Good morning from the beach – Wordless Wednesday

Making the most of mornings at the beach

Sun on water
Morning Sun

As our winter break is coming to an end soon, I’m sharing some of my favourite pics from our morning bike rides. Winter sunshine at its best!

Deb xx

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12 Replies to “Good morning from the beach – Wordless Wednesday”

    1. Never fear Donna, we have a few more weeks/months of winter but I’ll be back in the freezing cold next week so am already missing the beach (if that’s possible). Winter up here in Queensland is very mild compared to home! You can always ask for an extension or refund – good luck with that 😂😂!!


  1. Love an early morning walk at the beach and your beaches look fabulous. The soft sand just looks so inviting and the sea worth a run and jump. Our beaches down in Brighton are stoney so not quite the same at all.

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    1. Our bike rides have been such a great way to start the day Jonno and I love the sparkly water and sand which gets the tractor treatment grading it every few days. I remember Brighton as being a bit stony! Thanks for stopping by.

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