Jump in for an April update


Feel free to grab a drink, get comfy and join me for a virtual cuppa plus a virtual hug 🙂

When jumping into a new month feels like jumping into a whole new world – each month of 2020, so far, has had a new dilemma for us it seems – bushfires one month then into pandemic mode!

Jump – WOTY

My word of the year (WOTY) is Jump, so most of my monthly updates will use the theme of jump! And I also try to show a ‘jump’ pic for the month that was!

You can read more about my reasons and ideas for 2020 in my post Jumping into the New Year.

Some people walk in the rain…I’d rather jump in the puddles.

My April Jumping for Joy moment

Jump in April
My April jump – with my new electric bike on the new Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail

I have to admit I LOVE planning my jump photo each month and the Mathematician is getting used to my quirky requests now! At the end of the year I’ll put them all together in one jump-fest post.

Jumping around the world with Zoom

Our family has taken to having weekly Zoom catchups, with our daughters spread over two different states of Australia and one in the UK, we have scheduled catchups so we can see everyone together in the one place. The grand-babies are growing up so fast and it’s fabulous to be able to see them all together although it’s not the most relaxed way of seeing everyone, it does the job for the moment!

We had a special Zoom for my mother-in-law’s 89th birthday and she loved seeing and hearing everyone.

Ruby celebrated her 89th birthday in lockdown, she lives alone, so we joined her for a zoom birthday chat!

I am also involved in daily exercise classes via Zoom with my mum, my sister and other family members. It started as a way of keeping mum active and has grown into a lovely way to meet up each day, work out and have a quick catch-up chat.

We used to have a Saturday morning tradition of meeting friends in our local cafe, but because of restrictions this hasn’t been happening. So what to do? Start a Zoom meeting on a Saturday morning instead! We all bring our own morning tea to the meeting and chat for a while then resume our life in lockdown. It’s not the best way on interacting but it is better than nothing.

Our Rotary Club has also resorted to this way of meeting each week too.

Just this week, we attended a book launch over Zoom – considering I hadn’t had anything to do with Zoom before the pandemic, I’m nearly an expert now.

Blog jumping

I have to say April has been one of my best months in years for views, visitors and comments – I thought everyone might take a break from reading blogs but that’s not been the case for me! The numbers have been fabulous and I’m so happy to welcome new readers to my blog. Thank you all for your visits and comments 🙂

I was asked to be part of a series on Sue’s blog, Travel Tales of Life about how COVID-19 is impacting life in Tumbarumba – in the first post in the series Sue had guests from Thailand, Spain, Mexico and Tumbarumba! I was thrilled to share news of our little town amongst those bigger places 🙂 Each Friday since, Sue has had guests from all over the world telling their stories, and it’s fascinating reading!

I was excited to be a guest over at Leanne’s Cresting the Hill blog with a post in her Midlife Symphony series. I took some advice from the Queen and her address to the nation and the timing was quite serendipitous and fun!

Jumping around at home – what’s been happening?

Not a lot of socialising that’s for sure! We have been staying at home as much as possible.

Autumn has been lovely here and I’ve managed to cover it quite well in some of my posts during April – Wordless Wednesday, Sunday Stills, Gum trees at sunset, Autumn in Tumbarumba.

Anzac day was very different to other years and I wrote about it here – ANZAC Day 2020

ANZAC Day 2020
ANZAC Day 2020 – a very different dawn service to what we’re used to

Jumping to distractions – still

Reading – so many books, a variety of genres, and I’m not pushing on if something doesn’t grab me quickly, I don’t seem to have the concentration for that! I gave up on Milkman although it has great reviews, I just couldn’t get into it, so gave up – there I’ve admitted it.

Watching – this delightful video

Taking – photographs for our family’s Alphabet of Isolation photo challenge. It was great fun! You can read more about the A-Z challenge here – Alphabet of Isolation

Alphabet Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Listening – Spotify playlists, birds singing

Doing – Staying at home, unless I’m out riding my new bike

Jumping on the rail trail with my new bike!

New bike and rail trail views
New bike and rail trail views

Any moment we have spare, and given we’re not doing very much at this time, we seem to be out riding sections of the new rail trail – until the wintery weather blew in over the last few days that is. It’s been brilliant for all the locals and everyone has been making the most of it. It’s made the hard working volunteer committee happy to see the families, those in wheelchairs and recumbent tricycles, the elderly – the range of people out and about using this facility. As there are no other activities available, it seems everyone has embraced this new shared path, for exercise and to improve their mental health, and we couldn’t be happier to see it.

