Shout Out Saturday#8 – who deserves a shout out??

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Shout Out Saturday is where I invite you to join in by leaving a link or a comment to something that has had an impact on you recently:

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But first a quote…

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My Shout Out(s) this week go to….

1. Donna’s Best Blogging Tips

My friend Donna at Retirement Reflections, posted this great roundup of blogging tips last week and even if you’re a seasoned blogger I believe you can always learn new things. As always the comments are just as helpful, as Donna has asked her readers to share their best blogging tips – I know I found a few new things I didn’t know before!

Here’s Donna’s post: Best Blogging Tips

Have you any tips you can add to her list? If so pop over and add a comment.

Blogging isn't for the fainthearted
Blog – Photo by on

2. A new and creative focus – Dottie Wombat

I have to declare my interest here – Melanie from Dottie Wombat is my daughter! As I’m such a proud mum I’m more than happy to share her new project with you all. She lives in England and I’m in Australia, so anything I can do to help her is a bonus – isn’t that what mums do?

The best thing about Melanie’s project is the fact that she donates £1 from every sale to Bliss Charities due to her (and our family’s) gratitude to Bliss for all they did to help her out when Dottie was born so early.

You can find Dottie Wombat on Etsy here: Dottie Wombat on Etsy

Welcome to Dottie Wombat where you will find prints with a mixture of typography, watercolour, simple styles, gorgeous colours combos and a strong helping of dots for your kids room, nursery, home styling or a gift for a loved one.
Our current collection can be found and purchased on our Etsy shop or get in touch direct on here if you’d like to purchase or want a custom order.

Dottie_Wombat is here on Instagram

As Melanie says: A mixture of typography, watercolour, simple styles, cute colours combos & a big helping of dots and £1 from every order goes to @blisscharity

View this post on Instagram

I realised today I’ve not really ever introduced myself on here and you’ve all just been so lovely following and liking my feed and prints. So I thought today I’d be a bit cheesy and put a heavily filtered selfie and say hi. I’m Mel an Aussie living in Somerset. Always been a country girl with a beach girls heart and I love living with both on my doorstep. I’m a mum to a gorgeous 1 year old little girl, 3 year old dog and 5 year old bunny all of which keep me on my toes but make me smile every day. I love a swiss roll, hate gravy and just can’t beat a good cup of tea. I swear way to much, my face gives my emotions away to easily and I’m really shit at cooking 😂 Dottie Wombat started out when I was making up some prints for my daughters birthday and for some friends then I had a crazy idea of getting them professionally printed and made more and more. My other half and I always have a ‘ 20 second of courage’ moment before we do something important and setting all this up was one of those. It’s still really early days but I’m so chuffed with connections I’ve made, the sales I’ve had and that people seem to like what I’m doing. As per my bio I will always donate £1 from each order to @blisscharity. Our daughter was born extremely premature (25 weeks) last year and this charity was such a help to us during and even after we came home from hospital. I’ve always wanted to do something to help raise money, raise awareness and give something back. They are amazing and give so much support to families whose babies are born poorly or early. Thanks again for following, liking, sharing or buying from my little shop it means the world! #thisisme #shopsmalluk #facebehindthebrand #supportlocal #smallbusinessuk #mumbusiness #nurseryprints #wallart #etsyfinds #smallbusiness #printsforsale #unstoppable_her #theshopindieclub #nurserydecor #nurserydecor #homedecor #mumbusiness #mumlife #cutenurserydecor #dreamerswelcome #giftsforfriends #momsofinstagram #dottiewombat #etsysellersofinstagram #etsyseller #nurseryart #etsyshop #beachkids #kidsprints #kidsroomdecor #supportsmall

A post shared by Dottie Wombat (@dottie_wombat) on

What’s not to love?

When the borders open

My daughter tagged me in this meme the other day and I must admit I laughed a bit too much 😄 It helps if you ‘get’ the Aussie classic Kath and Kim humour.

I’m not sure what my daughters are trying to tell me 🙂

Care to share??

Are you keen to share something? I hope so – all you have to do is leave a comment or a link!

Has someone done something nice for you, have you witnessed a random act of kindness, have you read something interesting or watched a good movie lately?

Anything really – it’s over to you!

As always, feel free to share and get the word out there #ShoutoutSaturday

Thanks again for all your support, it’s much appreciated.

Deb 🙂

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8 Replies to “Shout Out Saturday#8 – who deserves a shout out??”

  1. Hi Deb, I am bookmarking Donna’s blogging tips. Many gems. I will check out Melanie’s project. I have already seen how she has inherited some of her Mom’s amazing creativity. I have also started following dottie_wombat on Instagram. The “did I just roll my eyes out loud?” Made me smile.

    I thought about your “shout out” and my first thought this week is how exceptionally thankful I am for my sister. She is not at all on social media or on any public site. She works full time, has a family and she cares full time for my elderly, fragile, ill Mother. No words to truly describe my gratitude. I love this weekly series, Deb.❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Erica, lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words about Melanie’s new project, she is very clever but I’m not sure I can take the credit!
      I am glad you enjoy my series and thanks for sharing your thoughts about your lovely sister. I’m sure she is very lucky to have you as her sister as well, how could she not be?? Thanks for your support xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Anne! I’ve been over and had a lovely stroll down memory lane with all the fabulous day trips mentioned. I did leave a comment but I’m not sure if it’s been recorded (I hope it’s just waiting to be approved as it was quite a long and detailed comment!). I loved all the places mentioned and have shared 🙂 I don’t know when we will be able to travel to see our daughter in Cheddar again 😦


  2. Hi, Deb – Thank you so much for the shoutout, That was actually a collaborative post (written by me, but ideas actively stolen from my blogging buddies!). 😀 I’ve learned heaps from the comments and look forward to experimenting with the suggestions. I also checked out the Dottie Wombat site — gorgeous!
    My shoutout this week is to Leanne and Marsha for reminding us to savour the high notes.
    Wishing you an awesome weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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