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positive quote
positive quote

This quote was recently shared by a friend, in a small blogging group I belong to, and it really resonated with me.


It spoke of our friendship with each other, although some of us haven’t actually ever met in person. It spoke of an easy acceptance, a positivity and as a reminder for us to look for those people in our lives – and appreciate them.

I love the positivity, the encouraging and supportive words. It says a lot about friendships and being kind. We have to sometimes make a conscious effort to be uplifting people ourselves – it’s not all rainbows and cupcakes out there!

At the moment it is quite hard and lots of people are doing it tough all around the world.

Maybe you’re doing it tough too.

I know I’ve had a hard time so far this year. It’s not been easy with so much anxiety and all the unknowns out there. Life isn’t ‘normal’ whatever normal may be for you.

And it’s true we have to make an effort at times to keep track of the people around us, are they helping us in some way, are they encouraging us to move forward, are they mostly positive, (because when it comes down to it no-one can be positive all the time)!

Or are they toxic and hard work?

Are we one of those friends, the cheerleaders as my friend Sue puts it? It made me stop and think, what sort of friend am I? I’ve not been in top form if I’m honest but I’m trying to improve.

Home Alone

I’m home alone at the moment with time on my hands and a quiet solitude after a few rough months. It’s nice in a way but a bit quiet too!

The winter weather has set in and it’s hard to get outside but I don’t mind that too much. I am reading, catching up on shows I’ve wanted to watch for ages but was never able to sit still in one place long enough to get back into, writing, getting ready for a new project, talking to friends and family and simply exhaling.

Aside: I must say watching The Rain a Netflix series about a virus affecting the world, while the rain is pouring down outside and COVID-19 is raging around the world, probably wasn’t the best show to start with!

Starting to reconsider my choice of watching #TheRain on #Netflix while a)It’s raining fit to flood outside and b)we are in the midst of a viral pandemic. Is it just me? And a new season has just landed! #therainseason3

New directions

I’m preparing for a new project next week, an online course I’ve just enrolled in with the Australian Writers’ Centre and I’m equally excited and nervous.

My sister started me on this track by sending me a link to this course and suggesting it could be something I’d be interested in. She’s an accomplished academic and often sends me ideas for things to do and I looked into this one a bit further, bit the bullet and started the enrolment process. I’ll tell you more later as the course progresses.

Who are your cheerleaders?

But it got me thinking back to this quote, who are your cheerleaders? I’d love to know who they are for you. We all need them don’t we? Let me know in a comment below.

Shout out Saturday

Blog header Shout out Saturday
Blog header Shout out Saturday

I’m also starting Shout Out Saturday where you can leave a link to your own blog, or maybe something you’ve read on someone else’s blog, or tell us about your favourite blogger, or simply share some good news, or even just drop in to say hello….

No strings attached, simply leave a comment, check out the others if you want to, there’s no need to get caught up too much in compulsory sharing or other rules – just keep it family friendly and we’ll all be happy!

I don’t normally post on a Saturday so it’s a good way to see who else is around and willing to get involved 🙂 Of course Saturday can cover any day of the week!

My shout out goes to my sister Sharon, who also blogs at Musings from the Cold and my blogging friends Sue, Leanne, Donna, Erica and Jo. They know why!

A huge thank you to all the supportive ‘people’ in my world – my family, my blogging family and my friends. With a lot of hardship and negativity around these days, it comes down to who is in your corner, who is encouraging you and who is applauding your victories – no matter how small those victories may be

Deb’s World Facebook page

What do you think? Are you keen to share something with us? I hope so!

As always, feel free to share and get the word out there #ShoutoutSaturday

Thanks again for all your support, it’s much appreciated.

Deb 🙂

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37 Replies to “Shout Out Saturday – share your favourites”

  1. That’s exciting about your course! I could be a student forever! Love learning! Do you have access to Disney+ so you can watch Hamilton? We’ve watched it several times at our house and enjoy it more each time! It’s genius! Thanks Deb for sprinkling so much positivity and sunshine around the blogging community!

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    1. Hi Carol, thanks for your lovely words, ‘sprinkling so much positivity and sunshine around’ is just lovely to hear! No we don’t have Disney but I’ve heard lots of goods things about Hamilton, so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it. I’ve just watched the Eurovision movie on Netflix after my daughter in England recommended it, mainly because we’d been to Iceland together a few years ago and she thought I’d like the silliness of the movie, and I did!! Thanks again for your support!

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  2. Thanks Deb! Not sure I’ve ever thought of myself as a cheerleader before, but I’ll certainly think about what it might mean.
    I heard something the other day in a course I’m doing that speaks to one of the things you said in your post: ‘what’s it like to be on the other side of me?’
    It’s an interesting exercise in self-awareness to consider how others perceive us … it’s relatively easy for you I imagine as so many people tell you what Carol mentioned in her comment – that you spread sunshine and positivity around your blogging community.
    And that brings to mind something else I read recently – about disenfranchised grief. It makes for interesting reading.
    Be you, even when you’re not feeling sunshine-y or positive.

