Going AWOL after an emergency

Men’s health issues are vitally important, and shouldn’t be ignored even in times of a pandemic.

As I write this, the Mathematician is in hospital, having had certain ongoing men’s issues for some time. He had been to see a specialist in recent weeks and was looking at further investigative surgery to determine the course of action required.

These issues came to a head on Friday morning when he calmly brought me a cup of tea in bed and said, after you’ve had that can you take me to hospital please? He’d been up since 4am pacing around.

He is doing well, all things considered, after trips to local emergency, an ambulance trip to a bigger emergency section, followed by surgery on the offending prostate organ the next day. (It’s not cancerous.)

So after all that I’ll be taking a little break away from blogging for a week or two. I’ll be called upon to nurse the patient, who undoubtedly won’t be patient at times. I’ll be doing lots of jobs that he can’t do for a while, like getting the firewood in and driving around, but the gardening can wait until he’s better!

Luckily, I’m more than capable.

Take care and I’ll be back with you soon.


Just taking a bit of a break, I’ll be back soon!

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47 Replies to “Going AWOL after an emergency”

  1. Sending love and best wishes to you Deb and a speedy recovery for the Mathematician. Sometimes life reminds us that whilst blogging is a great way to stay connected and share our thoughts, there are other areas of life that are very important and need our attention. Take care of yourself and the Mathematician and see you when you are ready. xx

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    1. Yes I agree Sue, life gets in the way sometimes. I’m enjoying my week away from it all and will return refreshed I’m sure. The Mathematician is recovering well and each day gets a bit better. Thanks for your thoughtful messages xx


      1. We are good thanks Deb, just finished a day of painting walls a few more days to go, it will keep me out of trouble! Yes, it will be awhile before Grant’s on his bike, I’m sure you will keep him busy until he can 🙂 x

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  2. Unexpected health issues can happen at any time, pandemic or no pandemic. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had added stress at this time but it sounds as if he has had the best possible care and is now safely home under excellent nursing conditions. I do hope he is a patient patient! Keep safe, both of you and hope you are back blogging soon x

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    1. I know Deb, but it all seemed a bit surreal to be doing these types of things in the middle of a pandemic for some reason! We have been thrilled with the care he has received and I’m keen to get back to blogging again.


  3. Glad to hear that it is not cancer and that the prognosis is good. I feel your pain right now. No matter how capable you are it is not easy to take care of a post-operative patient – especially during a pandemic! May the mathematician have a speedy recovery.

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    1. Thank you Donna for your caring comment to us both. I’m enjoying a blogging break of sorts and am trying to work on a post, in stages, while I’m getting my groove back and in between cups of tea and putting wood on the fire!


  4. Hope he’s recovering at home now and on the road to full fitness. Could take a while and you’re so right about both of needing a little patience. I’m sure you will nurse him beautifully and hopefully it’s a restful time for everyone involved.

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    1. Thanks Jonno, I’m trying hard to keep the home fires burning – literally in our case! He’s taking it slowly and not doing too much at all which is something he’s not used to doing, he does like to be outside busy in the garden.

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  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Most of us who love a man “of a certain age” will probably watch him be impacted by prostate issues.No surgeries or perscription drugs for my husband yet (although my brother had a successful surgery), but we have to pay attention to how much liquids he drinks and our proximity to bathrooms. Take care!

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  6. Hi Deb, Huge darn on the health issues and surgery with your Mathematician. Your family is always priority! Hugs and take care. I look forward to hearing good, healing news when you return.xx

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