice – although I have been watching all the cozy winter and autumn colour pics from last weekend and feeling a little envious.

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    1. Yes I’ll take sconing as a word Jo! News is hard to take at times so I’m rationing my input to once at morning and at night and only from trusted sites like the ABC. We are both envious of each other’s bubbles!!


    1. We are scheduled to go to a Bluey ‘concert’ in July which has now been changed to December, the day after my 60th birthday!! Quite timely and fitting I thought 🙂


  6. Yum for homemade scones! And hasn’t it been cold over the last few days!? Sounds like you are making the most of this lockdown period, but I do hope for the days when the pandemic will come under control. Hope you’re able to stay safe and look after yourself!

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  7. I get the feeling anxious and I too am wondering when and where it will all end. But in the meantime scones will make everything better, right?!

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  8. Hi Deb – I enjoyed our catch up and checking in on all the positives in your month. Loved the family Zoom pics with all the girls and grandbabies. I haven’t had my hair done for a couple of months and haven’t been unduly bothered – it looks fine and nobody much gets to see it! I haven’t worn makeup for 2 months either (and my bras aren’t getting much of an outing either!)

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    1. I feel much the same Leanne, no makeup, no dressing up as I’m not going anywhere! I rarely get dressed up these days and when I did, (to go to the doctor for my flu shot) it felt really weird! My hair is growing well, so I’m not unduly worried about it. Glad you stopped by for a catch up.


  9. I’ve enjoyed solitary walks, deep cleaning/decorating, cooking, reading and of course, writing. This week I’m going to take stock of my diet and exercise because it has slipped during the last couple of weeks. 🙂

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  10. Pretty much echoing our thoughts on the world at the moment Deb. Worrying to read of so much illness and distress all over the world and equally concerning how we are all going to be able to get back some sense of normality eventually. Life will undoubtedly change for all of us, some more than others.

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    1. Yes it’s definitely going to be a different world when we get ‘released’. I think being retired has made it a bit easier for me, except for the seeing people part, I am missing that a bit.

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  11. Not only a fun post but one that requires a lot of self reflection. I think these days its a good exercise to not only see how others are doing, but oneself. Sending hugs from Canada. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sue, yes you’re right in that it does require some self reflection and I did waver on a few answers! Thanks for hugs, sending Aussie ones back at you 🙂


    1. Many thanks for the birthday wishes Donna. It’s the start of the birthday 5 weeks – all my girls were born within 5 weeks of each other. Next is my eldest in a few weeks time! Glad you enjoyed the post, I always enjoy these ones.


  12. Lovely post. I tend not to overthink the responses too. When I was doing Taking Stock in 2016-17 my depressed mood was evident but I also saw improvement over time. Love the family zoom. My hairdresser opened for 2 days and I was first in for my cut. Felt so good afterwards.

    Thank you so much for being part of Life This Week by linking up and leaving a comment on my post. It is a great way to share the connection on-line. Next week the optional prompt is 19/51 Special Anniversaries 11.5.2020. I look forward to seeing you there too. Stay safe and well. Denyse.

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    1. Thanks Denyse, it’s always a joy to write these posts and I love sharing with your life this week community each week. I’m booked in for a hair appointment in a few weeks!


  13. I loved this article – I think we’re all wondering how the world changed so quickly. I’ve enjoyed trying to be creative, but now I’m desperate to visit my grandchildren in Brisbane. Thank goodness for the internet. Ton x

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    1. I can imagine you are desperate top visit the family in Brisbane, hopefully not too much longer Toni. Hope you’re keeping well and you are a very creative person. Thanks for your support x

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