I bet you can’t look at this photo without smiling – Wordless Wednesday

Smiles are contagious 🙂

Having fun on the swing
Fun on the swing

Happy Wednesday to you, I hope this photo makes you smile today too 😄

Deb xx

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25 Replies to “I bet you can’t look at this photo without smiling – Wordless Wednesday”

            1. Maybe it went into spam, but I have checked out her page and it seems OK. She did change her site url a while ago using the .com.au on the end so I thought maybe you might have been using her old address?? I’ll keep an eye out for any news and let you know. So caring of you to check by the way.

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              1. I have been in touch and she is fine just a bit low with all the Covid news – she’ll be back blogging soon. Her latest post was sent out by mistake then she deleted it. She’s also very appreciative of being checked on.


  1. What a lovely photo. We have just heard that children’s playgrounds will be allowed to reopen in July so I am looking forward to seeing a lot of English children with big smiles.

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