A one sided conversation – Wordless Wednesday

Can you tell which one is the real magpie?

magpies on the fence
magpies sitting on the fence

Photo by me 🙂

Deb 🙂

Location: Tumbarumba NSW, Australia

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Debbie is an award winning blogger and lives in the small town of Tumbarumba in NSW Australia. Married for 40 years, with three grown up daughters, Debbie and the Mathematician are avid travellers, cyclists and adventurers. Described by others as a ‘hummingbird on speed’ this active mother and grandmother has also received a bravery award from the Queen.

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14 Replies to “A one sided conversation – Wordless Wednesday”

    1. Thanks Hugh, it was great timing, as we often see them come down to sit with the ‘other’ magpie but I’ve never quite manage to capture it before! I wonder if they think it’s a real one when they come and sit on the fence post??


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