Motherhood and Grandmothers

It seemed that during April I had a soft spot for motherhood, with a post covering motherhood during these strange times and changes in Grandmotherhood over the years – and both posts have been very popular.

I think the reason for this is that I’m nostalgic, I’ve been taken back to a time when things were different, our social lives have changed and I’ve had more time sitting in one place thinking, than I have in ages! My youngest daughter had her first baby in February just before the pandemic took hold and it impacted on her a great deal. She was truly isolated and felt it. Whereas some new mothers revelled in the time with their new baby without any interference my daughter was suffering a bit and I could only help from afar. I am happy to say things have eased for her now.

The post about being a grandmother came about after reading a few extracts from a new book Grandmothers: Essay by 21st century Grandmothers, where 24 Australian grandmothers shared their thoughts. I was chatting to Denyse, another blogging friend, and we got thinking we could write our own thoughts on being a grandmother, since no-one had asked us to contribute for the book 🙂 So between us, we devised some questions and set about writing a post each on the topic. Part 1 was out on Monday 27 April and Part 2 will be out on Monday 8 June as part of Denyse’s weekly #LifethisWeek linkup. It was such fun to write and share my thoughts, I’d encourage anyone to take a look at the questions and have a go at answering them.

The best news for April was that Dottie our granddaughter born in England, at 25 weeks back in August 2019, is now officially off her oxygen – she’s 8 months old and is the cutest little thing! She now has to be ‘shielded’ for the next 3 months which will take her up to nearly a year of mostly being isolated, either in NICU or at home, due to COVID-19.

Dottie is off her oxygen now!
Dottie is off her oxygen now!

So, how was your April?

Let me know how you are coping with the pandemic in your neck of the woods. Australia seems to be doing OK, but we definitely don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and have more infections take off. Restrictions are starting to ease but we need to be vigilant with our social distancing, hygiene and testing regimes – in my expert opinion!

Let’s hope May is a better month around the world. Take care and stay well everyone. Thanks for the cuppa and the chat 🙂

Deb xx

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53 Replies to “Jump in for an April update”

      1. Hi Deb. Sounds like you’ve had a good month despite virus restrictions. I love your jump photo. Took me a moment to work out how you did it. So you’re becoming a zoom expert. No your family is used to it I wonder if you will continue after isolation is over. I think many with long distance families might keep it up.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks Jennifer, I stood on the bank behind the sign and jumped, you can just see my feet under the sign! My bike is fabulous and has opened up so much more cycling adventures for me. I wonder if we will continue to use it after restrictions are lifted and as we’re all over the place we may do!


  1. I love your new bike! I have several friends who have gone electric and I am very tempted to do the same. I already have an electric car so it seems fitting to have an e-bike too! I remain so very envious of your riding trail… I think I would be on that every day if I could. My husband and I have been zooming with friends, including blog friends, book club members, and a few workshops. I much prefer meeting in person, but zoom has given us the next best thing. Stay safe… don’t jump into close contact again too soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Janis, the new bike is wonderful and just gives me that extra bit of oomph when I need it. I’m finding I’m happy to cycle into town much more than I did before because I know I have help to get up the hills! I prefer meeting in person too but it’s a bit hard at the moment, I find it can be quite stilted on zoom but it’s better than nothing! No we are resisting the urge to get out there don’t worry 🙂


  2. I was Facetiming my sister in Perth on Sunday and they are controlling the virus thing much better than us – of course it helped they just closed WA off from the rest of Australia and the world! Cyberspouse is one of those with the 12 week stay indoors order; I knew I was going to be a carer when he came out of hospital, but I was expecting that to be with friends dropping in for coffee, his mates taking him out for jaunts and family coming to stay at regular intervals. Then suddenly I was a ‘shielder’ as well with no visitors. But the fine weather and having a garden has stopped me going round the bend, plus lovely neighbours and the internet.


    1. I feel for you Janet. My daughter has had a letter from NHS telling her she must shield Dottie for the next 3 months until July I think, which will take her up to nearly a year of being isolated due to being born at 25 weeks last August! It’s a hard time but it must be done. Make sure you take care of yourself as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Deb, “Dilemma” is a gentle word for all of the challenges. I extra love the “jumping for joy moment.” I can feel your energy leap from the page. Ruby’s joy is evident by the smile on her face.🙂

    Zoom is also a big part of our life lately. Like you say, it’s not the best way, yet it gives us a option to connect.

    This delightful video is making it’s way around the world. For good reason.

