Taking Stock – some thoughts on life

It’s time for another Taking Stock post for Denyse’s #Lifethisweek

So much has changed in the world, and continues to change…

Rollercoaster – Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

Can we stop the ride now, I want to get off for a while – says me at the top!

Taking Stock #3

The idea of these posts, for me anyway, is to write a response without giving it too much thought, usually the first thing that pops into my head.

  • Making: Plans to travel to Queensland as soon as possible 🙂
  • Cooking: Halloumi
  • Drinking: Tea, always tea
  • Reading: The End of October by Lawrence Wright – a novel that’s a bit too close to the truth at the moment!
  • Wanting: Some good news for a change
  • Looking: For the positives
  • Playing: Every possible scenario over and over in my head
  • Wishing: This was all over
  • Wasting: Time worrying
Things that can happen a Venn diagram
Things that can happen – a Venn diagram
  • Enjoying: Warm winter sunshine
  • Waiting: For the borders to be open so we can head north to our daughter in Queensland
  • Liking: The idea of seeing my grandson soon!
  • Wondering: Why my blog has had an increase in views and visitors?
  • Loving: Photos of my grandchildren, which my daughters send me most days!
  • Hoping: For a good month ahead
  • Marvelling: At how fast I can go on my ebike!
  • Needing: This year to be over
  • Smelling: Wattle in the bush
Wattle flowers
Wattle flowers
  • Wearing: Flannelette pyjamas – so cosy!
  • Following: Lots of great bloggers around the world
  • Noticing: The different winter weather only a few hours drive away from home
  • Knowing: This too shall pass
  • Thinking: But when will it pass?
  • Feeling: Better than I was 🙂
  • Bookmarking: Podcasts to listen to on our road trip north
  • Opening: My mind to new possibilities
  • Smiling: At these pigtails
Happiness is pigtails!
Happiness is pigtails!

What about you?

What are you taking stock of? How would you answer these prompts?

Debbie smiling 🙂

I always enjoy these posts! Any thoughts to add?

Deb xx

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36 Replies to “Taking Stock – some thoughts on life”

  1. Pigtails are always happy! 🙌😍 I’m beginning to feel like a Gentleman in Moscow….under house arrest. But taking it one day at a time and trying not to worry about the increasing numbers in California. I hope you get to make that trip soon!

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  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better Deb. The pigtails are so cute, they made me smile. Wishing you a good month of July and that you get to see your family, including your grandson, in person. #lifethisweek

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great to hear you are also hanging out for a visit up north too Julz! I’m happy to say it’s going to be happening sooner rather than later for me! Bring it on 🙂


  3. Deb you do sound a lot brighter this week, but we all have to have our downs, otherwise we wouldn’t know when we were up! Just not to many downs is good. Loved that worry circle – so true. I do hope you’ll be seeing your daughter soon, like you said, this too shall pass, (but when is anybodies guess).

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    1. Thanks Chris. We made it to Queensland and I am feeling a bit better now. I’m worried things are getting worse around us but am trying to take one day at a time.


    1. I think many of us relate to that diagram Christina! We are here in Qld now. Hopefully you can see family soon too. Thanks for your comment and understanding xx


  4. I was hoping for a Jump pic – but I guess that won’t happen til you have something worth jumping for! Glad Qld is happening for you soon and you’ll get some time with your daughter and little grandboy. Keep smiling and these tough times will be behind us before we know it (I hope!) xx

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    1. Thanks Roberta, we have made it north to see my daughter and I am feeling much happier! Yes I too think there is something uplifting about young ones, they make us see the world in a different light.

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  5. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better than before. The worry diagram makes me laugh all the time – it’s kinda what I tell my clients – there really is no point to worrying. We think there is but the reality, it just eats away at our time and energy {coming from someone who used to worry a lot but has it sort of under control}

    Haloumi is the best! And flano pjs are so good this time of the year. I hope you have a lovely July!

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  6. I love a good taking stock post and this one is full of good stuff – tea, flanelette pyjamas and a good cup of tea. I find a good cup of tea can make anything better! Pleased to hear you’re feeling better and hope it won’t be too long before you get grandson cuddles and are driving up to Queensland. That worry diagram nails it, doesn’t it and although my default setting is “worry mode” my internal monologue is always saying that “you can’t worry about something that hasn’t happened yet.” I think if I say it enough, I’ll believe it 🙂 Hope your July is full of joy!

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  7. Ha! My diagram about worry would look the same as yours. Why do I do that? And I love haloumi! I am a cheese maker and tried to make it once, but I would rather buy it.

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  8. Such a full and great taking stock with some sad ones but hey, no-one is alone in this. I used to love playing with my little granddaughters’ hair. They often went home in ‘piggies’ and ‘plaits’. Soon you will see your grandson. That is special.

    Thank you for sharing your post for the link up #lifethisweek Next Week, the optional prompt is #selfcare. Come on over and join in with a post old or new. Warm wishes, Denyse.

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