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    1. Thanks Sharon, some interesting thoughts from you as usual! I wouldn’t mind reading more about ‘disenfranchised grief’ and would be keen to learn more about it. I’ve been thinking that much of this year, for me and maybe others, has been about coping with a form of grief. I am always ‘me’, warts and all, lately more warts than usual.


    1. Thanks so much Robbie, it isn’t always easy being a blogger and sharing our thoughts but I just love the connections we make. You’re right it really is collective of amazing people and we have the choice of who we read and follow and who we don’t! Enjoy the weekend.

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  3. Deb, I woke up during the middle of the night and read this in bed, eyes brimming with tears. Your genuine emotions, love and caring for the people in your life is palpable in your writing. I was then able to fall back asleep comforted by the feeling how we are surrounded by goodness and kindness. Despite the unknowns and challenges.

    I am excited to learn about your new ventures. I look forward to connecting again, soon.
    Thank you for sharing a beautiful post. xx 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Erica you are one of the sweetest people I know! I love your emotion and care and your kindness, it just bubbles out of you. Thank you again for your beautiful friendship and I love hearing from you. Glad my words were of some comfort and you were able to go back to sleep. x

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      1. Deb, I am returning with #MLSTL and sharing SM. I love everything about your Shout Out Saturdays. Major good karma and creates a ripple effect. I reread the quote and the word “nourishing” says a great deal on many levels. xx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks very much Erica, I hope you’ll join me again on Saturday and maybe share a post or a blog that you particularly enjoy. I love the word nourishing at the moment and am trying hard to lice up to it! xx

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  4. Thanks for the shoutout – I consider you one of my cheerleaders & value our friendship. As an aside, which c course are you doing at AWC? I’ve done a couple through them over the years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jo, the feeling is mutual believe me! I’m doing a course about Writing a Children’s Picture Book and have already submitted my first assignment which is a relief to have done it and to have listened to all the audio files and read the notes. I’m learning heaps already!

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  5. Hi Deb – that quote was really special wasn’t it? I immediately thought of the group and how we cheer each other on and there’s just something special about the positivity and proactiveness that I love in the Midlife blogging community. I wish I could meet more women IRL who had that certain “something” that I encounter time and again in bloggers. I’m beyond grateful for you guys and for the camaraderie that we share xx

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  6. I love this phrase, “it’s not all rainbows and cupcakes out there!” That is for sure! I will be interested to hear about your writing course too. I have been blessed to have friends and family support my blogging adventure, and of course you and others who have been encouraging and helpful. In terms of my general life, every day when I pray I thank God for family and friends who nurture and enrich my life. I am not always the best friend or the friend I could be. I try to be loyal and available but I also have a bad streak of “out of sight, out of mind.” Best, Michele

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Michele. My course is on Writing Children picture Books and I’m really enjoying it. I might even write a post about it! I’m with you on the out of sight, out of mind bit but at least you’re honest about it!


  7. Deb, The Jack Canfield quote is a very good advice. Your new course sounds exciting. I look forward to hearing more about it. I’m also interested in joining your Shout Out Saturday. #MLSTL

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  8. Oh Deb your blog your thoughts your words makes me feel as if your here with me or me with you. Waking up today to hear of over 400 more people are affected with the virus down here and another 21 deaths. We have been wearing masks for months – even before we were told we must. Its now been 3 weeks of compulsory wearing of masks and there seems to be no end in sight. #MLSTL

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  9. Hi Deb, Jack Canfield is great isn’t he. You’ve reminded me I might need to read one of his books again – they’re so uplifting. My cheerleaders are my family. One of my sons really helps me to push through when I’m ready to give up on blogging. He’s creative and started his own music video business so he can relate to the amount of work that goes into it. My husband rarely reads my work but he encourages me anyway!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I love these words Christina. Your family sounds very supportive and encouraging. I get the husband thing, mine is much the same. Thanks for joining in.


  10. I love your idea of Shout Out Saturday. This post is beautiful Deb. I love it’s honesty and positivity, even when life is a struggle. My blogging friends are very important to me. They seem to ‘get me’ and I hold them in my heart dearly. We are a lovely supportive community

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer, I do tend to write from my heart and I also have one of those faces where I can’t hide my feelings!! Glad to have you join in.


  11. I’ve struggled with perceiving myself as a “good friend” .. . not sure I am. At work (so many years ago now), I was more the “tough love” mentor. I told them the hard truth, had high expectations… not sure if that is cheerleading….and not sure I’m a cheerleader even now. I do love the quote and copied it for my own files. I sometimes wonder if I surround myself enough with these people. Blogging world – definitely. IRL – not sure.

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  12. Okay Debbie, I have one I think will possibly make you day.

    I had an extraordinary team working for me back in the late 1990s. One our own faced a terrible challenge, breast cancer. I recorded the story of what they did about it. It grabbed my heart and 20 plus years later has not let go. The news will never tell us, but these folks are still among us, making the world a better place. I hope you enjoy my shoutout.

    But if you just need a laugh, I give you permission to have one at my expense. This second story is easily my most embarrassing moment. You’ll cringe on my behalf but go ahead and laugh. It all turned out well but at the time I thought my life was all but over.

    I’m so glad to make your acquaintance. I hope you feel welcomed at our coffee share weekend event. These are good folks.

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