    I think B.C. Canada is similar to Australia. Restrictions may start to ease soon, yet we still have to be vigilante. Take care and stay well. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Erica, yes dilemma is a gentle and suitable word for the moment. Ruby lives alone so is feeling this time quote hard. By the way, I’ve just updated my post with a photo of Dottie who is now off her oxygen at 8 months – can’t think how I forgot to put it in when I wrote the post!! I can see the similarities between Canada and us, continue to take care!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve been loving your rail trail pics – and your autumn images. That hindsight’s 2020 is just fabulous – I’ve been sent it by a few people now. Can’t wait to see your next jump…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My jumps are a work in progress Jo and I’ll have to start thinking of the one for May!! They make me laugh so hopefully will at least make someone smile along with this crazy jumping woman!! I love your beach shots and feel inspired to share my cosy country/autumn/winter shots, so thanks for sharing! I love that 2020 video too. Take care and enjoy those beach walks while I enjoy my rail trail riding on my new ebike 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Good news about Dottie. Nice bike! i love your Jumps theme. I have been trying to achieve jumps in my fashion photography for ages (I do it myself with a tripod) – and a couple of weeks ago cracked it so that my feet were off the ground but I wasn’t blurry.
    Good to read about your month as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have not participated in a single Zoom chat but love hearing about all these virtual meetups. What wonderful news that your granddaughter is off her oxygen!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. What would we do without Zoom? Such an easy way to keep in touch with everyone. You have certainly clocked up some miles on your bike this month, and what glorious countryside to explore.
    I can’t imagine how we come out of this lockdown period, it’s going to seem very strange isn’t it, going out, mixing with people again. It’s going to take a while to feel safe again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree Deb, I’m know I’m going to find it quite hard to mix with lots of people again. I’m loving my new bike and it’s given me so much more freedom as I know I can make it home up the hill with a little assist! We had another family zoom meeting last night and wonder if we will continue once restrictions are lifted – perhaps we will as we all live a long way away from each other. take care and thanks for joining in the conversation.


    1. I’ve justified it to myself (the expense) by the fact I won’t be travelling to UK for my 60th at the end of the year and Christmas, with the family, so put the money towards a new bike instead! Works for me 🙂


      1. So annoying when fat fingers get in the road. Last word was supposed to be justified. Anyway, enjoy your bike. Looks cool and anything that makes us smile is worth every cent🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Deb, So glad you’re doing well and having some fun in April. Very nice bike and the rail trail opening was perfect timing. Dottie looks happy, healthy, and adorable. She’s come a long way. #MLSTL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Natalie, Dottie is going really well, she’s a bright little button with oodles of personality! I’m really enjoying my new bike and it’s given me more impetus to get out and ride.


  9. Hi Deb, what a lovely positive post to start my Wednesday morning, thank you! I think I can tell you love your new electric bike LOL:) Zoom has been wonderful hasn’t it and yes, we are all experts now. We had a Zoom birthday party for Ethan, although almost 2 year old, Elliot, wants to hog the laptop so chaos reigns. It is all lovely though and Ethan had a fabulous time. Zoom calls with his grandparents first and then a special Zoom with his school buddies. April was busier than I thought when I looked back on what I had done. Here’s to another good month in May and hopefully moving towards less restrictions. Thank you as always for sharing at #MLSTL and also for brightening my day. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks for your lovely comment Sue! I’m glad my new bike admiration is recognised :). I agree, I thought April was a quieter month but when I started looking, like you, it was busier than I initially thought. We may continue with zoom gatherings after all this is over, as none of us are nearby and we get to see everyone at once, it’s so lovely! Have a good month ahead x

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I have loved reading your blog over the months and especially in april. I couldn’t write for the month of April, I updated my ANZAC post thats about it. Yes COVD19 hit me. Well not that I know 100%…as I was refused to be tested as I didnt meet the criteria into my 5th week I was finally tested- a cough is all i had left and the result was negative. I did tai chi, yoga and exercise class via You Tube, watched a lot of shows on Netflix and Foxtel. Read a lot of blogs. Had trouble with my phone. so had to get a cheapie….not liking it at all. Practiced my darts for a couple of hours a day with my housemate and I think I have improved a lot. I think Im back to writing on my blog again. Zoom catch up with my daughter who is intellectually disabled and dosnt get the whole iso thing. I have a zoom meeting this afternoon with the View Club of which I belong although this meeting is with my original group in Shepparton. Thank you for posting that gorgeous photo of your grand baby she is so cute xx..


