Kind of mesmerising – Wordless Wednesday

Looking up through the Wisteria is kinda mesmerising


These Waratahs were past their use by date but they still look kinda pretty don’t they?

Waratah – kinda past its use by date
Waratah – kinda past its use by date – but still pretty!

Location: Tumbarumba NSW, Australia

Kinda mesmerising?? Linking up with Becky’s Squares

Deb 🙂

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21 Replies to “Kind of mesmerising – Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Love the dreamy quality of the background of your photos. I have achieved that a couple of times but always accidentally. Had to look up ‘waratah’ so I would know how one looks that isn’t past it’s prime. While that color is very vibrant, I think I prefer the spent ones in your photos.

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