What good things have happened this year?

What’s been good in 2020 so far?

I saw this question on Facebook earlier in the week and had a wry smile to myself.

My first thoughts were, ‘really, what good things have happened so far in 2020‘??

In my local community we’ve had devastating bushfires followed by the global pandemic and my family has been through the mill with various issues which continue to be worrying.

I have been stressed and stretched in more ways than one and it’s only just over half way through the year! Can we press the fast forward button?

I’m sure I’m not the only feeling like this.

So I decided to sit down and have a look for the good things that have happened to see what I could come up with.

I managed to come up with 10 things quite easily.

Granny Debs and Patrick
Granny Debs and Patrick in July 2020
  1. We made it home to Australia after spending 2 months with our daughter and her family, especially Dottie, over in the UK, before the virus took off and travel became a no-go.
  2. We celebrated 40 years of marriage in January – a huge milestone!
  3. Our home was not affected by the bushfires in our area, (thanks to many local volunteers).
  4. Our first baby grandson was born in late February and we were able to visit, despite living 1300kms away and thankfully the pandemic restrictions hadn’t started yet.
  5. We had a safe and well equipped home to ‘stay at home in’ during the lockdown and a caring community around us.
  6. Our family members are safe and sound and being well looked after. We’ve managed to stay connected in many ways, including family photo challenges.
  7. I’ve managed to grow my hair for the first time in decades.
  8. Our hard fought for local rail trail was opened via an online ceremony and has been getting lots of use and my guide to riding it has been a very popular post.
  9. I bought an electric bike in April and I LOVE it!
  10. Due to the need to see family, after some of the restrictions were lifted, we have been able to get to the beach in winter, (south coast of NSW and more lately in Queensland). We’ve enjoyed some apricity (winter sunshine), instead of feeling the cold winter weather at home. And the bonus of that has been seeing lots of family members as well.

OK, over to you now!

See, that wasn’t too hard an exercise to do!

I’d love to hear what good things have happened to you as well. I’m sure you can find a few so please share in the comments below.

Happy Friday – wishing you a safe and healthy weekend ahead and keep smiling.

Deb xx

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38 Replies to “What good things have happened this year?”

  1. What a wonderful list Deb. It’s a great exercise to focus on the good but a bit more challenging this year. I do write in my Gratitude Journal every night. And yes, despite everything, there’s always something to be grateful for! 💜

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    1. Yes Janis, I’ll definitely keep trying to see some positives throughout the year. I’m glad to hear you have things to be grateful for too. I know, the lack of travel and plans gone by the by are hard to accept but understandable. Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. That’s a very optimistic way of looking at things…hope your good things continue.
    Well, as regards me…after a long long time the family is together…we celebrated our silver anniversary this year and my sons got their job placements. I thank god for being kind to us.

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  3. It’s so easy to overlook the positives and only dwell on the negatives, so this was a lovely post to read! So pleased you have stayed well during this very strange period in time.

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  4. My friend Rebecca Jo does a Thankful Thursday post and I usually link up once a month for her to remind myself of all the good each month has brought. Because the bottom line is my life is abundant with goodness and the badness is usually just an inconvenience that I want to grumble about. Like wearing masks. Good grief, thank goodness I am healthy!!

    You have had many wonderful things happen this year. Didn’t realize your bike was electric. What fun!

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    1. You always come across as a positive and honest person Leslie, and I agree our lives are abundant with goodness if we just stop and take a look. Grumbling about things is very normal. Hope you’re coping OK over there. xx


  5. Happy 40th wedding anniversary, that’s amazing! Obviously Covid aside, I’ve had a really great 2020 professionally, but I do try and focus on the positives as I find it healthier to try and have a positive outlook as much as possible! xo

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    1. Yes I agree, we must look at the positives otherwise we might go mad. Glad to hear you’ve had a good year and thanks for your visit and comment!


  6. Hi Deb – what a wonderfully positive post. I feel a bit of a fraud at times because the only real negative I’ve experienced this year was the few months when we were cut off from seeing our family (IRL not online). All the other covid restrictions had very little impact on me and some of them were actually quite good for me to experience (social isolation, lockdown, stopping all my extracurricular activities etc). So far 2020 has been pretty okay for me. I’m glad you found 10 examples easily too – and gorgeous granny pic. x

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  7. I love this post! It made me start thinking of the good things this year. My husband and I had several local adventures here in the Orlando area. That included a little trip to Port Orleans in Disney to try Fireball Whiskey infused beignets, enjoying Disney Springs, and while my poor husband has been out of work since March (he was a hotel banquet chef and there’s not much need for that right now) I’ve been enjoying the benefit of having a chef make all of my meals for me and have them ready for me when I leave my work station and step into the kitchen.

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    1. Thanks Jennifer, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I feel for your husband for being out of work, my daughter in England has been made redundant too and it’s an awful feeling. Your trips sound fun and lucky you having a chef in the house!!


  8. Hi Debbie, it’s so true that we have to remind ourselves of the positives and not just focus on the negatives. And first grandson and first electric bike – I love it! Congratulations! I’ve also had some great times this year reconnecting with friends I hadn’t spoken to in years and reconnecting with myself and nature. It’s been very grounding and a great experience!

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  9. There is always goodness amongst badness and sadness. Thank you for the reminder! I have had some ‘big’ good things happen this year but it is the little, every day blessings that I am most grateful for.

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    1. Yes I agree Helen but I had to stop and look before I realised that. I think the little every day blessings are the best. Thanks for your visit and comment.


  10. Such great things Deb and I love the positivity. For me the big positive (which has only just happened) has been recommencing study. I’m actually enjoying it and it’s giving me a sense of purpose again.

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  11. You gave me plenty to think about, although some of my answers came easily:

    1. the birth of my first grandchild (any day now)
    2. publishing my sixth mystery novel
    3. retiring from my day job
    4. taking a brief trip to another part of British Columbia to visit friends
    5. my son’s job promotion in March
    6. selling our condo
    7. catching up on yard work (ongoing but I’m making progress)
    8. exercising more often
    9. de-stressing from what had been a tough 3 years before with my mom’s illness and passing.
    10. allowing myself to think of new writing projects and ramping up the edit of my current work in progress.

    That wasn’t too hard, and yes, I count my blessings.

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    1. How lovely to have you join me Deb and your list has some wonderful things to be happy about. All the best for the impending birth of your first grandchild, it’s an amazing feeling! And yes to de-stressing. Hope all is well with you as we count our blessings!

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