  11. I wrote a huge comment then it all disappeared. Not sure whats going on with my computer and now phone. Plus our TV turns on in the middle of the night lol…think we have visitors in this new old house. I have throughly enjoyed your blog post especially the month of April. Your grand baby in England is just so cute and growing so fast. Zoom is the new way of connections, I have had them with my youngest daughter who is intellectually disabled and dosnt understand this iso thing. I also have a catch up with the original VIEW club i joined this afternoon. It will be good to catch up with them. #mlstl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bree for persevering! Your first comment went to spam and I released it! I feel for those who don’t understand the whole iso thing, babies and toddlers are included in that list. Emilia is 18 months and misses going to the park, and swingsets aren’t unavailable to buy as everyone is getting them. I’m so glad you’ve managed to use zoom so much as well, it’s great to see everyone staying in touch. Thanks for your lovely comments about my blog, you are always a welcome guest in my world x


    1. I love that video it is so spot on isn’t it? I’m loving my new ebike and going for longer rides than usual, because I can now! I’m happy that you found my post cheery, it’s made me smile, so many thanks 🙂


  12. What a wonderful post Deb and a powerful video from Tom Foolery! An adorable grandbaby too. I hadn’t realized she had the health issues, having come only lately to the party. A beautiful child! Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis? In the Magician’s Nephew the two children jump into puddles and out of them and each puddle is a different world. Parts of my State (Pennsylvania) have moved into a yellow phase where more stores can be open but social distancing, masks, sanitizing, etc. still key. I am concerned that it is too soon, or that people will rush into things they don’t have to. Blessings, Michele

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Michele, it’s a difficult time and I love the idea of the Narnia puddle worlds! We are lifting restrictions slowly here, so hoping for good results in the months to come. Yes that video is very powerful and a real favourite of mine. Take care and thanks for following along with my world x


  13. Hi Deb – isn’t it interesting how we all feel like we’ve been stuck at home doing not much all month, but when we look back over the last few weeks, we see that we’ve actually still done quite a bit. I think we’re going a bit slower, but we still keep connected and getting outside is a huge blessing. Loved your Dottie pic and you seem to be doing really well while you’ve been in lockdown. Hopefully things will ease up soon and we’ll be able to hang out with our loved ones in “the flesh” instead of online. x
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I agree Leanne, it didn’t seem a lot was happening and each day was like the day before but it was actually busier than I thought, at a slower pace as you say. Dottie is going really well, she’s such a bright little cutie pie. I bet you are missing your little girls badly, hopefully you can get to see them soon. Thanks for sharing.x


  14. Hi Deb. Zoom sounds like a wonderful way to stay connected with friends and family! I’m glad to hear that Dottie is doing so well, and congratulations on your new grandbaby! Our grandbaby Olivia, was born in early March, and fortunately we were able to visit her in the Netherlands before the Pandemic hit. Thanks for sharing, Deb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Christina, I’ve been wondering how your little one has been getting on, I’m so glad you got to see her! Zoom is great for family catch ups 🙂 Take care x


  15. I was surprised to get my most ever blog visits in April as well. We are lucky April has been our sunniest ever so I have been doing a lot of walking. It is strange to think that it is two months since I was further than walking distance from my house and like you I miss my children and grandchildren.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you sound like you’ve had lovely weather over there! Good news on the blog visits too, it’s funny how it all works sometimes. Take care as restrictions are lifted.


  16. I’m loving your jump photos, Deb. And, of course, Dottie. She’s growing up. I’m so happy to hear that she is off the oxygen. Here’s to more good news in May! #MLSTL

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Best news I have heard in awhile…Dottie is naked faced!! And look at that jubilant face. She is adorable.

    Love the views from your bike rides and all the jumping references. Glad you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in getting the rail trail open. We rarely have clouds here, so I was quite taken with the photo of the landscape with those glorious puffy clouds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t believe a sky without clouds Leslie! Thanks for your great comment and best wishes for Dottie, it’s much appreciated. I hope you are going along OK, although I know you have a lot going on. Take care xx


  18. Love your bike. I’ve never met you, but from your writing electric blue seems to suit your vibrant personality!

    I’ve been on Skype and Google Meet – a little reluctant to try out Zoom because of the privacy issues it had. I think they’ve been fixed. Must download it now.

    I loved that video from Tom Foolery. It was doing the rounds on Whatsapp here in India.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Corinne, that’s a lovely thing to say :). Yes zoom seem to be working hard on fixing up their privacy concerns. The video is fabulous and so true, it seems to be making its way around the world! Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

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